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You Are Going To Hell
alan, though the word does say that Jesus would come back as a thief, it is also refering to those who are not waiting and watching for his return. Look in 1st Thess. 5:4 & 5 it says that we are not in darkness that that day should overtake us as a thief. Also if you read the signs of his return you will aslo see that Jesus said clearly that the genration that sees these thing come to pass would not pass till ALL things be fulfilled.

Wear Pants And Earrings
For now it is best if you are obedient to your parents. Women are not to wear mens clothes. It's true however that there are PANTS that are made for women, and for those that wish to argue that pants were made for men to begin with ask them what men wore in Jesus' day. The thing is, men are not to dress as women and women are not to dress like men. The earing issue is entirely another subject. Bottom line here is Honor thy father and thy mother. Don't let the TRADITIONS of others close your heart to God. When you are older and on your own then you can follow God's lead and not man's traditions.

Will God Punish Me
Carla, you seem to be completely missing the scripture. It says that the old is passed and BEHOLD ALL things become new. That means that as a Christians your desires are now to follow the commandments of God not break them. Paul said that just because we are under grace it does not give us a free pass to sin. When we come to Christ we are a new person, ALL the sins of our past are put under the blood, do you not believe that?? When you quote the law the way you do, you void grace because you seem to imply that obedience to the law saves, it does not, the blood saves us. The law was given to us for the reason of showing us that we need a Savior, look a Galatians 3. Faith and grace DOES NOT give us a free pass to sin, it gives us a NEW beginning.

Will God Punish Me
Lara bottom line here is you say you were not saved when you cheated on your husband, right. If you are born again now then the key thing to remember is that the person you were before you were born again is gone, you are a new creature. Read 2nd Corinthians 5 the key verse being 17, Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away, behold, all things are become new.
You are a new creature, the old is gone and you are made new by the sacrifice of Christ.

Sisters A Drug Addict
I agree you need to fast and pray for your sister, and that all the help in the world won't do if she does not want it. If you boot her out she may not have anything but as long as people let her get by with it, without suffering the consequences, she will continue to do it. If she knows the conditions and does not abide by them, and you continue to let her stay, she will continue to do it. I said all that to say this, the story of Neduchadrezzar in the book of Daniel, God stripped him of his entire kingdom, made him go out of his mind and eat grass as wild animals for 7 years until he humbled himself before God. Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom before we will cry out for help. God also restored Nebuchadrezzar to his former glory.

Prove End Times Are Here
The statement Jesus made in Matthew 24:34 clearly tells us that the signs he had just described are the very last days. These signs will be the signs of the LAST generation.

Cain And Abel Wifes
Betty As for Cain's wife being alone in another land, the Bible says that cain went and dwelt in the land of Nod, it does not say that his wife didn't come with. When the Bible says that Cain knew his wife, you do realize that that means on an intimate level, right. If you notice when the Bible talks about a man knowing his wife in this form that it also follows with "and she concieved"
As for Cain marrying his sister marriage to family was a very common practice for the day and time. Most of the time they were commanded by the fathers to take a wife for their son of their family. Issac's wife was his cousin, Jacob's wife also and so on.

Other People Than Adam And Eve
It was very common for the writers of the time not to record the birth of the females because they did not have the same birthrights as the sons. Therefore it stands to reason that Adam had daughters before the birth of Seth. There could not have been other people created because the Bible says that Eve was the Mother of ALL living, Gen 3:20

AntiChrist Will Save Israel
funny but how the the new covenant have demensions as described in Rev.

AntiChrist Will Save Israel
Naulon, may I suggest that it is you who do not know your scripture. The times of the gentiles that will be fulfilled will be 42 months, so how does that fit in the the 70 year captivity. Also with what you are referring to as the 70 years captivity, then you would also be saying the Jesus first coming is the same as the second. The 70 year captivity took place before the birth of Christ.

Must Pastors Be Educated
that can be turned around also, i have seen some pastors that were Bible school educated that had no business being behind the pulpit. false teachers can be either formally schooled by man or not. some are mon and dad called and attend Bible college without ever having the anointing

How To Store Food
not trying to sound sarcastic but if I told the Lord to give me this day my daily bread in that aspect and then set douwn on the street corner and just waited without doing anything else what do you really think the Lord would do. Remember we still have to do our part also, the Lord does provide the means and the way but if we set down and do nothing else then we are most likely going to starve. We have to do more than just ask, we also have to work for it.

How To Store Food
I have found that for me the best food to store up is emergency rations or er bars. They have a shelf life of 5 years and they are easier to store and carry. Remembering that if we are still alive during the time Christians are hunted down, living in our house won't be possible. But bottom line is trusting Jesus, remember that God never let the cruse of oil or meal run out for the woman that Elijah stayed with.

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