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James Robison Ski House
I did a little bit of research and this is Not a good organization!!! Do Not donate your money to James Robisons pocket.. Theres plenty other wonderful organizations that are honest and that will help others, not themselves, with your donations. Do the research please! GOD Bless & #128591, & #127995,

Is Wife In Heaven
She is as close as a thought.

Satan Infiltrates The Church
Any time an unkind thought finds a place to rest, any time one person is discussed without being present, any time one puts himself in higher esteem than his neighbor, Satan is satisfied.

March 29th Temple Sacrifices Begin
God is logical. And loving. And kind.

I see no logic in the belief one can be drawn closer to God through the taking of another's life. God created those happy little lambs! Why would God want to see one destroyed?

Why would God demand 'the Lamb of God' to be sacrificed for your salvation?

If you believe something, ask yourself why you believe it. Trust your own heart, not the words of the unseen.

Did Jesus Drink Alcoholic Wine
Is the real question you are asking is, "Am I doing something wrong by drinking alcoholic wine?"

That answer is in your own heart.

Are Scriptures The Word Of God
It always shocks me when I hear a person of any faith claim an exclusive right to anything, the 'true' love or knowledge of God, 'eternal salvation', a moral foundation. God is in everyone, speaks to every open heart, and loves all.

Are Scriptures The Word Of God
Not all of it. All you have to do to figure that one out is to read it!

Can A Christian Have A Demon
No human being is exempt from Satan's influence. Thank God for free will.

Muslim Marry In A Church
Sometimes I read responses on this blog that make me cringe--the 2010 equivalent to throwing stones. Does kindness cost you anything?

Muslim Marry In A Church
Well hossam_hassan_abd_el, it appears you have come to the place of the self-proclaimed expert on all things spiritual.

Why don't you look into your own heart. That's where you will find your answer.

Christian Husband Cheated
Dear Monica,

My heart breaks for you. To be betrayed by the person who pledged honesty and love to you is a difficult thing to live with.

Please get counseling. Both of you need it, no matter if you choose to stay together or not. Even with all the people who care about you on this blog trying to help, your family or your church family, you need more.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Best wishes and love,

Can A Christian Abuse Grace
Believing you can abuse God's grace is like saying you can waste God's love. Impossible!

Pat Robertson Haiti Comment
Years ago I questioned my companion how God could allow natural disasters. My wise friend replied, "Debbie, earthquakes, tornadoes, mudslides, and hurricanes are simply the result of the natural world renewing itself." When I asked how God could abandon people to suffer, I was reminded, "Every person has a free will. Everyone can turn to God for help. God is always there." To suffer is part of being human, but we don't have to suffer alone. (In my opinion, physical suffering is a cakewalk compared to spiritual suffering.)The notion that God 'picks favorites' is to diminish God's Perfection. Thanks for the input. Let your kindness spread God's love.

Move On After Broken Heart
I am suffering from the same situation, but with a little additional. I met this man that was all that I thought I ever needed. We made plans to be together and combine our families. Engaging in activity that we should not have I have conceived his child and I am due in May 2010. He now does not call or even seem concerned, he has admitted to cheating with another woman. This has been the most hurtful experience of my life! I have prayed, tried to divert my attn. to other things, nothing seems to work. Can someone help?

Hardest Life Trials
Dear Kitty,

You are not alone. Please don't be ashamed. You can't hide. God hears every thought you have, and loves you as if you were God's only child. Pour out your heart to God. Lean, depend, rely on our wonderful Creator. You are in my thoughts tonight, and you are more wonderful than you know.

My Girlfriend Isn't A Virgin
James, have you considered therapy? What, exactly, do you think you have forgiven? If there is something in you that sees your virginity as a badge of honor while judging your girlfriend for not waiting for marriage, you need help.

Why would you choose to be with someone you judge in a negative light?

What Will Heaven Be Like
Without Satan's poison to distract us, we will joyously love God and each other to the fullest.

Strict Outward Appearances
Manisha, you are a smart girl. You are using the good brain God gave you to figure things out for yourself. Do you think wearing those things makes someone a bad person? I don't. But I think when someone overdoes it, they might be trying too hard.

If you accept yourself for who you are, make-up or no make-up, you will be beautiful.

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