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Can I Leave My Husband
I just left may un saved husband on the 1 of June 2015. I still pray for him , but I am not his Saviour (Jesus is)

Move On After Broken Heart
I wish I knew.... I was in a relationship with a man for a year - nearly 2 years on I still think about him.

Women With Long Hair
If you don't feel comfortable wearing a weave, then don't. You can wear a scarf.

Homeless People In The Park
I have some single parent friends who have always struggled and at times homeless or nearly homeless(ready to lose home). Right now one is homeless after losing her home upon losing her job. The other is struggling to keep her home.

I believe I heard that in Turkey or another Arabic country people take a whole family in when they are doing poorly financially. In our country people would just as soon take in a dog, but not humans.

As Christians, we should be doing more to support our neighbors.

Praying For A Husband
Waiting on the Lord is what we singles do. But not JUST waiting. We are given this time to do something for Him, and we should find out what it is and get to it. "Lord, send me!" should be our cry.

Whether it be youth work, prison ministry, van ministry, music, shut-ins. Where your passion is, and you feel the Lord leading you, go with it!

I receive such joy when I serve Him and go all out for our Father!

Single, shmingle.
Saved and serving.

Can A Catholic Marry A Protestant
I am catholic and my fiance (derek) is converting. We had a long talk with my priest. He told us that if derek decides not to convert, that is fine. We can still be married and in the catholic church. The only rules are, the ceremony will not have communion and we both must agree to raise our children catholic. The catholic church has no problem with it and that is from my priest. He mentioned an atheist man who married a catholic and after his wife died he converted to catholicism and became a saint.

What Is Bring Forth Fruit
The fruit comes as we witness and others see our life,and in turn they want what we have,and want Christ in their life,The one we've witnessed to,and chooses Christ becomes the fruit spoken of here. (GENONE)

Advice About My Current Affair
My best friend is thinking of doing the same thing. It hurts me to know someone can be so naive that it wont happen to them.
She thinks she is happy with what they have but in time it wont be enough. Find someone to share your life with, it isnt him.
He wants you for one thing, and one thing only.Find love somewhere else.Find someone to love you and only you who can give himself completely to you

Who is Carlton Pearson?
How many Christians have actually read through the Bible to know what it teaches about judgment and rewards in this life and in the world to come? Carlton's revelation is simply not found unless you take one scripture out of context to build a new doctrine. Having attended his church for several years, I saw the guilt ladened man trade one extremism for another. Those who follow him do not study or seek God for themselves. They want a feel good religion.

Christian Women Are Bad Dates
WOW!!!!!!!! Such a contrast to the MEN that I have dated in the past, seemed like all they wanted was ONE thing, and told me that to my face, so was their loss. WOULD die to find a man like you... Where have you been hiding????? Good luck on your search. :)

Sister Is Dieing Of Cancer
No matter, if it's saying U R wrong, or U know that she is wrong, NOW's the time 2 try & put all of that aside. Is it going 2 matter 10 years down the road who was right & who was wrong, it is going against God, Bible or your Conscience, then U must do all that U can to re-gain the "peace that surpasses all understanding" both 4 U & your sister. Most of all, U don't want her 2 pass on carrying this, because then the closure process will be that much more difficult for you.

Help With Husband's Anger
How do you know, when your kids get older, that he is not going to take it out on them??? How do you know that those kids will not REPEAT everything that they see in him? I WOULD NEVER stay in that kind of a situation, because of my kids, do not put more on them than they need to bear. Been there, done that.

Marry A Former Child Abuser
Breaking away, is a WHOLE lot easier now, than if you marry, have children and are watching out, protecting those kids. Try being married to one, I WAS, and if someone would have told me AHEAD of time, I WOULD HAVE ran the other direction, saved me and my 3 kids LOTS of heartache, 1 has tried to commit suicide because of this same thing.

Marry A Former Child Abuser
She should be VERY VERY afraid to believe him, even though he may be a "believer." MANY and MOST times,,, these abusers NEVER EVER change. It is like cancer that can go into remission,,, then at some unexpected time, there it is again... DO NOT TRUST HIM!!!!!!!! For your sake and ANY CHILDREN not trust him!!!!!!! Speaking from experience.

Youth Pastor Relations Acceptable
Pay Cesar's things to Cesar, but GOD's things to GOD. As the young one is 16, I know where I live, they allow that, by law, they allow them to have sex with whoever they want and they also allow them to drop out of school, without parents permission at 16, but parents are still responsible until they are 18 for their children. To me, this is still TOO young to make a WISE decision and the 31 year old youth director SHOULD already KNOW whose AUTHORITY he falls under.

Was The World Made In 6 Days
EVERYTHING in GOD's time..... the bible talks about a day being as to God a 1000 years. Not a literal "DAY" ... can you do all of the things that God has done in each day.... I do not think so... ALSO.... If you read the account in Genesis, where it says, "and God saw that it was good," each time after the 6 days, he never said it the 7th time, meaning that we are still in the 7th day of GOD's creation.

Asked My Husband To Leave
I have gone through JUST what you are going through. Along with all of the other advice about your relationship, everyone has an opinion, YOU must make the final decision. I read a book when I was going through my divorce, a MESSY one with 3 kids at the time. The book was, "Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them." It not only changed my perspective, but changed MANY things about what (emotional damage) I took with me. Best of luck and may you BE BLESSED.

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