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Marry A Really Good Guy
what about your sister? Is she a believer?

if she is not a believer and she is marrying someone who is also not a believer.... she is only doing what should be...

but if she is a believer... it is not allowed according to scripture...She can depend on God to give her a gooood christian guy....

My Family Is In Hell
this is one concern that is common to lots of us.....

ok, so from what i read in the Bible, they will be cast into the lake of fire....

so i do my best to pray for and witness to all .... especially family, friends and loved ones

but i will not choose to go to hell together with them.... that i suppose will be more hell

recently an associate at work almost went to jail for negligence..... you do not suppose i will choose to break some kind of law and end up in jail because it is hell to know my loved one is in jail? or would you?

so relatives in hell is no excuse to choose to go to hell too.... i guess i'm right?

Churches Are Big Business
no i do not think churches are just coporates
although there are some in there just for business...

i personally do not think churches must be poor and have rat hole kind of chapels

Lukewarm sermons.. depends on what you have been seeing

i hope you do not chance in where their warm sermons are titled "you are probably having troubles because God is punishing you for your sins"... some think that's a hot kind of message as compared to " keep trusting in God no matter what"!

How Did God Change You
i have been reading your posts
I will give a testimony later
i am only here to admit that i am truelly awed by your openness...
i mean Kath and Miche
you have shown christian maturity here and i thank you for it

keep it up gals... than you for making up
have a jolly day
you two

Are Catholics Doomed To Hell
interesting topic
noone can say one denomination or the other's doomed to hell... but sincerely we can say that being at one place does more good than being at some other place...
it is easier to pass your exams while attending a good school than it is while attending a mushroom school.

so being where tradition is not unnecesarily mixed up with christianity is best

where Christ and the Trinity alone is celebrated..not saints and the like

so lets just say that RCC does a little by pointing to the saviour.. but i'll rather be where the power of God is actively at work and is allowed enough room

being a catholic does not mean one is doomed... it means one has more false doctines to contend with...or so i think

Did Jesus Drink Alcohol
no... Jesus did not sin but was called a sinner and crucified for it

so being called a winebibber doesn't mean HE took wine

if you want to justify your drinking well...

"you have the Holy Spirit and He will teach you all things"

i wonder why new converts who used to be wine bibbers loose their appetite for alcohol when they get born again
is that any indication?

Gingrich Labels False Prophet
well... i didn't know it was sooo bad to borrow money
no wonder Americans will encourage African countries to borrow from then....

to make them slaves huh?

Decline Of Christian Morals
the church is becoming worldly while the world is becoming churchy
no more clear cut distinction between the two
every one wants to save his neck and will tell us what our itching hears will rather hear... a sure sign of the end times

lets just make sure we do not join in the compromise while we pray for others

this trend will continue and even get worse
but my prayer for you at christianet is that God will keep us morally pure...without spot or winkle...always ready for His appearing
Amen and Amen

Am I Damned To Hell
we are not supposed to be married to unbelievers..... but this one could be complex
eg. were you non christian when you got married to the first man or were you a christian?

if you were both non christians, then you shouldn't have divorced him... but either way you have and should move on with your life... confess to God and let him direct you

i remember reading that bible forbids that you return to marry your former husband.. whether the current is dead or alive....

so if i were you.. i will seek peace and forgiveness and direction from the Lord
many blessings to you

Do Men Want Big Women
no one can say that men like barbie doll women in absolute terms

lets say most men want women they are attracted to whether slim, cute or huge and fat

personnally.. i like all people but find it difficult eating food cooked by fat women because if you stay with them while they cook..., you will see the clumsiness... i loose my appetite if a fat friend invites me to meals.... sometimes too they are too sweaty... with clothes always wet...etc...
and smelly( of stale sweat)

those who are neat and not clumsy in carrying themslves about lazily are usually my friends because i like to be around those who make me comfortable, and smartness and neatness is definately a factor... happy new year

Sugar Coat The Truth
telling the truth doesn't mean being antagonistic

i know pastor who doesn't see the good in his congregation
they go to church hoping to be edified and given directions but what do they get?
critisism and harsh words only... only seeing faults... after 20yrs he has less than 60 people in church...

some of his former converts who felt demoralized and left are now ministers and are feeding/leading their flocks more gently...

we can tell the truth in kind words, people should know we respect them despite their woes...and are willing to help them stand...
not the self righteous way

unfortunately when we go wrong... we expect others to treat us better....
do unto others as you'll have them do to you

Benny Hinn And RT Kendall
hello folks,

i've been reading your blogs and find it interesting....

i don't know this RT
but i'll feel repentantly sad to be the one being based here....

there's nothing wrong with writing books....better write books than steal offertory...feed were you not muzzle the ox that threshes the grain

lets remember...speak the truth in love

i think one way will be to stop character assasination that we may be unable to substantiate

Lets check everything from scripture for ourselves...we others, could mention one or two things as unscriptural and give the scriptural version of it
this way we'll not be accusers of the brethren nor helping do his work
shalom, have a good day.

Stop Sleeping With My Boyfriend
hello Dawn,
i believe that your friend may be feeling guilty and at the same time contemplating how to get you to do the right thing without hurting you.
move out and come in through the right channel
apologize for moving-in, you have allowed yourself to be temptatation

do the right thing for God's blessings and mutual respect

God bless u as you do so

Would You Sign A Prenuptial
pre-nup or not, to me makes no difference if i am very sure that he is God's choice for me.

if i happen to be wealthier, i will not request a pre nup, i don't think it necessary- i don't have any dependants. if i had dependants who will not be happy with my choice i'll give them their share of my inheritance before getting married.

if the man is wealthier and wants a pre nup, i'll gladly sign because i cannot force my faith on him. people've issues that make them feel vulnerable...we should be understanding

eg. i don't have an ex and cannot imagine marrying someone who has an ex. i simply cannot..... what if he never really bonds with me because of his past? that's my fear!! maybe ridiculous, maybe not... we all have issues

Praying For A Good Wife
pls to blogger.... i'll like to know this
what actually have you been looking for in a good wife?

Is Playing The Lottery OK
is gambling a sin
is it a sin to gamble?
will gamblers inherit the Kingdom of God?
is lottery gambling?

the issue of lottery is difficult to answer because our world has coated it nicely and concealed it in so may ways

recently, a friend wanted to register me for the america lottery visa but i declined...
the thing is that the two people he registered to enter the draw both won and have been granted...... some of them have promised to also help their friends in so many ways

if i steal and give part of the booty to charity....does it make my theft no more sin?
no offense meant pls...

My Husband Just Left Me
Ohhhhhhhhh dear!
it is really sad that this should happen but know for sure that God is in control of your life. He sees your tears and is ready to wipe them...
Let us pray
Father God, i pray for this lovely daugher of yours who is suffering from such a loss.
i ask that your fill her life with your love, grace and peace.
i call her husband back home from where ever he is and ask that every ungodly spell over his life be broken right now in Jesus' Name. Amen

God bless you. stay calm and keep in touch with your creator, He understands your condition best and has the solution.

Just Lost Husband And Need Help
hello dear,

the Lord Himself promises to be the Husband of widows

i pray the Lord comforts you and fills the vacuum for you
i also pray that He gives you carinf friends for support
may the Lord protect and keep you, may He cause His face to shine upon you and give you His peace in Jesus Name

Humor Blog #14
hi Fred S.
i really laughed my heart out
well, a similar thing actually happened in the adult church ( i was by then at the children's class)

Priest gave an assignment to members to read Ps. 151 as preparation for the next week's topic "telling lies"

on the Sunday in question, just before the sermon, the priest wanted to know how may had read the passage and almost all hand were up.
he encouraged the "obedient worshipers" to raise their hands high enough and told the congregation to notice of them.
after asking them to put down their hands, he cooling announced that the Psalms ended at 150 when i later heard it i laughed till my sides hurt and i still do anytime i remember ....

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