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Reconciliation Years After Divorce
I have always been good person and profess my faith. I was married for 27 years and the floor fell when my husband told me he did not love me anymore. Through prayer is that I am still here. My world ended but my faith kept me alive. He left and lived with a roomate who eventually become more than renting a room. Now after 3 years, after her cheating on him, he sought me and we began to talk. He was hurting, and I listened. It now has become that he knows he hurt me and asks for my forgiveness. I told him he needs time to heal and says that he knows he made a mistake in leaving me. I on the other hand had seeing a man but he likes to drink.

Who is Carlton Pearson?
Seriously, I can't believe some of you have so little compassion. I too do not want the people I love on this earth and all the good people out there like Gandi to go to hell either. I don't believe God has revealed all to us. I know his mercy will prevail. Keep an open heart and mind.

Advice About My Current Affair
I know that you feel like you are in love;and you said that he is already having trouble at home. Unfortunately, if he leaves his wife for you, eventually he will leave you. Please receive this scripture in love "God said that He is not mocked, whatever we sow, that is what we will reap. Please ask God for His help, in getting away from this situation. And ask Him to send you your own husband that loves God 1st, then he can love you just like Christ loves us.

Most Effective Evangelism Methods
I really have benifited from Ray Comfort and Kirk Camron's evangelism. They have a web site and TV show called ' Way of the Master" it uses the 10 commandments to show us that we are all sinners and then shows people that we need a savior in order to live with a holy God. It is really awesome...check it out!

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