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I Like To Steal Things
Matthew, let us know what's happening with you.

Are you trying to get out of this bad habit?
You are in my prayers.

I'd hate for your next blog to be from jail!

Nativity Scene In Rotunda
Being a teacher, you'd know that better than I would Trish.
I just remembered a case in Texas some years ago where a teacher took bibles away from a couple of students and put them in the trash.
There was a lawsuit filed by the parents.

Nativity Scene In Rotunda
Nativity scenes, Menorahs and most things related to God have been taken away.

A kid can't have a bible in school. Some work places don't allow you to have one on your desk.

Complaints from customers if a store has anything "religious" so no more CHRISTmas displays so as not to insult some shoppers.
Should Christians complain that we're tired of Santa and snowmen?

Our 1st Amendment rights haven't been taken away, just deluted by the almighty dollar.

Good on ya' Leon, keep your scene in plain view, it's a witnessing tool!

Hallo Alan! How are you dear heart?

Nativity Scene In Rotunda
Someone stole their sign, but its been replaced.
The athiests who placed it there (with a permit) considers it their freedom of 'religion' or lack thereof.

It was placed next to a Nativity Scene in Olympia, Washington.

The sign from the Freedom From Religion Foundation reads:

"There are no gods, no angels, no devils, no heaven or hell.
There is only our natural world.
Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds."

2008 Great Depression
"Financially, we are in a mess! The whole world is. And none of our leaders or financial gurus, or the great "anointed" Obama, are entirely certain what to do about it". Donna66 on 11/18/08

Please remember Donna that it was the "Annointed Bush" that was so poor at his job that we're in the mess we are now, including this rediculous war!

Spanking Young Teenage Girl
Listen to Trish!

ALSO listen to MIC, he raised over a dozen children!

If my boys got in a scrape, they'd say "how about just a swat with the paddle Mom"?
They knew if I did that no further discipline would follow.

I never fell for their brilliant deduction!
Extra chores and being grounded always worked!
My son was 6'3" by the time he was 13, I'd have had to stand on a stool to reach him!

I DID have a paddle that hung on a wall that read "Board of Education" just as a quiet reminder, but it was never used.

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes
Back at you Mod and all who write here!

May we all remember that God is in the center of all we have to give thanks for!

As we gather with our families, please remember all of those who are not with us.

May our troops be blessed as they fight far from home. God's mercy, love and protection be upon them.

Do I Seek Revenge
Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Change your # and have no contact with him.
Pray that he can be a faithful husband from here on out, and forgive him.

Spanking Young Teenage Girl
Take away phone privledges, computer access, ground her for a time and TALK to her about responsibility!

She is becoming a woman and hormones rage.
She should not be touched in this manner.

You don't know if she has begun her 'woman's monthly'. You could do damage, physically and emotionally.

Is there a Mom in the house?
Perhaps this "acting out" is due to how she has been disciplined up to now.

Is Joke Telling Biblical
Laughter is like a medicine! When you laugh it massages your liver, helping to clean out impurities.

I always thought it was sort of funny (but true!) when Jesus said not to worry about the speck in your brother's eye until you remove the plank from yours!

Discipline My Daughter
Any and all discipline should first be calmly discussed by both of you, away from your daughter.

Once the proper decisions are made allow him to deliver the 'judgement', with you in the room. NOT heavy handed or yelling or cursing!
Your daughter will know that both of you are in agreement and can't play the 'blame game'.

Been there, I raised 4 step-children along with my birth son.
Parenting is not for sissies!

Praise God they all grew up to be educated productive adults.

Hawaii Cruise Vacation
Welcome Nahla, please feel free to add any response you like!
God bless you!

What's Up Blog #5
Good to see you Ralph. We can't argue in here! Madison is a teacher you know, and she may have to crack a ruler across some knuckles if we act up too much!
Glad you're here, relax, and rejoice with us.

That's sort of a handy trick with your socks Cliff! I know what you need for Christmas!
Coffee coming up, and I have Carrot or Black Forest cake, your choice!

What's Up November 2008
Trish, please make sure that he/she is board certified!

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