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Can Unsaved Man Live With Me
not trying to be judgemental cause that is not how i am but it wouldnt be right to let him live with you that would be the same as saying here i am devil opening myself up for lust temptation and fornication the bible says abstain from the very appearance of evil you let him move in and it would be like saying it is okay to live together and not be married

Have I Comitted A Sin
if there is no lust no sex or any form of sex touching private areas etc if you have not and it is just a passionate kiss or hug you have not sinned this is normal we all do it

Christian Kids Harming Themselves
part 2: let her know you care and are concened about try to get her to open up by letting her know you are there to listen she may be crying out for help but dont pressure her that will push her away try christian counseling i would get a pastor if you can to come and anoint your house and pray over it there may be a demonic spirit when she sleeps pray for her lay hands on her interceed on her behalf God will inteviene if he sees you are sincere it may take a while but it is God's time not ours

Tell Spouse About Two Affairs
i believe that if you have asked for Gods forgiveness then it is time to ask for you spouses i think you spouse should know it is only right and then he/she needs to accept it and forgive i believe until you come totally clean you will not recieve the fullest of Gods forgiveness and blessings please tell your spouse and get his/her forgiveness

Women In Leadership Roles
there is nothing wrong with women being a leader in the old days it didnt happen but God uses women as well as he does men my pastors wife held a class and she also is co-pastor and teaches/preaches on wednesday night i am a youth choir teacher & leader i am a 20 y. old female God use Joyce Meyer wonderful annointed preacher God used a donkey so why wouldnt he use a woman? open up to him and he will begin to use you we also have all female sunday school and children church teachers

What Is The Age Of Accountability
when you are old enough to know right from wrong and a truth from a lie then you are accountable for your actions

Am I Still A Virgin
angie: 1st i am sorry about what happened to you iwas raped a little over a year ago also if you wanna talk you can write at andre9789 it is up to you to me and others that know about mine all said that in the worlds eyes it is different some still will consider you a virgin cause you didnt give it freely to me you still are but to others they may see different i considered myself still a virgin until i gave it up freely i will tell you my personal story if you will write me and explain to you what i mean

Fault Is The Victim Of An Affair
no one deserves to have their spouse cheat on them if you have a problem with your spouse and even so much as think of having an affair talk to them about it maybe they dont know you have a need for more and if that doesnt work dont cheat and blame it on them you can hold your desire to go cheat if everyone used their spouse as the reason no one would be committed cheating is a sin and not a sin on the victims behalf but on the cheaters you cant lay the blame on the victim no way

Can A Cheater Change
you are correct everyone deserves a second chance a cheater can change of he truly repents and seek God's guidance and will i would say this much though i would ask him to be tested of stds because of the high number std victims just as a precautionary measure for your safety i wouldnt give him another chance if he cheats again save yourself the heartache

What Is A Birth Control Pill
birth control is used for two reason #1 mostly so one does not get pregnant until they want to no it does not kill the baby unless you are already pregnant and begin taking it then it may kill or badly harm the child or if you miss a couple doses and in between have sex and become pregnant and you continue you have to take it regularly to protect yourself fully #2 it is used to regulate those who have problems with their periods (flows to heavy, flows longer than usual, skip periods)

Christian Kids Harming Themselves
i am sorry to hear you are having to go through this with your daughter ya'll are in my prayers i dont have kids buit my sister used to do it actually still does i am 20 she is 23 she started at age 12 the therapist she was seeing told my mom it was an attention thing she didnt want anyone in my mothers life but her she even tried to kill me before she was hospitalized 30 something times in one year for suicide attempts all you can do is love her

Can Christians Work In A Bar
i wouldnt work in a bar and places like that because it would be just like saying it is okay to drink i am condoning it a for a restaurant i think that is different almost every restaurant sells beer and so forth but not every one orders it and you have to amke a living somehow not everyone can get a job elsewhere also in bars you will be tempted to drink and there is alot of foul play

How To Come Back To God
this is not what i said there is a misunderstanding in my blog so you dont get confused i have not drifted i love God with all my heart i am no longer free in worhip i worship in my heart i want to be free and feel as if i am worshipping God to be for his edification not mine i want to be open i want to know how to get back to where i once was and know that it is not just me but God in me i miss it and want it back i dont want to gieve God

Are Miracles The Same Today
yes miracles are real and the same as before i have seen people with my own eyes get healed of cancer and broken bones etc. i myself had a healig encounter i was hit by a car had a hairline fracture in the wrist the worst kind to heal up and they did x-rays to find that out the next day a surgeon took x rays and the fracture was healed

How To Find The Best Church
we all have a social side to us when it comes to being with our family in God the fellowship is good let me ask u a question when you go & the service starts do you cont. to talk & find other ways to communicate like write notes, etc. or do u enter in & listen to Gods word & reverence the Holy Spirit if u can say u praise God & worship him during the service & reverence his word as it's being spoken u r there for the right if not change that u can fellowship before & after there's nothing wrong with that

Dressing In An Ungodly Manner
the bible says not to be a stumbling block to others dressing unapropriately will quickly cause on to stumble per say you are a woman and you have on a shirt that half covers you breast men will look at you and lust over you same with short shorts or skirts or clothes too tight we should not turn these people away nor judge but pray God shows them they a causing one to falter or stumble and then it is up to them to change

Am I Going To Be Doomed
What do you mean are you doomed why would you be? You have the right to say yes or no in any situation you have the right to choose right or wrong doomed or not. Be careful and don't be alone with him if you are afraid you will mess up. If you do mess up remember God forgives but you have to repent and turn from your sin. I know I have been in your shoes still am I need Gods grace and so do you. If you say no mean it adn don't let him change your mind. God gives us a choice the ball is in your hands.

Faithful Husband Before Marriage
this is a tough question but the true answer is you never can be sure but you need to be able to trust him and trust God in the situation that you will make the right decision when saying i do you have to have trust in the relationship in order for it to work you have to open your heart and not dwell on the negative of is he being faithful you have to take a chance or you will never know

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