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Ever Made Fun Of Someone
I've been hard of hearing all of my life and people make fun of me ... huh? Huh? Does it bother me? No. I work near a couple of homeless shelters. I love these people! I've been homeless so I understand. You have no idea what happens in a person's life to have him lose it all.

Obama Is Bankrupting America
I think Obama will have America bankrupted before the 2010 Congressional elections! Stab us as hard as he can before it too late! One-world government, next one-world currency, one-world religion ... the beast is near!

Where Is The Ark Of The Covenant
I recently read an article that says the ark is in Ethiopia inside a guarded area. In The Revelation, John sees the ark in heaven with God, Rev. 11:19

Is Prince Charles The AntiChrist
Charles has no charisma! I think the beast is somewhere working on this peace plan hoped to be finished before Bush's term is over. Who's involved with the treaty?

Enjoy My Riddle #2
It isn't Lucifer. He was an angel and angels don't have souls. I'm thinking, Mike!

Have You Seen A Miracle
My hearing! Ear doctor said there was no medical explanation for me being able to hear. He said it is miraculous!

Is All Pride Bad
Remember pride comes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.

Is Javier Solana The Anti-Christ
I've been watching Solana for a while. Am glad others are taking notice of this powerful man ... too powerful for one person!

Obama The Next President
I have a problem with anyone who finds shame in their name. Barack Hussein Obama. Instead of being so politically correct why doesn't he just address the issue of his middle name. I can NOT vote for this person. No experience anywhere in anything ... don't trust him at all ... nor do I trust Hillary.

Are We To Feed Our Enemy
There were German POW camps around Jackson, Miss. during WWII. Many of these men have returned because of the good treatment they received. Some didn't even know the horrors of Nazi Germany until seeing newsreels during movies they were shown. Kindness they received goes on today.

Interpret Revelation 13:17
Literal ... they're running commercials on TV with people sliding that lil plastic card and the line flowing smoothly ... then someone with cash or a check walks up ... commercial makes it look like a real no no. Message I get is that my money is no longer any good ... gotta have plastic. No thanks!

New Amero Currency
Former Pres. Fox of Mexico confirmed on Larry King the coming of the amero. Sorry, folks, but it's coming.

What Is The Unpardonable Sin
You blasphem the Holy Spirit and you blasphem God ... as refusing the gift of the Holy Spirit. I want to be so full of the Spirit that I feel like I'm going to pop. I wouldn't give up this gift for anything or anyone!

New Amero Currency
A pop-evangelical? What the ...?
You can google amero and find it. 12 states have already introduced anti-North American Union resolutions to their legistatures.

Rapture In 2007
Many religions, Mayan calendar are talking about something really BIG happening in 2012. I'll just be patient and wait. As long as I know Jesus is coming to get us, I'm fine.

Can Christians Lie
How about telling the person, "Don't ask." I guess this is something we're all guilty of ... I usually answer with I'm allright or tired, pretty good.

Why Pray For The Sick
A couple of months ago my anorexic 13-year-old nephew was healed! That's why we pray for the sick. Ever hear of anorexia just going away? Didn't think so ... Praise God! Always pray!

Are There Two Archangels
Tobit is in the Catholic Bible. So are the rest of the archangels only mentioned in the Catholic Bible? From King James, I remember only Lucifer, Michael and Gabriel. Am I wrong?

I Cheated On My Wife
I'll be honest. I've been on the giving end and receiving end. Neither is fun. Was glad I caught 2nd husband! Sorry it was my best friend. lol ... If you want her back, tell her. Show her. Pray and talk to Christian counselor. Ask God's forgiveness first. It may not work out. We have to suffer the consequences of our "messes". I hope things work out for you.

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