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I Enjoy ChristiaNet Blogs
I believe it is more the moderator's personal opinions rather than God directing them. I'm outta here!!!!

I Enjoy ChristiaNet Blogs
One question? Who decides when a question gets posted? I posted one last night that did not get posted. Also, what's with the censoring of posts? Maybe more people would post if the obvious preferential treatment to a few posters was stopped. We constantly see Mima and Trish (for example) have numerous posts while many of us have our posts rejected by Moderators. Frankly, I think some of the Moderators are the posters under other names.

How Has Your Life Changed
My mind is focused on Jesus instead of the person I used to be. I want to do the work of the Lord for HIM instead of doing things for myself. I want to spread HIS gospel so that others can know the joy and happiness JESUS can bring. The world I used to be in offers nothing. JESUS offers everything.

Spank About 15 Times
Cluny...I was having a blond senior moment day. And those can get really bad. Give you children? You gotta be kiddin? But, then I am more alert today! You can't fool me today.

Martial Law Within Three Years
Donna...Are you getting paranoid?

Spank About 15 Times
Cluny...How many children do you have?

Spank About 15 Times
David....Pain gauge? For your hand or your child's behind? Or your child's ego?

Was Jesus Born On Dec 25th
Isn't it a little early for this question? I expected the Halloween question to come up pretty quick, but not this one.

Marrying Non-Christians Advice
Caryn...Are you just asking this question to stir up strife? Would you seriously consider marrying a man who does not believe that Jesus died for him? How can you say that he is wholly supportive of your faith when he does not believe it? What do you think will happen after the children are born when he wants to teach them what he believes (or doesn't believe)? Any little flaw that you see in him now will become HUGE after the wedding. If you think he will not complain about your going to church after the wedding, you are wrong.

Are Ghosts Real
Most of what you see on television is not real.

What Is The Age Of The Earth
I don't know how old the earth is and neither does anyone else. God knows though. Ask Him. He doesn't have to prove it. He made it.

Today's Biggest Sins
"punctuatate"...Now Jack, that is funny!!!!

I'm In A Supressed Marriage
Cluny...My husband would have a problem with that. I was just being funny since I'm pretty sure you've never been married. Is that right Jack?

I'm In A Supressed Marriage
Cluny...How long you been married?

Atheist Temple In Texas
Jen....Pardon me if I sound rude. You have a computer. Use it! This question is like going to the library and asking the librarian to tell you about a book that is sitting on the shelf.

Husband Became A Warlock
"When he hooks himself up with a gang such as the Warlocks, he can encounter demonic activity in the members of that group."
---anon on 8/31/09


Martial Law Declared In USA
What is sad is to see professing Christians becoming paranoid so easily. Where is their faith?

Senator Ted Kennedy Died
"Mother Teresa: Naturally, if they want peace, if they want joy, let them find Jesus. If people become better Hindus, better Moslems, better Buddhists by our acts of love, then there is something else growing there. They come closer and closer to God. When they come closer, they have to choose."

This is an excerpt of one of the last interviews with Mother Teresa conducted by Edward W. Desmond in 1989 for Time magazine.

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