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Is Levitation Demonic
When I was a child I once woke up levitating - just high enough that I wasn't able to pull myself back down. It was extremely scary. It's meant that I haven't doubted my faith ever, even when, shamefully, I've have moments I've not wanted to be a Christian - so it shouldn't be assumed to be satanic, although in my experience the event should be feared! I had a little reminder in my early twenties when my bed gently shook (the shaking woke me up and I remained sat up and awake for the rest of the experience) and once again a couple of weeks ago. These experiences are actually quite hard to deal with mentally so I wouldn't try to make it happen. For me, I need to understand whether it's to cement faith, or whether there is a deeper reason.

Can You Heal Yourself
We can not heal our selves. It is only God who heals. We are healed by our faith in His abilities. There are no scriptures for laying hands on ourselves. James says to call for the elders. You call. Use your faith. Laying on of hands of yourself is boarderline New Age Movement.

Are Christmas Trees Evil
Rhonda, where do you get all these odd interpretations of scripture from?

The last one, could you explain it to me in logical terms, from the beginning?

The Truth Will Set You Free
I believe in heaven and i think there are guardian angels but when Joyce Meyer gets paid enough to get botox done that is neither heavenly or "extreme obedience".

Is Satan The Ruler Of Earth
Most Christians are not reading the Bible and they don't realize that Jesus changed things at the cross.

Is Eating Meat On Friday Evil
Fasting is absolutely Biblical.
Acts 13: 3 -Then, completing their fasting and prayer, they laid hands on them and sent them off.

2 Cor 6:4-5 in everything we commend ourselves as ministers of God, through much endurance, in afflictions, hardships, constraints, beatings, imprisonments, riots, labors, vigils, fasts.

I seem to remember Christ talking quite abit about prayer, almsgiving and fasting in Mathew 6: 1-6,16-18

Mary Ghost Stories
If you are referring to apparitions such as those at Lourdes or Fatima, those are not "ghost stories".
Secondly, the saints, including Mary, are not dead. If they are in Heaven beholding the Beautific vision, they are more alive than you or I are.
People in Heaven are not somehow cut off from the body of Christ,unable to express their love for other members of the body of Christ.

My Marriage Is Failing
As to the individual stating that God would ordain divorce, that is so far from the truth it is nearly herecy. The God of the Bible expects marriage to be held as a holy unbreakable bond between man and wife, the Bible is so clear on this, BUT , there are many situations where seperation is an exceptable TEMPORARY solution, seek pastoral marital counciling, but never ever divorce, the Bible does say when a spouse has committed adultery that you may give her a certificate of divorce and send her away, BUT our Lord Jesus said "Moses HAD to give you such a law because of your hardness of hearts"

Did Mary Have More Kids
Did Mary have other children? Unequivocally no. From the cross, Jesus gave the care of his mother to John which would have been extremely disrespectful to his brothers if he had any---- which he didn't.

Morris Cerullo's Ministry
Morris Cerullo is nothing more than a fraud and should be ashamed of himself,especially exploiting people for money for his so called "faith anointing" by putting FA on envelopes with one's offerings inside.
MC will get his just rewards at the pearly gates.

Should Christians Watch TV
when David watched the world it made streams of tears flow from his eyes for Gods Law is not obeyed.Psalm 119:136
when Lot seen and heard the ways of the world it tormented his soul.1 Peter2:8
when Paul seen the idols in Athens he was greatly distressed at the idolatry of the city. Acts 17:16
scriptures tell us not to love the world and give us great warnings if we do. 1 John 2:15, James 4:4.
when we watch the ways of the world in TV we clarly should be sorrowful, tormented and greatly distressed as sin is glorified,Gods Glory is ignored and they don't have life shouldn't this distress us.
The question is do we watch secular TV for the Purpose for entertainment. does that which should bring us to tear bring us laughter.

I Want My Joy Back
I pray that you get your joy back. In the meantime, try to find people that are often not given kindness and respect in society (maybe the have mental or emotional problems, maybe they are ugly or overweight). Try being kind to them. Doing things for others, if you are able, is the road to having peace and joy.

May the grace of Jesus be with you,

Can Christians Drink A Beer
This is a subject that I struggled with for years as a Christian. But things have changed and because of what the Lord spoke to me, I haven't touched alcohol in over 7 years. Do I think Christians should drink alcohol? No, drinking has brought so much devastation to so many people (dui accidents, addiction, abuse, etc) how can we as Christians support it in any way?! Read the scriptures that talk about beer and/or wine. They are all mostly WARNINGS. Why play with fire?

Can God Heal A Diabetic
I am a diabetic with a devout faith in God. I believe he can heal anyone and any disease.

I'm a type 1 diabetic. I know that many forms of type 2 can go away, but type one is permanent. I believe God can heal me, though. I believe he will, too.

I expect it to go away. This might sound like an insane claim, but I have faith it will.

Jesus Born On December 25th
I don't believe that he was born in December at all. I think the Bible can pretty much say that for us. Nights in that part of the world are WAY too cold for Shepherds to be out tending to sheep, it'd have to be a warmer month.

I believe that Jesus was born in around August. I believe this, Christmastime, is when the Holy Spirit came unto Mary, and Jesus was conceived. Then, as you see from there, it'd be about nine months, and it'd be August, warm enough for the Shepherds, and the brightest time for stars in that part of the world. :)

Marrying A Non-Believer
I was a non-believer until i met my beautiful girlfriend. We came to the crossroads and i told her that i couldn't gaurantee that i would become a believer but would find out more about it. Sometime later after going to church more regularly, studying up on it, and attending hillsong i started believing and was saved. I know this doesn't always work and i guess not everyone is as open-minded as i was, however don't be afraid to tell the non believer how it is and stay strong in what you believe. Thanks to my girlfriend's persistance i know God. Also, the senior pastor and youth pastor of my church found God this way also, so if we don't persist with someone we could possibly be neglecting a great opportunity for God to use us as an influencer!

Will God Forgive A Divorce
I have a question? Who on here has asked about the woman? My ex-wife divorced me because she said I was abusive verbally. Yea, a whole marriage down the drain because she says I was verbally abusive. Well, you may say, "Good for her." Well, I'm here to tell you that she did things that were dispicable and I never left her. I stuck it through because love is not binding to how I feel. It is either eternal or not. My father beat me when I was a kid. Guess what? He's still my father and I have loved him my whole life. He is a new man now and we have a great relationship.

Christian Magic For Kids
To all who believe magical illusions are a sin.I'm sorry your wrong.When the bible refers to magic it is referencing sorcery or the dealings with the supernatural,those practices are indeed wrong and a sin.The true definition of magic is slight of hand.I am a Christian Magician and do use props and illusions to spread the word of god. What i do is no different than what any other teacher would do using object lessons in context with a spiritual lesson. The whole reason I started my missions is in fact to denounce the evil crafts and society acceptance of these evil practices,glorified by todays childrens movies.

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