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When Will Christ Return

Are Christians Jews
No, Christians are not Jews.

Now if you want to practice Karism, go right ahead, but don't call yourself a Christian in that case.
---Cluny on 1/5/11

Karsites are Edomites Cluny.
G-d Hated the Edomites and so do Jews of today.

Frosty The Snowman Biblical
I used to cry when he was melting in the spring time. Very sad Cartoon. :(

Apostles Paul And Peter
Paul, being a Roman was Beheaded
Peter, Being a Judean was Crucified.

Paul had a hooked nose, potbelly, semi bald. Had his eyebrow straight across his head. He was very short.

Not sure what Peter looked like.

How To Stop Sinning
As one gets closer and closer to G-d their sins become more exposed and self forgiveness becomes more and more difficult. They begin also to hate their lives on this world and find it miserable.

It is a sign fo a true Christain.

Look at Elijah, The Apostles, The Prophets, Moses.

Brother Dying Of Cancer
All I know is if it were my brother, I would have been treating him with

20,000units + of D-3
As much Magnesium he could metabolise without it turning into a laxative.
No calcium,
2000mg of Quercetin
1000mg of Tumeric(Cercumin)
Bioflanoids (Naringen)
Milk Thistle
Grape Seeds
Vit E (Gamma Tocopherals)
And read about what ever else is out there.
But thats just me I guess.

Boyfriend Died Last Week
How do you know that God's perfect plan for this person included marriage?

Did He tell you?

I doubt it.
---Cluny on 11/15/10

That cheap shot was even below your own dubious standards.

PLEASE... Let her bury her boyfriend and rest.

Try a more appropiate blog to attack me on.

Secretly In Love With Married Man
The grass alway looks greener on the other side of the fence.

So some jump the fence adding more fertilizer to the green grass until it burns up from overfertization.

Then that person looks back at the fence and realises (she/he) has now burnt grass on both sides of the fence.

Leaving that person with no choice but to leave both devastated gardens and once again left in the cold of the lonely outer darkness.

The result of thought manifested into sin!

How To Share Christ With Jews
//the half knowledgeable Jew will rip apart the "most knowledgeable" christian.//


Did Abraham Tithe Once
YES! To Christ whne he met him after the battle

Harsh Posts On The Blogs
In spite of sll this, we should not say thet all Muslims are terrorists
---alan8566_of_uk on 10/28/10

Alan, who made that claim? I don't see that post.

To God Only Through Christ
Because Joel Olstein is an antichrist!

Substituting the word Mistakes for the word sin. He, like all Pri trib Satanic Dens attract the Psuedo Carnal Bougoise "Me Too" so called Christian. The ones who say the 1 minute "prayer ticket" sinners prayer and go have potlucks. It makes for mega churches. Many will say Lord, but few will actually be Chosen.

Harsh Posts On The Blogs
Not ALL Muslims are terrorists, but ALL terrorists are Muslims!

So as the Liberal media has twisted our minds. Took the 911 footage off our TVs (Big Brother) have we now been so Brainwashed and concluded that the victims of 911 are Muslims?

Holy Spirit Removed From Earth
I believe this question has been based on the Heretical Belief of Pri Trib. Which on several posts, I have blasted enough holes in this heresy that I opened up a Swiss Cheese factory!

Here's another hole...

If the Holy Spirit is gone during the Tribulation (which of course you will avoid) then how are the "Left Behind" getting saved.

You can't repent and get saved without the Holy Ghost to enter you.

And actually if you really study Scripture ..."In the beginning..." and understood the Spirit of G-d. You would realize that if this Spirit every left the Earth or the Universe. All will cease to exist!... ALL! There would no longer be any cohesion. It will be voided.

No Christmas Or Easter
Moderator you are absolutely correct. You are a TRUE Christian! Very refreshing.

Christmas is the Holiest day for the pagans. Honoring the gods of light in whom Constantine added Jesus to the list. They would bring in an evergreen tree and burn a Yule log in an offering to the gods. Hoping they would return after winter.

Easter is the celebration of the goddess Ister. The goddess of the rising sun. You would honor her by going to the top of a mountain and have a sunrise offering.

Christmas and Easter are the two most evil days!!!

Two Dinosaurs In The Bible
I know The Unicorn is a Rhinocerous.

10 Commandments Before Moses

The Sabbath was established during creation. The commandment was to REMEMBER the Sabbath. The reason was because it had been forgotten by man.

Reporter In Jets Locker Room
Are Male reporters allowed in Womans locker rooms. Just curious

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