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Televangelists High Salaries
As long as you have people willing to give to ministries that doesn't use the money for the gospel , you will have greedy people willing to take it . It all comes from the main stream people claiming to be Christians not reading the Bible for themselves , so they don't when they're being lead astray .

I Have A Miserable Marriage
I am younger than you but, I too have been in your place. I have been with my husband for 15 years(married for ten). I am sorry I don't think it gets easier with time, I believe you just learn to handle issues better. I personally found that part of my misery was 'me'. The problem was I was not exactly happy with me. Therefore that was spilling over into my marriage. I am not saying that there weren't issues there but, the fact that I was not happy with myself just made our issues much larger. I think we can all agree that it's easier to blame than to take responsibility for. I agree with another posting that as long as this isn't an abuse issue I think you should try to stick it out and do some soul searching before you make any rash decisions.

Is Preteen Dating Appropriate
No, they are not old enough at this age to understand what there bodies are going through.It's hard enough as a parent to deal with the mood swings at times, then to add dating to it. No way. Having friends at school is one thing but, with our daughter we do not allow phones calls from boys. This encourages the boyfriend/girlfriend 'thing'. We have had to go as far as not allowing her to hang out with her girlfriends who parent's allow too much leeway on this issue. Kid's see dating as holding hands, kissing, etc. They are too young at this age.

Is Filing Bankruptcy A Sin
I think as long as a person truly tries to resolve their financial situation and pay their debts that if it is not possible to pay back and they are sliding deeper and deeper into debt than perhaps it is okay to file bankruptsy

My Son Has Some Tough Issues
I am going through the same thing My 18 year old, has been out of rehab for a year. He went right back into his same rutine. He is now staying at the Salvation Army and will be going through Hud who will help him get a place to live and a job. I have been worried sick, but I still turned him away twice. I love him with all my heart, That is why I must let him stand on his own two feet, not mine. Yes, I feel guilty, but I know that tough love is the right thing for me to do.
Had enough MOM

My Life Is Going Backwards
Dear Backwards,
I pray the Lord will help you to look to Him for the answer. I just finished reading a small book called PRISON TO PRAISE by
Merlin R. Carothers. I recommend it. As being selfish the best thing you can do for that is start giving of yourself...look for others that you can make happy and don't worry about what others think. Step Out and make someone happy!
The Lord has the answers and solution! Ask Him!

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