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How Can I Believe In Jesus
it is so easy,, love god,, repent first of your sins,, accept christ as your lord savior,, accept he died on the cross for your sins,,ask that he will come into your heart and save you.. love love love and love him more,,, and he will show you everything you need to know to love and follow him, following christ is life... not following is death,, after all,, you have free will,,,

Are Men Afraid of Big Women
No not all men are afraid of big women. I feel some things bigger the better and specially women. Soem women are big because their beauty and sweetness would not be content in normal dimensions.

Husband Using Drugs
Your pastor insisted he return home. Wow, he must be a man of God. I'm divorced twice, both pastors were horrible influences on the marriage. Drugs, big deal, grow up...

Is Spanking In The USA Popular
I remember those "paddling" days in school . Since i got it pretty often i usually went to school with 6 pairs of underpants for padding ! The disciplinarian was a female ! She put you well over her desk & she used a cane !!

What Is The Third Heaven
"The Kingdom of heaven is within you".

First heaven is the physical plane (earth)
Second heaven is the sleep state (Moon)
Third heaven is between the sun and the moon (eyes)
Therefore the master Jesus says:"Let thine eye be single".
The third heaven is where the mystical marriage takes place.
"Ye are gods".

Allow Shoes In Your House
growing up our vicar(church of england)had everyone take off their shoes before going into the vicarage. in england the vicarage is the home of the vicar. most people i know remove their shoes, put slippers on, we live in a very conservative community that is also quite affluent and its normal for us to remove shoes.

Christian Wife Wants Separation
if your wife wants to leave there is nothing you can do to prevent her from leaving. I am afraid that disobedience amongst Christians runs rapidly. i know pagan wives whose husbands are in the military who stay with their husbands even though there husbands don't take them on dates, buy them flowers or cuddle with them because they are at war. The problem is that you have a car nal wife who doesn't have a clue as to what the Scriptures teach. Pathetic really. I have been married for 21yrs and my wife can't stand the fact that I'm not home three days out of the week but never has she threaten me with I want a seperation becauses of blah, blah, blah. She has deeper issues. Let her go and be at peace

Why So Many Divorced Christians
that is nice and all but one problem divorce is unbiblical. The problem is that most Christians in the west are shallow, biblically illiterate and naively arrogant. all problems are theological and thus can be solved theologically. And the theological answer is---disobediance! I've been in a small community of believers of about a 100 people for the paste twenty years just as long as I've been married and I have not seen one single couple in our church divorced past or present. What Bible are you guys reading?

Is A Spiritual Covering Needed
Mat 23:8-9
(8) But you are not to be called rabbi, for you have one teacher, and you are all brothers.
(9) And call no man your father on earth, for you have one Father, who is in heaven.

2Co 11:14 And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

Is Jesus' Kingdom Here
Daniel9 gives a timeline of the end times. To know when the end is we have to know when the temple was built. People say 515BC. The Bible says something different. In Ezra Cyrus decrees the Jews can go back to Jerusalem and rebuild 539BC. Temple not being worked on through Cyrus, DariusI and Xerxes reign. Artaxerxes decrees they cannot build at all. Finally DariusII decrees they can build. Temple finished 6thyr DariusII 417BC. 490 years from 417BC is 73AD. 69'7s 483 years is 66AD when Nero sent Vespasian to stop Jewish uprising. In the middle of the final seven years the ruler would putetosac and set up abofdes70AD. 3.5 years later Masada was taken. Romans never had anymore Jewish uprisings. This was the end.

Is Jesus' Kingdom Here
Peter says a thousand years are like a day and a day is like a thousand years. In Thessalonians Paul says that the dead will rise first and then those who are still alive will rise after them. Paul was talking about Jesus coming back in his time. It doesn't seem Paul was expecting to have to wait 1000 years for God to return a third time. Jesus even said he would come back in the apostles time. In 1Corinthians7 Paul is writing that everybody should remain as they are because the time was short. Historians Josephus and Tacitus have eyewitnesses seeing armies in the sky and a voice saying come up here. In 70AD.

Is Jesus' Kingdom Here
Daniel 2and7 talk about the same timeline of when Jesus comes back. There doesn't seem to be another kingdom mentioned. Legs, feet and toes are divided but only 1 kingdom. Rev. 17:9 gives a timeline of the Roman kings. The 8th king goes on to destroy Babylon. He was the 2nd beast and the AC. He spoke for the 1st beast who had the healed wound. Peter writes from Babylon.
Peter was in Jerusalem. Vespasian destroyed the temple and Jerusalem in 70AD. He was the 2nd beast. Jesus came back just before the temple was destroyed. The end was 3.5 years later in 73AD. It was not the end of the world it was the end of the Jewish age. See Daniel 9 timeline.

How Many Commandments
hi all. the answer lies in matt chapters 5-6-7, this is the new standard of living e.g. it has been said an eye for an eye but i say unto you, turn the other cheek. these chapters are the fullfillment of the law (his sayings) what Jesus spoke in these chapters was the foundation of conduct for the christian. what john said, was how we could fullfill them, the one who comes after me is mightier than me, he will baptise you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.this is the way we can performed what Jesus said. he said the man who keeps these sayings of mine will be likened unto a wise man. whatever you see in these 3 chapters do by the power of the holy spirit. LORD bless you all.mark

I Don't Love My Fiancee
There are three kinds of love: eros, which is romantic love, philos, friendship love, and agape, which in in the Bible means unconditional love. The latter is what is commanded of spouses, so it is possible.

I'm engaged myself. I don't know if I eros my fiance, I care about her deeply, and the thought of breaking off the engagement makes me really sad, but thinking about being married to her makes me depressed, for there are women I'd eros more. I haven't broken it off because I lack the conviction to, and because I felt, through prayer, that I'll grow to agape her.

I have no answer as to what to do, but I think we shouldn't adopt the modern secular culture's standard of "being in love" for marriage without thinking.

Techniques For Spanking Your Kids
when parents are "lowering the pants" for a spanking, they should never see the front parts. it should be pants down and over the knee or over the table(for big kids and teenagers)and only then should underpants be pulled just below the buttocks and spank moderately 5 to 6 times . pray with them and GD LK!!!!!

Obama Is Bankrupting America
I wish all the so called christians would allow President Obama an opportunity to make a difference instead of passing judgement on a man that has only been it office for 2 months. Bush was given 8 years to create this mess. If you are blaming Clinton, Bush sure did nothing but make it worst.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
gee! I'm glad I'm not under your authority . my tush would look like it came out of a toaster oven

Soul Winning Strategies
Mic and Nana, Your comments give me a cause for answering. I could not have answered all the questions and doctrines if it wasn't for all three of you. It helped me learn more about the RCC, more about what they study, teach, and their history. It has increased my faith in Christ. One, that only His word has authority, Two, more faith in the sufficiency of Christ death on the Cross. There is no vendetta in my heart for any of you. I don't even know you. I don't speak against you.
Your support for Eloy speaks for itself what kind of people you prefer. People prayed for me when I was a member of the RCC and God brought light to my heart through the True gospel of Christ. I will also pray for all of you.

See Demons Everywhere
well if this person sees demons can anyone tell me where in the Bible it says that you can "SEE" demons you may see the demon posesed but not the demon. Discuss.

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