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I Need To Read The Bible
Go to a Bible Book Store or some other Christian Book Store near you. They will help you find the right grade level book for you. There are also audio tapes of the Bible you can listen to, and I'm sure they also come in grade levels. God Bless You!

How Did Jesus Want Us To Pray
Jesus said to pray 'like this'. I believe it was intended as a guideline and not to be recited back word for word like a chant. When we pray we must make our prayers personally individual and say them with meaning.

Explain This Scripture To Me
The sin that leads to death is denying Christ, for if you do not accept Him as savior and repent, your soul remains in sin - and sin cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

I Don't Think God Is Real
I will counter your 'bet' with...

Have you atheists ever wondered if God IS real?

Just what if YOUR way of thinking was wrong?!

I know that living as a Christian, if God turned out to be a falsehood, well I wouldn't be worried about dying because I knew I had lived a moral life. But now if I was an atheist, and went around sinning all of the time (stuff that I'm sure you mean as 'fun'), and then discovered when I died that WOW, GOD IS REAL... well I'd be doomed!

Dolphin And Shark Dream
If you didn't feel scared or threatened by the shark, it could mean that you have three things you need to conquer in your life or that there are three things going on in your life that you feel like you are having a feeling of being dominated by... and that you (the shark) need to take over control of the these three things.

I Am Having Visions
I think he meant WANT to hear them? I think it's just a typo.

Can You Lose Your Salvation
HEB6:6, And then they abandoned their faith! It is IMPOSSIBLE to bring them back to repent again, because they are again crucifying the Son of God and exposing him to public shame.

HEB10:26, For there is no longer any sacrifice that will take away sins if we purposely go on sinning after the truth has been made known to us.

My Son Has Some Tough Issues
Billy and karyn I totally understand. But I took a further step which I felt totally guilty about for a very long time, but I had to be the one to turn my son in for the stealing/pawning items. This had been a repeated issue. He didn't even think it was a big deal spending 6 days in jail for not paying restitution! He was headed for a life of crime, going to crash and burn, and he could have been sent to an early grave because of it. Now he has turned his life around and it is a decent one.

Catholics Allowed To Read Bible
I grew up in RC church. Bible reading was not stressed. Mostly it was the Priest who was supposed to lead them in knowing what was said in the Bible. In fact I think it was right up to the 50's-60's that it was still being read in Latin in many RC churches. Seemed a 'control' issue. And they truly believe that saying a certain number of Hail Marys or Our Fathers will void their sins! Like mindless cattle being led to the slaughter by reciting prayers over and over again. Part of why I left the RC church.

How To Find Someone To Marry
Probably the better question is "where do I NOT look to find someone to marry?" And the answer I would give is NOT a nightclub, bar, other seedy meeting place, NOR singles groups on the internet that are NOT Christian sites. (Hey, it's even hard to find someone who's a true Christian at a Christian site!)

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