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Madonna Mocking Christ
Just ignore those people. Christ is much capable of taking care of Himself.

Refuse Them At The Border
Would Jesus turn anyone away????

Should We Dance In Church
You didnt specify what kind of dancing....

What Is A One World Government
I can not describe the UN as a resemblance of a world government. Its far from it. But it may be transformed into one. Though when u look at current trends a world government would most likely rise out of Europe as we see signs of the US getting weaker.

Are Cancers Caused By Demons
It can be either.

Unconditional Support For Israel
I always pray for and support Israel. I disapprove when innocent civilians are killed.My suport for Israel is unconditional in a sense because I know Gods position on Israel

Church Promoting Da Vinci Code
Look at this.Da vinci code is fiction.the author has clearly said that.Now why do I need time to study this "fiction" so that i understand the issues better?which issues?sounds so daft to me!!

Any End To War In Iraq
Rebecca D, US in war with Israel???

Statues Of Saints In My Home
What do u gain from spending time with those dead saints if i may ask.U cud use that valuable time praying to God in the name of the risen and reigning Christ.

Where Did Jesus Live
Yes Jesus did have a place where He lived. Luke 9 v 58 which is mostly quoted to mean he had nowhere to live is clearly taken out of context.I would urge to read from verse 51 to understand the context. Jesus was not welcome in this Samaritan village hence his remark in v 58.In addition read John 1 v 35-39 where John and two others followed Him to where He stayed.

He Wishes For Hot Or Cold
Well put Moderator.

Rick Warren On TV
The q is what did he say? appearing on fox per se should not be an issue.

My Husband Is Aging
My sympathies with you.You must be going through a difficult period. I trust this is where you have to show your love for him.In his situation he is bound to feel rejected and forgotten and maybe act insensitive.Its the pain of suddenly finding himself in that situation.Be there for him as much as you can, love him and love will guide you through.Above all cling to God.With Him alone you will get through.God mercies.

How Much To Give My Church
Tithing is not part of the Law. It began well before the law. Jesus actually told the Pharisee that they did well to tithe, Luke 11 v 42.My view is that ten percent is actually the minimum. It is true Paul talks of a cheerful giver. I dont think this a warrant for us to give miserably, while claiming to be cheerful.If God means this little to you, 10 percent should be your yardstick.To me its much more than that.

Marry For Citizenship

How Often Do You Exercise
i just joined a gym two weeks ago. i try to excercise every far so great-.....

I Curse Because Everyone Does
God loves you. He did before the foundation of the earth and still does. Be careful who you hang out with and what you feed your soul.It ll need discippline on your part.

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