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Why Should We Attend Church
What if the Roman Church did something really bad to people? Should you go to Church still?

What Is A Double Portion
Adam was firstborn. Every firstborn in every tribe gets a double portion

Can Christians Protect Themselves
Look what they did to Jesus. Christians shouldn't kill unless its Gods army during war. Women and children should be exempt

Difficult To Tame Your Tongue
I believe that if you have a rightous argument that you have the divine right to defend yourself offspring and family.

Difficult To Tame Your Tongue
Even Christians get angry and say things they don't mean. Its human nature. To judge somebody for not taming their tongue isn't ethical {esspecially if a person is bi polar mental or demonized} The Bible states be angry but do not sin.

Are Bible Genealogies Good
Heck no. Adam was a coward. Cain a murderer. Jacob was fraudulent. Moses killed an Egyptian....Not good.

Is Grace Freedom To Sin
Doesn't God own all things in heaven and on earth? If you pray to God and believe you receive don't you get it?

Why Solomon's Many Wives
How could Soloman have so many wives and not considered to be an adulterer?

Book Of Enoch Not In Bible
I believe that it does contain vital information on salvation. That vital information is knowing the characteristics of fallen angels and their mission on earth.

What Is The Curse Of Ham
Even though the tribe of Ham has it faults we should not use our curses for fame and prosperity. Anotherwords, to use sodomy on a fellow brother or sister of Christ in order to gain their portion or inheritance is wicked works. That the point I am trying to make. However, we love them just the same regardless of their ways.

Meaning Of No Other Gods
What if another person forced strange gods upon you?

Why No Biological Father
Joseph was from the line of Judah in Luke and Matthew. Why would Judah try to devour Luke's lineage?

Divorced Due To Adultery
How come Soloman had 600 wives and it wasn't viewed as adultry?

Is Slavery Bibilical
Yes the first recorded history in the Bible was when the Israelites were held in bondage in Egypt? Slavery has always been here due to curses handed down by God to different tribes for transgressions. That has created racial divides.

What Is The Curse Of Ham
If there isnn't a curse on Canaan how come their country is without food and water (or at least thats what I have seen on Feed the Children) and people take over their diamond mines? Isn't it because they devour stars? When a star falls from heaven by another ethnic it usually leaves devastation upon the earth and the people that caused it usually suffer the most. Droughts, faminine, etc...

Is God Male Or Female
Woman's name means life. God is the GOD of the living.

Church Postion On Salvation
Believe on the Roman Catholic Church? The pedophiles or the inventors of evil things? I believe in God and Jesus and that God raised Him from the dead. I personally don't understand why they have a church to begin with. The Bible state they are God-haters and certain men crept in unaware...

Is God Male Or Female
Men have married many women and stole their lives and dumped them into the steet homeless, destitute and penniless. They have left them demomized and some have even tried to kill their wives for monetary gain.

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