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My Son Has Some Tough Issues
Did you try having go to rehab? See his pastor? Find out why he is taking drugs? Even if he is 18, he is still your son and his welfare is still u r responsibility. To just let him go, won't solve the problem.

Legally Make My Son Leave
if the law in your state gives the legal age to leave home, yes you can. He is working and is not dependant on you, yes you can.

Divorce Grounds Or Payback Time
It would be so easy to say so but it isn't. Two wrongs don't make a right. Best is to find out why because you cheated to for a reason.

I Feel Guilty From An Abortion
THOU SHALL NOT KILL. Four powerful words. Rape is no excuse to kill a life. 1 can give it into adoption. It's not the child's fault,it is still God's child. It's done,ask forgiveness as at the time u were not in a state to make a good decision. Jesus will forgive you.

Mention Affair I Would Lose Wife
You cannot say you are with the Lord and say he has forgiven you if you have not confessed to your spouse.
Because God will forgive you..only if your spouse forgives you..because you wronged her..first of all and only with her forgiveness can you stand clean before God

Force Our Son To Tithe From Job
I would not "force" him to tithe. I would show him the "importance" to tithe and why he should.
It would teach him to be generous. It is understandable at a certain age we want to keep all to ourselves and as parents we are there to teach them that it is right to give to others as God will give us back even more.
To tithe is to give back to God what we are receiving.

Parents Marrying Me Off
Arranged marriages are in the Bible. It was cultural to marry off the eldest daughter first.
Arranged marriages were also done for political reasons etc.
Being converted Christians, your parents are not supposed to marry you off. You are way too young and you can refuse.
Go to see your pastor and tell him that you don't want to get married and to help you.

Women Contacting My Husband
I am curious to know, since you are married and probably moved into a new home and new phone..yes?
If this is come they have his number and his e-mail?

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