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I Am Mad At God


the real truth is GOD Loves you. yes it is a sin to be angry a GOD and blame Him for all your problems but you need to forgive youself you lived and your wife didnot that IS NOT your fault but do not blame God let him grieve with you,Talk to HIM.

What Is Election Of Grace
After reading these assaults on each other using the Word of GOD I wonder if any of really Care for the other


Does this conversation about election gloriy Christ,or is is about who can one up the other to prove a point?

Question 2

Have you responded in the Love the Christ or in the pride of your flesh?

I am praying for peace.


God's Wrath Held Back
Thank you for your honest answer.

Election is a hard sell because most people don't want to read writings of the reformers and compare them to God word in context.
it is easier to listen to a pastor tell you about the word and what it means. Many Christians have a pick and choose version of Gods word (they pick out what they want and choose to remove what they dont want) I am not saying you do this.
I know you love Mark V. if you didnt you wouldnt try to show him his error
And I applaud you for that love.

God's Wrath Held Back

the question was for Miche.
but thank you for your answer.


God's Wrath Held Back
Mark V

Take comfort in Matthew 5:11-12


Christ is glorified daily in spirit and in truth! Scripture says for us to encourage each other and that is what I am doing for Mark V.

I have one question

Is Salvation the work of God for Man or the Work of man for GOD?

Why Do Christians Divorce
Becauseit is easier to walk out than work it out.
we live in a microwave culture if you can't get what you want now, throw it away.

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