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What Was The Mark Of Cain
Have never equated that with God's mark begore, but okay. Let's think about it. Giantism would be an obvious outward sign. BUT could the descendants of Cain be referred to as the "Sons of God" that went into the "Daughters of Men"? Hmmm? Maaaybe.
As far as the effects on the human gene pool. I would imagine substantial dilution took place if as the bible says, David and his men killed the last of the Giants.
That might explain why less than 15% of the population is over 6 ft tall with a few 7 and 8 footers mixed in.

Are Baptists A Cult
I suppose every religious group could be considered a cult if you use the strictest, most narrow definition.

Meaning Of No Other Gods
Both bibles are translations of the ancient Hebrew text. The Hebrew word in question here is 'ached, which means:
1) another, other, following
a) following, further
b) other, different

Man's Freewill For God
"Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven."
- Man has the free will to pray this will occur sooner rather than later.

"No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him"
- Man has the freewill to respond after he's been called.

"I will raise him up at the last day."
- The Father also has a will and plans He will act upon when desires to do so.

Forced Free Will By God
And should man choose not to serve God then what?
---francis on 3/15/11

Then that man will reap the harvest of his choice, separation from the Father.

Forced Free Will By God
Francis, man can choose this day whom he will serve.

(NET) Joshua 24:15 If you have no desire to worship the LORD, choose today whom you will worship, whether it be the gods whom your ancestors worshiped beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living. But I and my family will worship the LORD!"

Psalms 119:30 I choose the path of faithfulness, I am committed to your regulations.

Fossilized Bacteria From Space
Bacteria existing in outer space is mildly interesting...evidence of complex organisms is a bit more interesting...but the most intriguing idea would be if other beings with fallible/redeemable souls existed elsewhere in the universe.

Forced Free Will By God
This discussion requires a definition of terms. Man has been given the ability to choose, but that ability has limitations. Free will is not an absolute. The Father has plans and designs of His own. His will supersedes that of any man.

Are Christians Jews
Christians are not Jews, but those who believe in the way the truth and the life have been grafted into the nation of Israel. There are twleve tribes that comprise that nation, Judah being but one of the twelve. Christian should follow God's instructions found in scripture. They need not follow Jewish instruction found outside of scripture.

Christmas Tree Burning Bush
alan8566_of_uk - "the question is irrelevant"

Your inability to see relevance does not make something irrelevant. I would argue there are numerous historicly & theologically relevant connections between Xmas trees ( & other Xmas decorations) and the worship of false gods.

Avoiding Abominations
Pharisee - "God may have changed his plan of salvation, but he himself has not and cannot change (Mal 3:6) What was an abomination to the Lord is still very much so."

I agree that God has not changed. God does not make things up as He goes along. Therefore His position on the abominations of old is still the same. I might also argue that his plan of salvation has not changed either. Christ simply fulfilled what the Father had planned from the beginning.

Did Cross Fulfil The Law
leej - "We need not strive to earn our salvation for that is strictly a gift from Jesus our Savior, not the law as you would proclaim."

God's Rest & Celebrations are also gifts. They can be tools that point men to the giver of salvation but are not a means of salvation. Therefore there is no striving involved.

Avoiding Abominations
Does God still consider certain behaviors to be abominations?

Christmas Tree Burning Bush
Would any Christian here consider decorating there homes with images of false gods just for their artistical beauty, not for religous reasons?

Did Cross Fulfil The Law
leej - "many of the OT laws were changed"

Where is it written that the OT laws were changed or even tweaked just a little bit???
Did the Father ever say that his instructions could be altered by another? Did the Son ever claim to alter any of the Father's instructions?

Christmas Tree Burning Bush
It's nice that a Xmas tree reminds you of the burning bush. The more important question what does it remind God of.
I believe God has given us instructions and patterns as to how he desires to be worshiped. I don't believe He has left us to our own imaginations otherwise we might each do what is right in our own eyes.

Christmas Tree Burning Bush
Jesus reminds me of the Burning Bush.
Xmas trees remind me of pagan yule logs.

Christmas Tree Burning Bush
Putting up a Xmas tree because it reminds you of the Burning Bush is like displaying a statute of Hercules because it reminds you of the Son of God or like putting pentagrams on the wall because it reminds you of the Xmas star or like wearing a zombie costume because it reminds you of the resurrection.
There are similaries between sheep and goats, but they not the same.

Did Cross Fulfil The Law
The answer lies in the ancient hebrew concepts of "fulfillment" and "the law".

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