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Do Christian Prophets Exist
I have gotten a word from The Lord many times through different Christian Prophets. Praise God! All of which came true, all of which were positive blessings that came true in my future. Unlike a "psychic" or the fortune telling spirit found in the New Testament, who call on ungodly sources, these blessings about my future that came true were from The Lord. Just like in the Old Testament! Praise Jesus.

Is A Divorced Pastor Proper
I am dealing with this now. Been saved since I was a kid and now am going to school to be a Pastor. My wife woke up one day and said she didn't love me and filed for a divorce. After that I got remarried and been with my wife for 20 years. Have been a youth leader when my kids was in church and now want to be a Pastor. I can't believe I could be punished for something my wife decided. I thought God judges by the fruit. That's like the rule that a Pastor has to have well behaving children. I guess God himself could never be a Pastor he had 2 rebellious children. I think people make divorce the 2nd unpardonable sin.

Jehovah Witnesses 7th Day
The voice that raises the dead is Jesus. The voice will sound like a cry of command, will be like the trumpet of God, and will be as loud as the voice of an archangel. But it will be Jesus. This verse does not make Jesus a command, a trumpet, or an archangel, and such an interpretation is silly in the extreme.

Is The King James Bible Holy
I personally prefer the KJV because that is what I learned as a child and the verses I memorized are from the KJV. I like the Elizabethan language used in the KJV. But the translation is not, itself, inspired as not a single word of Elizabethan English was breathed by the Holy Spirit to the original writers. The KJV-only crowd is a cult, just like Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses.

Don't Drink Too Much Alcohol
As soon as you break the skin of the grape, the natural yeasts on the skin begin fermenting the wine. Alcohol will begin to be present just minutes after the skin breaks. Grapes produce wine naturally and nearly always produce 10-16% abv and this has been true since the world began. If abv falls below about 7%, there will be insufficient alcohol to kill mold and bacteria and the wine will spoil. If abv rises above about 17%, the alcohol will kill the yeast and the wine will spoil. New wine is alcoholic, contrary to common opinion.

The theory of low alcohol in Biblical wines is false. Winemaking has not changed in 5,000 years.

Are Christmas Trees Evil
Isaiah 60:13: "The glory of Libanus shall come to thee, the fir tree, and the box tree, and the pine tree together, to beautify the place of my sanctuary: and I will glorify the place of my feet." Here fir and pine (box) trees are used to embellish the sanctuary of the one and only True God!

So much for the appropriateness of trees for decoration....

Married To A Drunk Pastor
Years ago our our pastor was caught drunk and was fired. Our pastor left his wife and remarried. I have spent 30 years working with people that have addictions. I am devistated & I will never forgive myself for not knowing, I saw the signs yet accecpted the excuses. Coming home from a deployment, I was devistated to lose my preacher, he was the only pastor I have had that cared & loved me, I never got to say good bye. We have stayed out of church for years now, the hurt is deep. Did you ever think about WHO ALL you would hurt and how the effect? As you use to sing: The devil is a sly old fox, if I could catch him I'd put him in a box. I bet the devil is laughing now! Follow the Godly advice given by others. Im pray for you!

Evolution Helped Creation
Moderator: I mean, do you FULLY understand the scientific ideas behind evolution

I certainly do not beleive the idea, but then I cannot say I UNDERSTAND the whole idea

The evolution of the eye is someting I do NOT understand, and also DO NOT beleive

Are you saying you fully understand the theory of evolution and also do not beleive?

I have my doubts (that you fully understand)!

Evolution Helped Creation
Moderator: are you sure you fully understand evolution? From my searches I can be fairly certain that almost no one really understands evolution!

Wife Divorced Over Depression
Aka: No children, studied (batchelors, actually) chemistry, and as for foods, I like almost anything with plants in it (salad types, carrot and spinach especially, but even more than that, friut, oranges and peaches - one winter one summer!)

Fate Of False Teachers
Rob: Being diligen is good

But still, even people who are diligent may end with different views (I see it so much here)

Which is then the false teacher?

2 Peter 2 lists many dangerous actions of false teachers, and when they do not do (apply Scripture properly). But that is quite general

What Is A Behemoth In Job
Peter: We are NOT told that tail is AS BIG AS A CEDAR - we are only told it 'moves like a cedar'

This can mean several things: The color is the same and it moves, it is furry (like the leaves of the cedar) and it moves

The important part is, as you said 'its strength is in its loins', which implies a strong middle, not necessarily a giant tail

Wife Divorced Over Depression
Donna66: Thanks for the idea.... As far as I know, she is permanently on various medications (actually she is bipolar, as well as depressed) but she does not want to have anything to do with me

My current concern is whether I was wrong to remarry..... about the divorce, which I could not avoid!

Fate Of False Teachers
Rob: How do you know who is a false teacher!?

Only Honor God With Your Lips
Mary: Maybe I overstated

Of course, a church that IS filled with the Spirit will know that

I was just warning (not you directly, but everyone) that some churches may start to fall away, but not realize it

But I did not intend to accuse YOUR church of that - I just feel we should be more sensitive to the 'needs' of our church than to its 'strengths'

Break Free Of My Addictions
I'll bring in another matter, related to ADDICTIONS

HOW many things are WE addicted to?

If you had to spend a week living as farmers lived 400 years ago (freezing in winter, working in the rain and cold, not having enough to eat), would you be OK

We all have the anger of being addicted to what we never have missed (try living for a week without your phone/computer - cold we be ADDICTED to those?)

They don't make us fall down in the street, but are they still addictions?

Don't Want To Go To Church
John: 'Obviously they thought their children were not safe. That take presidence over everything.'

No it does not

The church is for two reasons, and safety of children cannot override those

1) Preaching the Gospel
2) Strengthening Beleivers

Wife Divorced Over Depression
Cluny: Sorry, I did not see your question. No, SHE suffers from 'clinical depression' - it runs, it seems, in her family for some generations

Salvation With Baptism
1 Cor 1:17 says NOTHING about what salvation does

It is totally irrelevant to that question

Why do we get into this.... if we do not understand how to read scripture, at least let us not discuss what we don't understand!

Iscariot Partake Last Supper
jerry6593: You are not applying scripture very well:

2) In many languages the WORD Sunday MEANS Lord's Day - I take it John means that in Revelation

4) teanssustansiation: from the Bible: THIS IS MY BODY/THIS IS MY BLOOD

Doesn't that mean the same thing you claim is unBiblical?

5) Punish heretics: we are TOLD to treat this who do us wrong, even those in the church, as 'a heathen man', if they do not repent

So half (3 of 6) of your claims, what you view as the Catholic view is BASED on scripture

You are just one more who beleives, without even thinknig 'if its Catholic, its wrong', and never looks at scripture

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