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Christians Marry Muslims
Many people think that christians are worse than muslims.But I say that the soul purpose of the socalled religion Islam is to breed as much as possible in your life time spread all over the world try to convert others and wadge Jihad against non muslims.Prophet Mohommed himself is responsible for millions of lives throught the history(may pease be aporn him) for peraching Islam the religion of peace.

Christians Marry Muslims
If christians are allowed to marry muslims so should the muslims be allowed to marry christians. It's all about demographics The challenge to become the religion with most number of followers.The hypocracy of the muslims is unbeliveable.While Muslims live freely in non muslim countries they are silet about the plight of the poor christians living in their home countries
(Pakisthan,Indonesia,Turky,Iraq etc)

Christians Doing Yoga
Christianity is an adopting religion.Being a catholic after the second Vatican council adopting local customs was approved.As a result we were able to lean about Jesus in our mother toung.In this case christians doing yoga is not a bad thing if it is of any benifit to any one.Christians should learn to take all good things from other cultures if it doesn't go against the core values of christianity.

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