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Had Two Abortions
Ask God for Forgiveness. Cry for your unborn children. Tell God to tell them that you are sorry for what you did, and how much you love them and regret what you did.

Is Birth Control Wrong
I don't necessarily think that it is wrong, but I wouldn't want to mess with my hormone levels like that.

Why not use protection instead?

We Must Keep Commandments
Somewhat. God is allowed to be jealous, but we aren't.

Love Of Money Root Of Evil
You have some verses in Proverbs or another place, in the Bible that say "Do not try to be rich. Lean not on your own wisdom."

Wife To Correct Pastor
This reminds me of the time that one pastor said that God or the Holy Spirit can be deceitful. Right!

I remember reading a scripture about taking someone to the side, and quietly correcting them.

Oil Spill God's Judgement
I doubt it. We weren't prepared if something did go wrong, just like how we used to not test our bridges.

I think this just reveals that a lot of Americans or half of them are lazy. Too lazy to be prepared.

Divorce Prison Husband
Nobody can make this decision for you, except you, Melissa.

Husband Comes Back Abortion
I think that he's dumb and that he thinks you're dumb. Prove him wrong.

Don't Live Together Anymore
Get marriage counseling. If he refuses to go, let him go.

Just because you didn't catch him cheating doesn't mean that he hasn't.

Oil Spill Due To Obama
Instead of focusing your thoughts on hating someone, why don't you focus them on Jesus?

Husband Has Control Issues
There is a verse somewhere in the Bible where it says that they are both the head, but people don't take that verse into account, and someone will probably ask me to find the verse and "prove" it, but usually when I do that people stop talking and don't respond to the scripture.

Did he act this way before you were married? This is why I was always suspicious of dating/marrying a Christian man. Regardless of how he treats you, I would never want a man telling me that he is my "leader," unless his name is Jesus.

Oil Spill In The Gulf The End
I think that the politicians and world leaders do not care about us. I think that we are heading for some rough times. They say that the recession is have some nervous spanish woman on tv saying the recession is improving or over.

They say they are looking at solutions or trying to solve the oil spill.

Like the recession, I doubt it will be solved. They want to try a risky solution, but this is real life, not a movie.

Bosses Adultery Irks Me
Tell his wife and show her the receipts.

Can Adulterous Man Change
Sure. But the question is really will you ever be able to trust him again?

How Long Should You Date
Don't give up hope. Maybe wait a few more years, eight years tops.

Struggling With Sin
I think Cluny is onto something in one of his earlier posts. Being a Christian doesn't magically make you sinless. Some people act like it does, but no, this is not the case. Jesus freed me from such a problem some time after I was saved, but not automatically.

The problem is taking the problem back. We give our problems to God to solve, but then we take them back. Leave the problem with God. Pray when you are tempted. Memorize at least one Bible verse every week so you can use it against the temptation. Take a walk or do something else when you can to escape.

Testimonials During Church
Sounds awesome. I went to a church where some men testified about the freedom Jesus gave them from drugs.

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