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Atheist Temple In Texas
No it's the church secretaries desk where "Nothing sacred?" Everyone helps them selves to all of her pencils, paper, glue and all the other supplies she my have for various craft projects for Sunday School and Vacation Bible School classes instead of bringing their own.

Days In The Creation
Part 1 of 2 Let's look at some of the various creation accounts found in scripture Genesis 1:1 - 2:4a, a six day creation followed by a day of rest. Geneses 2:4b-2:25 a single day account of creation. differing greatly from the six day creation. Exodus 20:11 referring to a six day creation, Exodus 31:17 referring to a six day creation. Job 38 :4-7, creation taking place on a single morning. Psalm 19:4-6 God placed the Tabernacle (tent) in the heaven for the sun. An earth centered system no time period specified.

Days In The Creation
Part 2 of 2 Psalms 104:2-3 God stretches out the heavens like a curtain and laid the beams of his chambers in the waters. Psalms 104:5, God laid the earth firmly on its foundation so it could not be moved, a flat earth and earth centered universe no time duration provided. Proverbs 8:22-32 God first created Wisdom at the beginning of his work , Wisdom vied the creation process no time period specified. And John 1:1-5 In the begging was the word and the word became light referring to Christ no time period specified

There are multiple creation accounts in scripture most differ with each other but God is the central figure in each of these accounts and that is really all that matters.

Is Lap Band Surgery Biblical
Obesity and medical problems resulting from it are non-Biblical issues. The technology did not exist at the time of the Authors of the books found in our modern Bible. Life was hard in Biblical time most people were were just trying to get by and make a living to feed family members. There were physically active and simply did not have enough food to become obese so it was never an issue and the treatment of it would not be a non-issue is well. Gluttony was a disease exclusively for the rich and powerful. The modern concept of disease or hereditary conditions did not exist melodies were attributed to sin and evil spirits. If you understand the Culture, history and economics of the times most of these types of questions answer them selves.

Days In The Creation
The two creation accounts found in Genesis are simply tribal stories to teach principles to the younger tribal members. The single day account starting a Genius 2:4b is older and has a different Hebrew vocabulary and writing style then the the more poetic six day account of creation. YHWH created the entire universe but not by any account found in scripture. How long a day was makes no difference it is just a story. Don't try to read more into it the the stories then the authors intended to present. There are a lot of creation stories in the Bible [in Psalms, Job & John's Gospel] they are all different but the common thread is they were all caused by God. This whole discourse is a wast of time, God has more important thing for you to do.

How To Read The Bible
If you are totally new to the Bible start with the Book of John in a modern translation in a simple English. Especially if you do not read well or English is a second language to you. Use a good quality study guide or commentary on the Book of John to help you with questions. Barkley's Two Volume study guide from the Daily Bible Study series is about the best you will find it is wordy but you will get the best explanations of the text.

I do not recommend the KJV or any derivative it as there is excessive textual corruption [2948 verses wrong] in just the New Testament. Use a Bible based on a Nestle-Aland Greek translation of the New Testament.

Immortality Of The Soul
You are making the common linguistic mistake of using the term Soul when you should use word Spirit.

Soul [H 1513] is from the Hebrew word neh-fesh, which simply means any living creature that can breath and is capable of locomotion. You don't have a soul, you ARE a soul, so is any animal. It is your physical body when it dies you and your soul are dead. It will eventually decompose to nothing. Your spirit survives you after death. After the resurrection of the dead when you get a new resurrection body you become a soul again because you are breathing and capable of locomotion The Soul is not immortal it is definitely finite it exist only when you are live.

Continue To Spank My Teenager
Depending what state you are in corporal punishment of any one under 18 may be considered child abuse. Even if done in the home. The Adult can be charged with criminal assault on a minor the children can be removed from the family some times for years.

There are only 21 states that still allow corporal punishment in the classroom [and a parent can still do it spank as well]. Any where else it may be dangerous for the Adult

There is a group called THE GLOBAL INITIATIVE TO END ALL CORPORAL PUNISHMENT OF CHILDREN they are the primary force leading the change statutes on a world wide basis Including initiatives to change the text of the Bible. If this bothers you, check them Out!!!

Are Tax Exemptions Biblical
I want to address IRS exempts income to registered non-profit corporations including religious bodies registered under the code. But there are limitations put on the institution, they are prohibited from engaging in political activity to include statements made from the pulpit in favor of individuals or positions on issues. It is currently possible for a local church to jeopardize the tax statues for an entire denomination by actions taken by a local church. A religious body that loses it tax IRS exemption and contributions made to it by individuals are no longer deductible on their income tax returns. There has been federal legislation introduced to exempt statement made from the pulput but it has not gotten out of committee even to get a vote.

Did Jesus Break The Ten
According to the members of the Sanhedrin yes, as it was one of the things that got Christ and is disciples in trouble.

Christ was healing people on the Sabbath and Sanhedrin considered it an act of WORK and when his disciples picking grain to eat on the Sabbath that was consider Sabbath breaking.

But Christ said the Sabbath was made for man not Man for the Sabbath.

The Sanhedrin considered that the Sabbath was created special for Jew only not both Jews and Gentiles.

Our Belief In Hell
The problem we have is linguistic, multiple words from Hebrew and Greek are all bundled into one English term Hell. So until you are specifying a specific definition you are not going to get too far. Definitions range from the dwelling place of the dead, the dwelling place of Satin and fallen angles only, a place of eternal punishment, a burning garbage dump outside Jerusalem, lake of fire etc. The one thing they have in common is separation from God. The reader needs to be able to determine which verses are metaphorical usages and which are actual references. Most of the competent theological interpolation see eternal punishment as metaphorical usage. The single point in common of our definitions of hell is separation from God.

Can Women Remarry
Carta3939, my answer only addresses the culture in Palestine at the time of Christ. Jewish women were treated as property and that is why you will never see any scripture relating to rights of women at that time in history and that was my only point of the blog response. You really need to read other things besides the Bible to understand the Bible. You need to learn what is going on at any location and time referred to in the Bible. You need to read the works of contemporary commentators of the period, history, what is going on in the area, what is the culture like of the various people in the local, what is the geography like, as well as, a good understanding of Biblical languages, then you might actually understand what you are reading.

Can Women Remarry
It has every thing to do with the status of women in the ancient world. Women were property, first of their fathers and then their husbands. If she was a widow and did not remarry she was her own person but still did not have many legal rights, the story of Ruth and Naomi is a good example.

At the time of Christ a husband could divorce a wife for any reason but a woman could never ever divorce a husband because she was just property and that continued for many centuries after Christ was born.

Modern civil law gave women rights and at is civil law that says if she can remarry or not.

Is It Sinful to Watch Cartoons
Then you could try to make a case for not watching TV or Motion Pictures as their representations are not physical. This can get foolish very fast.

Go ahead and enjoy the Pink Panther, I think there are more problems with some of the human representations in Cartoons then most of the animals.

Space Travellers Be Raptured
1. First of all there is no such thing as Rapture. Pre Tribulation and Mid Tribulation events are both false teaching and a Post Tribulation event has never been called Rapture.

2. The likely hood if space travel during or immediately following a period of Tribulation ridiculous so the whole question is illconcieved and devoid of theological meaning.

3. The book of Revelation a pseudepigraphic text that was never written by the Apostle John. John could write in good Greek grammar. The Greek text of Revelation has poor grammar. The Greek vocabulary of Revelation and writing style are inconstant with the Gospile of John. Even Martin Luther questioned the validity of Revelation.

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