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Bill Gates Required Microchip
By the way you people talk against conspiracies theories makes me strongly believe that you will receive the 'mark of the beast'.

You people are believing what the news media, CDC, WHO, pharma corporations (Apiject, Moderna), etc. who are silencing whistleblowing doctors for telling the truth about vaccines, and how the lockdowns and masks do more harm than the virus. Dr. Judy Mikovits, UKs Chief Medical officer Chirs Whitty, for example.

Governments throughout the world want to have Bill Gates arrested for crimes to humanity. India, Nigeria, Italy, Germany, for example.

The US government and medical professionals (Dr. Fouci, for one) who will profit from vaccines are denouncing natural cures for the virus.

Coronavirus And Christians
The bible also says not to bear false witness of which you and Kathr do quite a bit of it yourselves.

Coronavirus And Christians
If you ever kept up with conspiracy theories over ninety percent have been proven correct.

Coronavirus And Christians
NaturalNews came out with an article dated May 17, 2020 entitled, "In epic speech, Italian member of Parliament demands arrest of Bill Gates as a vaccine criminal for pursuing crimes against humanity"

Coronavirus And Christians
1. Listen to ALL of Bill Gate's talks since 2017. He talks about pandemics and to get every person in the world vaccinated. A country in Africa and India is suing the Gates Foundation for killing over 200,000 children for mandating polio shots and other vaccines.

2. Not citing any BCV or any of his talks. Be like the Bareans, You will learn more than you think when you search the scriptures yourself or do your own research about Mr. Gates talks.

3. I never bash any politician, but maybe, if ever, a policy or a debate. I have never voted in my life. And that was a good thing since a job I took in the early 1980s.

Coronavirus And Christians
StrongAxe wrote: "...but he has yet to do so."

Many of you wrongly assume way too much. Just because I didn't answer you in a timely manner, you assume I can't. I'm not on these blogs as often as you people are on a daily basis. I do have a real life to lead helping real people with real problems. I don't live in a virtual world as many of you do.

As for you people who are bashing President Trump, you have absolutely no idea what he is working on behind closed doors. You think erasing thirty years of corruption, treason, and infiltration of all departments of government by communists can happen overnight. Aren't christians suppose to pray for out leaders instead of bashing them?

Bill Gates Required Microchip
The medical field do have implants that release a vaccine at certain times. Read about them.

Besides, how does one absolutely know for sure HOW the mark of the beast is to be implemented?

Covid-19 Life Impact
Strongaxe, please read the transcripts yourself of Bill Gates' talks and seminars since 2010. Or just listen to his talks.

Besides, how does one absolutely, positively know for sure HOW the mark of the beast is implemented. It could be the Bill Gates thing or the Bill Gates thing can be the forerunner of such a device.

Many christians will be deceived into taking the mark thinking they will be rapture before the mark of the beast. (the raptures is a false teaching)

Bill Gates Required Microchip
Now, the World Health Organization (WHO) is debating using "immunity passports" or "risk-free certificates" as a way of easing lockdowns.

Covid-19 Life Impact
The World Health Organization (WHO) is currently debating using "immunity passports" or "risk-free certificates" as a way of easing lockdowns.

Bill Gates Required Microchip
Bill Gates sat down with Ellen DeGeneres over the internet last week to discuss the coronavirus pandemic and to tell the world that life will not get back to normal until 7 billion healthy people have taken his soon-to-be-invented vaccine.

Bill Gates Required Microchip
StrongAxe wrote: " conjure up paranoid scenarios..."

So, that does mean end time prophesies are paranoid scenarios?

Covid-19 Life Impact
StrongAxe wrote: "...but you have provided NO EVIDENCE whatsoever that he wants to implant people...."

I have, but you fail to see/read. All of his talks and seminars about pandemics since 2010 have mentioned it. TED Talks for one and his Event 201 seminars in October of 2019. Try reading the transcripts of his talks.

Bill Gates Required Microchip
Would you take an implant if they, who ever "they" are, told you you must take it to get back into society?

Coronavirus And Christians
Would you take an implant if they, who ever "they" are, told you you must take it to carry on into society?

Covid-19 Life Impact
Would you take an implant if they, who ever "they" are, told you you must take it to socialize again?

Bill Gates Required Microchip
Strongaxe wrote: "You have ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE that Bill Gates wants to implant everyone with a chip."

Try listening to or reading his speeches and lectures since 2010.

As for implants and vaccinations being the same, doctors implant devises to release certain vaccines at specified times.

You cannot blame President Trump, he makes all his decisions based upon what his advisors say.

Christians will take the mark of the beast not knowing it's the mark of the beast.

Coronavirus And Christians
kaher, what hatred!

We don't know the truth about HOW the pastor contracted the virus. He could have contracted the virus while grocery shopping or visiting a sick neighbor. Or talking with a person on the street.

Or from a bioterrorist - a person known to have the virus and intentionally infecting people he does not like. Or a hardcore atheist having the virus and walking into a church. Or maybe paying someone with a virus to mingle with a person, or group of people, he does not like. Men's hearts are truly evil.

Covid-19 Life Impact
Kathr, what hatred in your heart.

If you know even a little about President Trump you would know that he bases all his decisions upon what his advisors are feeding him. He surrounds himself with knowledgeable people. If his advisors feed him wrong information, of course his decisions will be wrong.

No one is perfect.

How many times have you listened to someone and your decision came out wrong?

Bill Gates Required Microchip
StrongAxe wrote: "Can you cite any proof he said this?"

Yes, just listen to his talks since 2010 including his talks at TED Talks and his seminar, Event 201. Gill Gates and his foundation wants to make it mandatory to be vaccinated. What better way than to get everyone microchipped as a "digital certificate." Gates also has Dr. Fauci wrapped around his finger.

Many, if not most, people thin he is a good guy, but you may want to read the true story of his success at Microsoft. He stepped on a lot of people to get to where he's at. When the microchip is implemented, and he's trying to bribe (and he's got the money) the politicians and partnership with the pharmaceutical companies, he will make a fortune.

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