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Some of the other websites have boards where people can request prayer from other Christians as well as boards where people can post thoughts on scripture or general topics. These have less of a limitation on words.

Can We Believe False Doctrines
The word of God is clear that there is One Lord, One Faith and One Baptism. A double minded man is unstable in ALL his ways. Light hath no communion with darkness and you cannot serve the Lord's table and that of devils. He that is not with the Lord is against him. God is a rewarder of them that DILIGENTLY seek him. If they diligently seek they will have the faith of God's elect in Christ and not believe contrary to sound doctrine.

How Was Eve Deceived
When I see what transpired I see of my temptation today. I live in a free country with equal rights which takes the focus off of my husband as my head as a similtude of a kingdom and not a democracy. How often am I tempted to be like my husband and equal just as they were tempted to be "gods." I see a temptation to be equal and not having to be in subjection to anyone. I see a desire to be as Vashti and not Esther. And it saddens me to see it all around me today. A lust for power and rebellion.

What Is That Pastor's Salary
There was a tax collector named Zacchaeus that gave half his goods to the poor upon receiving salvation. And if he received anything from false accusation he paid back fourfold. It's a shame that preachers that should have received salvation prior to getting their ministry heap up treasures on earth while others starve. God is no respecter of persons for them to overlook the truly needy is a shame.

How Does One Wait On God
Through DAILY prayer and supplication.


What Happens At Near Death
I know a man that had such an experience but is hesitant to tell it as it is met with ridicule from others rather than an attempt to understand. He does say it was a blessing though and it is a shame people write books about it to make a fortune.

I Get Bored With People
If you seek to love the Lord with all your heart, soul strength and mind and your neighbor as yourself the fruits of the spirit will bring forth a love for others that will surpass self-centered boredom dear.

How To Grow Fruit Of The Spirit
They are not automatic.
The scripture says "the trial of your faith worketh patience."
Many are afraid to pray for patience as is will bring the trials to test your faith and the tribulations to build it.

Evening Made Before The Stars
It may not be right but I see it as the evening when our Lord was buried and morning when he arose. With all things being in him he is our light of day.

Are Women The Weaker Being
The weaker vessel scripture is misused. It signifies the church as the bride of Christ. He has the authority over it. That scripture should not be used to abuse or repress women. The women may be weaker but the husband is to love her as himself.

Are Women The Weaker Being
There are limits to abusiveness but I am happy to be the weaker vessel and a figure of what our church should be towards our Lord. I just wish I was a better example.

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
Even satan quoted from the word to tempt our Lord. Job's comforters used the word to tell poor Job his sins were endless and angered God. Our precious Lord Jesus did not shed his blood so that people could give to rich preachers when the word says giving to the rich will bring a curse on you. He didn't say to seek those things above so they could preach earthly gain.

Can Ladies Wear Pants
John T;
Using your own words a heathen king would not give a Jewish girl the permission to fight back. Neither would he find one acceptable for a wife as our Lord said a kingdom divided will fall. I cannot make it any more simple or plain. Spiritual discernment and not carnal history. The Lord called Nebuchadnezzar his servant. That heathen king was used by God in a good context. I stand on what I said because I am right in a spiritual sense. May God bless you.

Can Ladies Wear Pants
John T;
Vashti has much to do with church as I am talking spiritual types and shadows of Christ and the church and the authority of a King. Not carnal meanings from reading it like a history book. And; the church is to answer to Christ faithfully and without rebellion and not question his authority. Using your idea of the king makes even Esther of no use as the church is not the bride of satan or a carnal king. What I wrote applies spiritually.

Can Ladies Wear Pants
Vashti refused to come before a king too and lost her place. I wonder if her refusal can be seen in the same way as the refusal over clothing. The same denim that makes my jeans makes my denim skirts. It's just run up a little differently to make each.

Your Sin Isn't My Sin
Mrs. Morgan,
You explained exactly what I meant.
May God bless you.

Your Sin Isn't My Sin
Anything not of faith is sin. Going to church and not believing is sin. Sharing the word without faith in believing what you say or even post is sin.

Your Sin Isn't My Sin
Paul made that perfectly clear. The Lord discerns the thoughts and intents of the heart of each person. What may be sin to one may not be sin to another. Scriptures about esteeming one day above another and to the Lord. Four things for Gentiles to avoid. There are few sins that cover all. One would be blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. Most are individual to individual such as references to our "liberty" and such.

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