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Can You Cast Out A Demon For Me
Luke 10:17-19
"17The seventy-two returned with joy and said, "Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name."

18He replied, "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. 19I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy, nothing will harm you."
Pretty simple just tell it to go...

False Prosperity Message
Kai...umm i'm not sure if you know but warren does like opposite tithe of giving 90% and keeping 10% and doesnt take money from congregation (last i heard), not sure what hes doing now but you may want to get your facts straight before you say somethings

I Am Angry All The Time
go and pray to God for a long time. Anger could be a problem if the root is control, or beyond that have a problem w/ God being the controler and not you. You cant do anything about it, only jesus can.

Is The Holy Spirit Different
Kraus, when i say jesus is in my heart its the samething as saying that the Holy spirit is in my heart, and God the father is in my heart...

Believe In The Trinity
Cindy, jesus was One w/ God which makes them ONe, which means that jesus was on the throne at the same time jesus was dying how, b/c there one. Just because we cant comprehedn something doesnt mean it cant be true. Oh yea and God is infinite not even the heavens of heavens can contain him, so hes everywhere even when Jesus was dying on the cross and the image of God is on the throne...God doesnt just dwell on his throne he cant hes too big

Salvation Or Sanctification
cindy, i would have to disagree w/ you. We have already died to sin, Sanctifation and righteousness is a gift from God, which we get through the blood of jesus and the cross. (romans 6 and romans 9:30??)

God has dealt w/ our sinful nature by killing the sinner, not by strengthing us to overcome it.

Sabbath Keepers Moses Law
Lee, that verse saying God is Love is telling of an attribute of God, just like God is Holy, God is love. God is equally holy and Love. So its both

SDA Explain Colossians 2:16
HOly cow....this is insane i cant believe this is still going on when Romans has the answer simply, soon someone is going to say that we cant eat certan meat, which is also addressed in that same chpt, i think its chpt 14, but i'm too tired to check it out

Disapproving Of Tongue Speaking
Ok james...i dont mind you believign what you believe, but then how do you explain people w/ gifts of healing(a person who prays for people and them getting healed at the masses)? And how do you explain those gifts being used are used to help reap in massive harvests.

Is the Prosperity Gospel Biblical
marge, if we give everything away for jesus and the gospel, then its possible that we are going to get 100 times more materials
mark 10:29...

Blasphemy Against Holy Spirit
Michelle, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is ONE and THE SAME. The thing is their also separate, its the mystery of heaven which we will never understand.

Its both oneness and trinity its crazy

Baptism by Sprinkling Or Immersion
baptizo means submersion, first use of this word was used while making pickles, first put(bapto) pickle in boiling water than submerge(baptizo) pickle in vineger solution...thats what i remember from my greek studies from today

How Do I Seek God
hey mike...Gods face is also his presence...if you would seek his literal face you'd die (exodus 33)...the amplified does a good job with some of these symbolic phrases, check out that version online every so often


Works Versus Grace
Eloy, we do have sinful natures even as christians but through jesus we are able to conqure them, thats the differnce christians and non-christians...

Explain The 10 Virgins Parable
i dont think that the oil refers just to the baptism, but to fellowship with the holy spirit. The more you know(intimatly not just head knowledge) God the more you will be alert.

The virgins refer to christians, the lampstands are their lights(show jesus) so we know that the christians were both preaching the gospel. But to continuelly preach the gospel with no oil(passion and intimacy w/ God) you will not be alert or prepared when jesus comes. Thats my take on it.

Slain In The Spirit Before
Ok...too many people focus on the manifestation(what happens to you phsyically) and not what happens to you spiritually, thats on both sides. I still think you guys should read what happened in Johnathan edwards revival meetings.

Slain In The Spirit Before
It doesnt have to be in the bible for God to do it...he can do whatever he wants (except sin)

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