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Who is Pat Robertson?
Carlton. Pearson? If so, there's a blog here that you might want to take a look at.

Who is Carlton Pearson?
Who knows, Theresa. Maybe someone in his camp will read this blog. Whenever you type a name into your search engine, quite often CN blogs come right up first. Happens to me frequently. So Carlton, if you're out there, Theresa and I remember you when, when you still were preaching with the power of the Holy Spirit. Why did you turn on all of your friends who tried to bring you back with correction? Why did you write your own gospels?

Who is Carlton Pearson?
I did give it considerable thought, Theresa.
How many churches do you think have fasted and prayed for Carlton? Probably more than we can think of or will ever know.
Nothing is impossible, I hope the Holy Spirit helps him find his way back home. I remember Carlton about twenty years ago, completely different.
He seems somewhat hurt by others but rebellion is still in charge.

Who is Carlton Pearson?
I don't want to over spiritualize the situation. But from a practical standpoint, if he had married earlier, to a Christian lady in his own church, biblically it says better to marry than to burn. He may have found someone of his own faith. That is what the Bible says. He's intelligent and I'm sure he knew all of that a younger age. Waiting until you're 40 or 50, your human foundation can start to crack. Weakness can set in.

Who is Carlton Pearson?
Really shocked at what?
Why would a pastor who had strong Christian friends surrounding him, TBN family, everything at his fingertips fall so easily?
Like I said, he should have married earlier and not held out so long, then he wouldn't have fallen for the first woman who came along. It did mess up his life.

Who is Carlton Pearson?
Pastors are tempted every day like the rest of us. Ted Hagaard and Jim Baker are two well known ones, but so are other pastors.
They have to be held accountable as we are.
But perhaps, he if had married a Christian woman earlier in life, he wouldn't have fallen for someone who had that much influence.

Who is Carlton Pearson?
Theresa, if that's the case, it's a sad commentary that he could be so easily led. He should have married sooner and maybe 'love' wouldn't have had such a big influence on him. I hope he repents and turns back to the Gospel. I remember when he and Carmen were good friends, didn't Carmen have any pull? Evidently not.

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