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Should I Leave Exhusband Alone
yes, you should leave him alone. You've expressed a friendship if he's interested, he's not inclined to be friends.

Clinton For President
I am suggesting that they are preparing us for a New World without borders where terrorists will be free to come and go using passports that will entitle them to live wherever they want. The cover is 'multiculturalism'. It took me time to realize this, and I used to be very pro-immigration (being one myself).

Clinton For President
Alan of UK, why don't you read Sun Tzu 'The Art of War' which was found by the Jesuits and translated into English and put on the internet for people to see what the Jesuits are doing.

Is The Papal Seat The Antichrist
I certainly did write those two sources down before and I am sure there is no reason that they would not have printed them. So you missed them. You also dissed them. If I came up, one by one, with a million sources, you would do the same, therefore I give no more sources. I also quoted Adam Smith (First President of the USA) about the Jesuits. So I do give some sources. So you are lying.

Is The Papal Seat The Antichrist
I think Ian Paisley, whatever adjectives you fling at him to describe his views on Rome, is either EXTREMELY courageous, totally sold out to God and against the evil Jesuits, or he is part of their plans, (there can be no other explanation). I tend to believe (due to the recent events) that he is the victim of Jesuits revenge against him. He was at one point even been in put jail when not a young man. If you know the truth, your opinions change. If you don't look for the truth, you won't change.

Should We Pray To Mother
Where does the idea that Mary was without sin come from? The RCC. We learn from Scripture that no human being born is without sin. I could accept that Jesus was perfect when he was born, but not Mary. But even Jesus must have had original sin because he was 'made sin' that he might 'put sin to death'.

Is Sola Scriptura Proper
And where in the Scriptures does it mention wafers, perfectly round (like the Sun) and with IHS written on them. The wafers are a ritual pagan symbol of the Sun-god. IHS is Isis Horus and Seb. Mary is the Queen of Heaven (idol) whom Jeremiah said that the ancients made cakes to. (offering sacrifices to idols).

Forgiveness Forum
There are some points I make that are subtle. On this FORGIVENESS thread ACCUSATIONS were made. I am just showing that ACCUSATIONS is a game for both teams. I believe Sue is just Sue. May I take the opportunity to say that I am frances and not Frances (a completely different poster). I have enough sins of my own without being thought of as another person who also writes on these blogs. Maybe I will add numbers to my name.

Why Were There Dinosaurs
No doubt there are many museums devoted to the Moon Landings. It means very little if it was all just to make us believe something untrue.

Forgiveness Forum
Bob, Cindy and Sue, are you all the same person, as you all accuse others of the same thing...I know in my case it is not true, and Alan of UK who was accused also denies the accusation. So who is the Accuser? Presumably, millions of people can come to these threads, or do you know something I don't and only a dozen or so are here, using all kinds of different names, and Alan and I are the only genuine ones???

Christians Watch American Idol
The one thing that comes up repeatedly in the Old and New Testament, is the danger of idol worship. Why would anyone want to worship any person, any Apparition, or any box of electrics, when with the time they devoted to that, they could be expanding their faith, praying or becoming further educated and more use to society?

Is God A Male Or Female
The fact that Spirit in Hebrew is feminine - some languages gender is totally meaningless like in French a chair may be feminine, but may just as easily have been masculine, or an apple etc. It is just pure chance, or the sound of the words. We live in modern times, and we call the Holy Spirit 'he' to agree with Jesus and God who are also 'he' and to avoid the confusion with the Queen of Heaven and other pagan ideas which make 90 per cent of faiths where they have a mother-father-divine son mythology.

Why Were There Dinosaurs
Get your rotten tomatoes ready to throw at me. The thing is Pharisee is correct, they keep changing by millions of years, how old they think the earth is. What's a few million years between freemasons? Once they get ONE STORY and stick to it, I will take dinosaurs to be something more than a Steven Spielberg money-maker.

How Do You Show Love
I have voted for people because I admire them, though they disagreed with me personally. Some others I won't associate with. But if I were to meet CN people at a party, I would certainly not wear my name on a badge. LOL. I think some people are able to love without liking. Anyway hate and love are close emotions. If you hate someone a lot you can also love them a lot. The disliked are the problems.

Christmas Not In The Bible
David8318, I agree, and you get my vote. Also, why Vol 6 page ''666''. It is surely a joke??? Are you serious about that???

Is Fear Lack Of Faith
I believe fear of God is the beginning of understanding. And I also believe we should work out our salvation in fear and trembling. Those kind of fears cancel out silly little fears like what will so-and-so say if I say such-and-such.

Is Sola Scriptura Proper
So the New Testament is different to the Old Testament because the O.T. forbade us killing people, but the N.T. allows you to eat human flesh and blood. I don't think so somehow.

Three Secrets of Mary At Fatima
Fatima, Medjugore, Lourdes, Akita, are all events in the Catholic Church and they are from the devil. They also are the names of the places where those events took place. I have visited three of them and I am telling you that they are of the devil. Yes, supernatural. From God? Definitely NOT.

Three Secrets of Mary At Fatima
Nana, I think we are discussing the miraculous apparitions of Mary, the mother of Jesus in the last 100 years. But if you want to open the thread up to a discussion of the Bible apparitions, feel free. Just realize you are changing the topic. This is a well known method of trying to win an argument that is lost. However, you could read about the idol worshippers of the Queen of Heaven in Jeremiah Chapter 7.

Forgiveness Forum
When I saw this thread I thought, be careful. So I decided not to write on it as it was just another opportunity for the accusations to start coming. But then we were accused of not writing on it. You cannot win.

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