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Who Watched Da Vinci Code
Isn't it funny how people protest things of which they are completely ignorant? How can you protest something you haven't seen, read or bothered to seriously investigate? These kind of Christians are the very ones that turn people away from Christianity. They sound self righteous and arrogant - who wants a friend like that? I liked this movie, it is thought provoking and certainly doesn't slam Jesus Christ. Why do Christians insist they know everything about Jesus? We DON'T.

I Hate God For What He Did
You're worried about objects? Think of what God has given you. He gave you life, a mother and father to take care of you, shelter to survive, the opportunity of success, and more. He's given you all this, so let me ask you, what have you done for him?

Husband Wants Pretty Women
So, you're asking if you're doing the right thing? That's the exact opposite! He's so unsatisfied that he has to break off his marriage to see other women? Wow. I tell you, if I were in that situation, I would realize that he is too caught up in himself, and he cannot grasp the feeling of real commitment and relationship. Don't stay home and think about him. Just remember that Christ is with you and he will never let you down, even in the saddest moments. :)

Was Jesus Created By God
No! Jesus is God! Its the whole 3 in 1 trinity. The Bible explains it!

Santa Got Them Toys Lie
Kids are pretty smart. The second year I took mine to have those Santa pix for the Grandparents, my little one, age 4, stands in line and says(really loud) "Mom, they have a new Santa Clause this year".
His Dad and I got some really dirty looks from the other parents.

Baptized And Spoke It Tongues
I belive this is true. The other night, I stayed at my Aunt's house, and the next morning she told me that she had heard me speaking tounges. I had no idea what it was, but I belive there is a reason why I was. Can anyone help me?

Grandmother Afraid Of Baptism
My daughter, 9 was saved at age 7 and has not been baptised for fear of being dunked under water and for everybody staring at her. I just tell her that God wants her to be baptised and that she does need to be someday. I pray that she will be bold some day and follow Jesus' example.

What Is Greater Than God
I thought it was pride, but nothing works.

Bible States No Christmas Trees
Thanks Eloy. That's the exact scripture that the elderly lady quoted to me, but I couldn't remember it because I was in shock the way that she approached me. Thanks. I love Christmas too and want to share the good news of Jesus with others during this holiday season.

My Mom Rarely Takes A Bath
Would you rather she hears that she smells from you or a stranger? Or how about some rude teenagers she walks by in a store who loudly make fun of her? You are going to have to be firmly honest with her. In my opinion, there probably is some underlying depression going on. You might want to have that checked out.

Prenup Has Me Mad
Good rule of thumb- If there is even the slightest doubt of the union lasting.... DON'T do it. If God himself has not told you in some way..this is the one I have for you. DON'T do it. People take marriage WAY to lightly. I'm not being high and mighty. I include myself. I am also divorced. However, I have learned some lessons and next time will be different.

Don't Know Who Got Me Pregnant
Does Dad#1 know he may not be the father? Would he remain her father if she doesn't share DNA? One option is: If Dad#1 is willing to be Dad regardless of the DNA, tell her. Tell her Dad#2 couldn't love her the way SHE needed to be loved. Remind her that this is not her fault. That she is lucky because not many kids have a parent who could choose them. However, first pray about it. Don't listen to anyone here unless led to by the HS. I don't know what blessings God will bring from this. But He will.

Prenup Has Me Mad
I couldn't even finish reading the replies from everyone. Whether she stays with him or not is her choice. The problem I see is with the prenup itself. That would say to me, "Oh darling, I love you. Will you marry me? But, you should know, I love you now But I'm not willing to commit to loving you forever. and when we do have problems, I'm not willing to work them out with you. Could you just sign right here please?"

What Is Christian Courtship
I agree. Dating is going out and getting to know one another. It's not dirty. Unless you make it that way. And this "dating leads to divorce", are you telling me that the 50% of American married couples that aren't divorced never dated? I can tell you that my parents dated as early teens, they got married in thier 20s, and are still married 30+ years later.

How To Confront Parents
Pray continually for them. If you have talked to them about the truth of receiving Jesus as their Saviour then you must allow God's Holy Spirit deal with them. Continue a relationship with them if possible. We're to love our parents and honor them even if they're unlovable at times. Let your witness show them the truth. This sometimes means showing compassion to somebody even when you don't think they deserve it.

Someone Is On My Mind
God can be putting the person on your mind to pray for them or the devil can be giving you obsessive compulsive thoughts about this person. I'd pray for this person as God commands us to pray for one another. The devil can cause us to think about a person or other objects to get our minds off of God. Just stay focused on God.

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