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Coronavirus And Christians
KATHR. Again, your politically driven hate is driving you into a unhinged state.

I never even mentioned the Corona virus, nor its other known titles like Covid 19, the Chinese virus, etc. These titles are not even political. Instead, I countered your point about cattle with facts about Wuhans prosperity, etc, and the Chinese culture of consuming wild animals we westerners find objectionable.

Regarding politics, I was actually referring to your politically driven hate where in this time of crisis its YOU who takes a political stance against news sources like Fox, and also against Jerry who wasnt even referring to Fox News in his post.

You need to get out of that Leftist cult of hate and lies.

Coronavirus And Christians

KATHR. Dont let your politically driven hate blind you.

BTW, Fox is a far more reliable source than Fake news outlets like CNN, NYT, BBC, etc.

And as for your suggestion to export cattle to Whuhan China so that they dont have to eat wild animals, FYI Whuhan is located in an agricultural hub in China, and in that central China region its considered to be the political, economic, financial, commercial, cultural and educational center, hence theyre not in desperate circumstances being forced to eats bats, etc.

Chinese culture has long indulged in consuming wild animals that we in the West find unacceptable. I recall on my trip to the Canton region of China seeing a local rice wine with one day old baby mice added to it.

Are Democrats Traitors
KATHR. The FACT remains that only 2 Dixiecrats moved to REPS.
That means the great majority of racist Dixiecrats REMAINED with the racist DEMS.

Another fact is that its the Progressive Left who have been resorting to hateful lies over the past 30 years to further their political aspirations.
The Progressive Left are liars who rely on hateful denigration of others instead of rational and respectful debate .

Are Democrats Traitors

AXE. Its YOU Leftists who have been spewing hateful abuse over the past 30+ years of your oppressive PC tyranny.

Its YOU Leftists who have been playing the victim card as political propaganda for the past 30+ years.

And when someone like Trump stands up to you deceitful bullies, you double down on your hate.

This has rightly been described as Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Ive been calling out your psychological projections here on CN, and you clearly are rattled by this being exposed.

Yuri Bezmanov was correct on his warnings about how effective the far Lefts brainwashing is.

Are Democrats Traitors
KATHR. Your politically driven hate is blinding you to reality, again.

Its Leftists who always play the victim.
And the Leftist DEMS have always been racists, ever since their KKK days.
Leftists are liars and haters.
Theyre rabid racists, sexists, and any other ists, phobes etc, that they push to cause division in society for their Marxist aims.

Dont let itching ears (2Timothy 4:3,4) for the oppressive Lefts hateful political propaganda lies lead you astray.

Are Democrats Traitors
AXE. you constantly repeat far Lefts revisionist lies like a broken record. This is how a brainwashed person acts.

Many Universities are rightly described as far Left brainwashing cults. Even academics who rightly see the role of these institutions as being centers for learning critical thinking are criticizing the fact that many of them have become dominated by Marxist types who impose their brainwashing instead of critical thinking skills.

A uni lecturer friend told me of her experience at a Marxist dominated uni. She was bullied for insisting that critical thinking skills should be taught instead of their Marxist brainwashing. She sued the uni and they had to pay out for their inaction against the bullying from Marxists.

Are Democrats Traitors
NICOLE. I'm not surprised. The Leftist DEMS have always been racists from their KKK days, and even now.

We see the same in Australia where its the Leftists who are the racists, and sexists, haters, liars and bigots.

Any brown coloured person who strays from the Left's "plantation" is attacked (even racially vilified) for having dared to oppose the Left's political narrative.

We recently had a brown skinned Communist/Greens politician lay charges of racism against another brown skinned guy (because he was a political opponent at the elections). The police gave up on this charge as it became obvious the charge was absurd

Are Democrats Traitors
AXE. Like Yuri said, you brainwashed useful idiots for the far Left reject facts until its too late when the Communists take over.

Yuris warnings about the far Left having infiltrated and now dominating the megaphones of society (mainstream media, academia, Hollywood, FB, Google, politics, some churches, etc) to brainwash folk like you, are supported by FBIs findings of Communist goals back in 1950s.
Any rational person can see how much the Left dominate the institutions and thus control public debate/thought (brainwashing).

Just as USA suffers from the Lefts revisionist lies, likewise we in Aust have the far Lefts revisionist lies pushed through the Leftist dominated academia, media, film industry, politics, etc.

Are Democrats Traitors
AXE. Stop living in the Leftist bubble with its revisionist lies that you constantly repeat.

The DEMS have always been racist Oppressive Lefties both historically and now. There never was a big switch. The Left are the biggest liars around, and as they dominate academia, mainstream media, Hollywood, etc, (as Yuri Bezmanov, and the FBI in 1958 warned) theyre in the best position to brainwash those like you.

Are Democrats Traitors
AXE. Yuri Bezmanov warned that people like you are so brainwashed that no matter how many facts are presented to you, you will refuse to accept them up until its too late when the Communists finally take over.

In Australia the far Left already dominate too many institutions.

Our taxpayer funded ABC media outlet a example. In spite of its charter obligations for impartiality and to offer balance, they disregard these obligations to the Conservative taxpayers that fund them, pushing predominantly far Left political propaganda instead.

The far Left dominate so many institutions that even a supposedly Conservative government is unable to get the ABC to abide by its obligations.

Are Democrats Traitors
AXE. There never was a Big Switch as you have been deceived into believing. Its just a big revisionist lie from the far Left who had infiltrated academia, etc.

Yuri Bezmanov, (Russian Communist KGB defector) warned in 1980s how much the far Left had already infiltrated academia, mainstream media, Hollywood, politics, etc., to brainwash the naive.
Now 30+ years later they dominate these institutions and much more.
All your Leftist arguments confirm Yuris warnings.

In 1958 an FBI agent published a book titled The Naked Communist which listed the FBIs findings on Communist goals to subvert the West.
This also confirms Yuris warnings, and further explains how you were manipulated into thinking the way you do.

Are Democrats Traitors
AXE. That 97% of climate scientists claim was debunked long ago.
An academic (John Cook) in Australia cooked that lie up through a conveniently subjective word search of science papers.

As for scientists swayed by funding, the climate change scientists are the best example. They get generous funding from governments, IPCC, etc, as well as prestige from the PC crowd. They are well rewarded for their adherence to climate change dogma.

Australias extreme heat & bushfires has gone on since well before the rise of todays climate change cult.

The problem lies solely with politicians (especially Leftists) who disregarded warnings from experts of the impending catastrophe from massive forest fuel loads.

Are Democrats Traitors
AXE. Australia had even higher temperatures around 100 years ago.
Devastating bushfires in late 1930s resulted in higher death toll than our recent fires, and was also due to massive forest fuel loads, as determined by 1939 government investigation.

Politicians (especially Leftists) ignored warnings from scientists, bush fire experts like David Packham about impending catastrophe from massive forest fuel loads.

David Packham rightly said these fires had NOTHING to do with alleged climate change.

Nauru, etc, gets $$ from UN, hence they say whatever is required to continue getting $. Note that Nauru leaders criticized Aust on its coal mining, but were silent on Chinas massive increasing in CO2.

Are Democrats Traitors
AXE. I go by facts, rather than untrustworthy/fickle polls.

Our bushfires here have got NOTHING to do with climate change. Various bushfire experts here had been warning politicians of this impending catastrophe for some years now, pointing to the forest fuel loads that had become the worst theyve ever been.

Our bushfires are the fault of politicians (especially from the Progressive Left) who allowed the forest fuel loads to build up. Progressive Left former state politician Bob Carr being one of the worst offenders. Note it was the state of NSW which he formerly governed that was worst hit.

Pacific islands are not sinking, as scientists have found.

You need to stop listening to the climate change cultists.

Are Democrats Traitors
AXE. Hmmm....polls.....we know how reliable they are....LOL.

In Australia we have the taxpayer funded (far Left Fake News) media outlet ABC, which constantly pushes (thus contravening their charter obligations) the CNN Fake News LIES on Russian collusion, and now impeachment.

The Left have told lies for so long that ANYTHING they say is to be disregarded. Ive seen it here in Aust recently with all the Lefts LIES about climate change being responsible for our bushfires.

Trump has done nothing deserving of impeachment. The problem is Leftist Fake News media, deep state, politics, etc, who corruptly control the narrative that you obediently believe.

The Left has no credibility.

Are Democrats Traitors
SAMUELbb7. How hypocritically convenient that you accuse Trump of hate speech whilst you yourself support the Leftists/DEMS, who are the most hatefully abusive bigots in Western nations.

Trumps popularity is because so many people have had enough of the Oppressive Left, and theyre just thankful that a politician like Trump (in Australia its the One Nation Party) has the guts to confront the hateful far Left PC tyranny that you support.

In Australia weve been seeing these haters from the Left even calling for violent protests since our bushfires to impose their climate change cult agendas on Australians.

Trump Protect Religious Freedom
CLUNY. Ive submitted posts 5 times with specific examples of how the LGBTQ Left are attacking the rights of Christians, but the admin has 5 times not allowed it to be posted.

Clearly theres no point answering your request.

Alabama Abortion Law
AXE. Provide ACTUAL NUMBERS, as I did on abortion rates in various nations.

Now that Ive replied in kind to your post, I need to ask are you deliberately being dishonest, or are you having difficulties in reading comprehension?

Too often Im having to correct your misrepresentations of my posts.

Christian Symbolism Matrix
In Matrix movie there were those who were slaves in bondage to the Matrix, and others who were set free.

We see the same in Gal 4:21-25 Abraham had two sons: the one by a bondwoman, the other by a freewoman. But he who was of the bondwoman was born according to the flesh, and he of the freewoman through promise, which things are symbolic. For these are the two covenants: the one from Mount Sinai which gives birth to bondage, which is Hagar for this Hagar is Mount Sinai in Arabia, and corresponds to Jerusalem which now is, and is in bondage with her childrenbut the Jerusalem above is free, which is the mother of us all.

Alabama Abortion Law
AXE. I see yet again you're deflecting, this time from NICOLE's point that abortion is killing.

BTW, Netherlands is not the lowest abortion rate nation as you claimed. See my earlier post to you where I quoted figures of nations with far lower abortion rates.

I'm not surprised you would argue in defence of the Left's baby genocide platform, especially when you preach an heretical gospel claiming that those who are ANTI-CHRST get saved simply by doing some ambiguous minimum standard of good deeds.

Remember Gal 1:8,9.

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