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Amish Children Shoot
So what is your point about the Amish kids it sounds like you are saying that the Amish are bringing the Devil into our schools?

Too Many Jokes In Church
God commanded us to enter in his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise! It's to be a time that's enjoyed in God's presence!There is a time to laugh and a time to mourn. Seriousness does have a place in a church service, but it's all about perspective and balance. Maybe that was lost in this case. But, it's not ANYONE'S place to question the leadership of any church. Is anyone qualified to question the man God has put in leadership? Look at the stories of Korah and Jezebel to see the disdain God has for people who challenge his leaders. Instead of criticizing, why not focus on the point behind the sermon and work to apply it to your life?

Too Many Jokes In Church
As far as Jesus telling jokes, he was actually sarcastic at times:

"Unless your righteousness surpasses that of the pharisees...." -Matt 5:20

The story of the tax collector and the pharisee -Luke18:10-14
[Look at Jesus example of the tax collector's prayer, and tell me it's not exaggerated and humorous to the people there? Think about it from their perspective! These are commoners making fun of pious and self-righteous pharisees]

Another thing that's bothered me about the posts here is this: has anyone actually compared the messages of ministers who used humor and those who haven't for content and message? I PROMISE you that if you were to do a scientific study you'd find that the sermon content was similar.

What Is The Pride Of Life
Pride of Life is a form of pride and idolatry where we consider the grace of God an accomplishment of our own. All you have to do is read the verse in context (roughly 1 John 2:15-17 but all vs.7-27 in greater context) to realize what John is talking about here: He's talking about taking the things that God has provided and relying on them more than God Himself. It's removing God from the picture, which is the highest form of pride, and also the same pride that led to Satan's fall. Like the infamous brother Lawrence said, (I paraphrase) all of my successes are God and all of my failures are me. To realize this is to overcome the pride of life

The Thought For The Day
Thanks Donna. I really needed you words. Being a person that as gone thorugh tought times, I needed it. And it is hard to forget this women she works with me and she cooks for me and she really like me as a friend. And I feel that God has brought her to me for this reason, to help her In her life. And to help make everything okay. All I can do is pray!! Psalms 23 if you don't know it I would say go and read it. My favorite psalms!!!!

The Thought For The Day
Why do I have anger problems!! Why is it so hard for me to forget about this girl?? And why can't everybody just love everybody in this world!! Stop the fighting!!

Does God Hate People
Well, first off, the bible pretty clearly states that God is a loving god, and his law, his commandments for all of his children(Us) to obey, is quite simply, love. I am absolutely positive that God has nothing but infinite outgoing love for all of his most precious creations(us). Though, I will say, God definitely doesn't like the fact that most everybody on this planet is now worshipping some other God, that is not Him who created everything. For your conclusion, I would like you to know, if the god you're thinking of "hates", then I think you might be thinking of the wrong God. God is love, period.

Who is Myles Munroe?
Dr Myles Munroe is a minister that is exeptional in preaching kingdom sermons. So long as he is still preaching from the bible, then he is on the right path but the idea that God needs our permission here on earth is too philosophical to be true. Perhaps at that jancture he was only preaching to theologiand who have studied hermeneutics-science of interpreting the the bible. His other sermons have really inspired and blessed many.

Filing For Bankruptcy
How do you live within your means if you don't make enough money?

Filing For Bankruptcy
Have any of you filed for bankruptcy and what was it like? Did it mess up your ability to get new loans?

How To Properly Spank My Kids
When I was little I can remember facing the several corrective spankings I recieved with apprehension but never with terror, I realized then that it was not going to end until I surrendered and then it was done! I do believe however that if a strap was used it would have been terrifying and uncertain for me, I simply would not have understood why my parents who were so big would think that they needed anything other then their hands to punish me? There is also a chance that I could have lost respect for them, I do remember a thin little paddle cutting board being used but this was not until age six!

Tithe To Church Only
The answer is simply NO! There are many reasons for this. But a few of them are:
- You are not obliged to pay tithes in the church age...
-The new testament emphasizes on giving to the poor rather than to the church. No apostle asked for money for a missionary purpose. No commandement on giving to the church. But there are many versus about remembering the poor in the church.Of course people gave to the church during the apostles period and I believe in doing so - other wise no work will be done with out giving money to the church today.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
I feel for anyone who truly was abused as a child, you probably will find though that they were seldom if ever properly spanked! It parents who either won't do it, or who choose to be brutal that cause the problems, a controlled spanking from a non angry non yelling parent over the lap on her bare bottom only till soon after some real tears begin you give the child a chance to promise not to do it anymore and your done! check with your child an hour later and I can almost promise you that she feels better than ever before, all her frustrations now having been relieved! Sound Strange?! It shouldn't, a childs bare bottom is designed to be lovingly spanked!

How To Properly Spank My Kids
Of course it is vital to get it right! I do not favor the use of anything other than the open had to disipline boys so young, one of the reasons for this is it makes it harder to control the severity of the spanking, pants and underwear should come down for little kids, bottoms should be reddened but never ever bruised of course, spanking bare bottom and bare handed ensures a far greater chance of fair disipline, a good spanking without brutality, a child does not apreciate it at the moment and yet he or she finds that they might actually feel better later, can actually think more clearly and are more calm and relaxed!

Can I Divorce For Abandonment
1 Cor 7:15
Yet if the unbelieving one leaves, let him leave, the brother or the sister is not under bondage in such cases, but God has called us to peace.

Please read the whole chapter for context. But yes, if a nonbeliever leaves, then you are free from your commitment

Is Halloween A Christian Holiday
Yet another reason why the Roman Catholic Church is not Christian. It may appear Christian and there are Christian members of it, BUT, It was started by THEM (Rome) and not by Born-Again Christianity. How can a holiday that glorifies Satan, be Christian? Is dressing up as the devil glorifying God?

It is Samhain, look at a pagan wheel. Rome borrowed it for themselves.

Have you ever been to a Halloween party? Enough said already.

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
I feel that no one is perfect except Jesus christ, the virgin mary isnt even perfect. Yes God chose her to carry the savior of the world. That doesnt mean she had to be perfect to carry the savior.

Should I Confess My Affair
I have been in your exact shoes.
I know your feelings of guilt are unbearable. and yes, you do feel like a fraud. But think about this - when Jesus stopped the crowd from stoning the adulterous woman, he forgave her first, and then told her to turn from her sin, 'go and sin no more'...Did you notice? He didn't even call her husband. That was enough for me.

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