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I Can't Locate A Single Man
give this and all problems to the lord. he will fix it for you. I am 49 and single and I understand that it get lonely, but since I have been putting the lord first I have had a peace in my life.

Make Disciples Not Churchgoers
teachers of christ to all that want to listen, in you is the gift. , set the examples , you take in what knowlede you recieve, the gift deciples to me should spread the words.not,just in side the church,outside the church are the ones,are ones that need to be taught more so than the ones inside,children should be reached now,at birth the relationship with God should began.

My Husband Does Drugs
I just googled that I am a christian woman married to a drug addict and found this blog. I'm not sure of the date but today is june 10 09. I too am married to a user. his drug of choice is cocaine/crack. in either form depending on the situation. we seperated a month ago, and I am scared of the future financially as we have 2 children, it was time, and I almost feel as though God released me, I finally felt it was ok for me to leave this unhealthy marriage. some may not agree or understand (my mom-in-law for one) but as a christian woman I was really torn over what to do. I believe in Marriage as God intended it to be. so it was hard to make the decision, but I am moving forward, and I hope you are too. lean on the Lord for strength and guidance

Can The Holy Spirit Leave
yes the Holy Spirit will leave. it's up to you to get him back and keep him through repentance. these are my feelings through my own reserch. there is so much controversy on this that you will have to search your Bible, pray and through faith God will reveal. don't get discouraged, god works in his time not ours

Should Christians Play With Cards
I agree with you 100 percent!!. I was going to point that out myself on my last post but had run out of room.
If someone is convicted of doing something and does it anyway then it is rebellion and they are sinning. This includes eating or drinking things like certain meats, caffine etc.
If I have a friend who believes it is sinful to play cards I would not pull out a deck of cards. If I had a friend who did not eat pork I would not invite them for a ham dinner.
If after my friends left and I wanted to play a game of solitaire and eat my ham dinner and it isn't against my faith and belief then I have not sinned nor tempted my friend to stumble and sin.

All Abortions Be Illegal
Melissa, we both agree that abortion is a sin and murder, but isn't what your saying kind of harsh?.
yes giving your life to save another would be very brave but unless we have walked in the shoes of that person faced with such a decision isn't that pretty judgemental?. could you in all honesty say that if that was your daugther laying there and the doc comes in and says by all medical opinion either your daugther terminates the pregnancy or dies that you would without hesitation say let my daughter die?. It does not mean we don't trust God but he did gives these doctors the knowledge and God does tell us not to put him to foolish test.

Should Christians Play With Cards
Could you please explain to me why you think playing cards is a sin or evil?. I think that is down right silly. what it comes down to is what church a person attends and the docterine of that church. I am not convicted for playing card games or slap jack with my grandkids. If i was having my 8 yr. old granddaughter placing a bet on when the next jack will be turned over then i would be sinning. The person who believes playing any card game is sinning are the same people who refuse to let their kids play with stuffed animals because they think it is idol worship.we can all make anything sinful if it takes the place of God and our time away with him and that includes even eating. some people take their beliefs to far, this is a perfect example.

All Abortions Be Illegal
I am not saying I am right or wrong, this is just my opinion.
I believe all abortion should be illegal except if the mother would die if she did not abort. my heart and prayers go out to any woman or family who would have to make that decision.

Hurt By A Church
I like many others know what it's like to be hurt by a church or fellow Christian.
10 yrs. ago my pastor fell and fell hard. his fall was so horrid it was in our local news for weeks.
I was the youth leader and because it had to do with harm to children{which i took several neighborhood and my kids school friends to church}recieved terrible phone calls and threats for weeks. I of course had no idea what my pastor was capable of. you can imagine how i felt in the midst of my own pain and feeling of betrayal.
the worst was my 4 kids refused to ever go to church again. I had to keep reminding them{and myself} that man will always fail us but God never will.
we need to keep our eyes on the cross not man.

What Makes You A Christian
in the bbok of acts the people ask peter what must we do to inherite eternal life.
peter replies in acts 2:38

1) repent...(means to turn from our sin)
in essence to stop sinning.
(not father,son and holy ghost)
and peter says you shall receive the gift of the holy ghost.
which is the power of god in you.
not hard at all if you have a mind and heart to follow on and know jesus!!!!

god bless

How To Vote In 2008
I know many people vote for different reasons but I myself vote for more moral reasons then economic and world events.
I refuse to vote for a president that supports gay marraiges or abortion no matter if I agree with them on economic or world events.

Slain In The Spirit Biblical
Leon.. What I mean "In being cautious in what is of the Lord" is that I do believe people can be slain in the spirit but people can fake it also.

Why Should I Believe In God
Skeptic.... What makes Christianity unique is that we serve the one and only true God. He is the only one who can save our souls through the blood of his son Jesus Christ who he sent to die for our sins so that we may have eternal life with him.
In my opinion you can't get anymore unique then that.

Slain In The Spirit Biblical
I am with mima, i personally have never been slain in the spirit but I have felt A strong prescence of the Holy Spirit.
I believe in being slain in the spirit and that it's biblical but I am very cautious in what is from the Lord.

Can You Discern Evil
I believe spirit knows spirit. I wouldn't say I had the gift of discernment but I have come up against some people who in my spirit I knew immediatley had satan, not the Holy spirit dwelling within them.

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