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Kathr: You go girl.

Desperation To Marry
I believe they care what God thinks, BUT,love is blind. I believe some people deny that their relationship is wrong, and that there would be problems as a result of the unequally yoked issue. Denial is a huge factor in a lot of sin. Satan lies to believers and gets us to take our eyes off the prize.

Overwhelmed As A Christian
I have had those moments, fewer lately, thank the Lord. They are attacks of the devil. The best way to deal with attacks from Satan is to do what Jesus did, quote scripture. Tell Satan that you are forgiven based on 1 John 1:9. Remind him that none are righteus, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ. The more you study the Word, the easier it will be, and these attacks will lessen.

Santa Got Them Toys Lie
Of course it is a sin to lie to your children, and why would you? When my children were little, I told them the presents were from their parents because we loved them as God loves them. We let them play with Santa Claus, like you would let kids play with Mickey Mouse or Big Bird characters at amusement parks. But, we never told them he visited our house.

Do You Party As A Christian
I am always hosting parties at my house. Picnics, parties, holidays, birthdays, any excuse to have a party. No alcohol, no smoking, just food, fun and fellowship.

Would You Marry Again
I would remarry my ex if the opportunity presented itself. Unfortunately, that is not possible since he is remarried now. I know all of his faults and foibles. I knew them when we were together. I also saw the man Christ sees, and loved that man.

Remarry If Left First Spouse
1 Corinthians says that if a believer leaves his spouse he should reconcile. (Paraphrasing) The only way a divorced person should remarry is if there was adultery on the part of the other spouse, or if the other spouse remarries.

What Is Your Goal In Life
To serve the Lord full time with my gifts and training.

What Would You Ask God
I would ask him why he took my father at the age of 52, and my baby brother at the age of 40. I miss them both terribly lately.

Can I Get An Annulment
I don't know about annulment, but I doubt you would find Biblical grounds for divorce in that information.

Not Allowed To Make Decisions
Your husband and you need to seek marital therapy with a Christian counselor. He sounds like a control freak.

Read Other Than King James
You will not convince a KJV Only person of that. I personally do not read KJV. I prefer a modern translation. I believe that the Holy Spirit can work through any good translation, and that the archaic language in the KJV can be a stumbling block to many.

Thanksgiving In USA
My family, especially my kids.
My health and weight loss.
My friends locally, and around the world.
God's unfailing love and forgiveness.
My home and my cats.

Favorite Christmas Carol
Gloria in excelsis deo.

Main Priority Of A Church
I think that B would be my answer. It is to build up the body and teach us how to reach out to the lost and witness and bring souls into the kingdom.

My Dad Had An Affair
Butt out. It is between him, your mother, and God right now. You obviously are an adult, and need to pray for your parents, but not meddle.

Wasting Money On Poor
Just keep praying for him. Call on sisters in the Lord to pray for him. Be a loving witness of a wife sold out for Christ. Get involved in a Women's Bible study and start reflecting the Word to your husband in your manner and life.

Wrong To Live Life Alone
No, it is not wrong to live alone. Paul says it is good to remain unmarried, that way life can be devoted to the service of the Lord.

Favorite Diet Tip
Eliminate sugar from your diet.

How Did You Get Saved
Someone explained the plan of salvation and I prayed for forgiveness and salvation. I did not feel differently. I do not base my faith, or walk with Christ on my feelings, as they are not a good gauge by which I live.

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