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Is God Really There
Hi Casey, If you ever asked the Lord into your heart then He is there.I also did when I was a kid... and He is still here.Maybe you want to rededicate your life ... you can talk to Him now

If it is about the challenges of your life... well it sometimes looks like you made a mistake in allowing the Lord to pattern your life but it is not so

I want you to know that He will see you through and you will soon see the sunshine

I have come to know that during our trials we get to know who we are and our strength is renewed also in the Lord...Hold on... you'll be fine may contact me

Keeping Saturday Sabbath
"the time is coming and now is when the true worshipers shall worship not in Jerusalem nor on this mount but in Spirit and in Truth
For God is a Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.."

we do not reserve worshiping the Lord to any special day anymore

we worship EVERY DAY

That surpasses setting just one day aside

Jesus came to show us the meaning of the laws.... It was not to create bondage like the Pharisees tried to make it... but to create fellowship between man and God

Are Dead People Conscious
If death is separation
Separation from God... is death (Adam/Eden)
When the Spirit is separated from the body is death.

Between dead people and the living there is no consciousness

Between the dead and God there is consciousness because God can communicate with them at will but the dead have no link/consciousness with us the living.

At the resurrection, we will all be able to communicate again because we will have the same kind of bodies and the earthly barriers would have been removed

Am I A Big Fat Pig
well, no matter what people say
it is what you believe about yourself that affects you most...sometimes you may think they are just trying to make you feel ok

so if you do not like how you look, it is good to know and work on it..... i think your weight should not be the most important thing in your life though you should work on it.

my sister is thin and no matter what she eats, still stays thin.... others think she should put on some weight at all cost, but she only laughs it off....she is content with her weight and eats a normal diet.

Holy Spirit Tingles Inside
i believe it's the joy of the Holy Ghost.

Yes.... joy of the Holy Ghost may evidence the presence of the Holy Ghost.

His joy is because of His presence....

Thoughts On Jakes And Hinn
who are the accusers of the brethren?

it will be good if you also spread the True gospel you know... rather than pointing accusing fingers at others.

let's not create forum for gossip and black mail but for edifying of the saints. thank you, these are my thoughts

Concieved A Baby By Dating
thank you frank for your post

sometimes i wonder if people come to christianet to be chastised when what they actually need is help through the Father's love.

I am sure that if Christianet was a local congregation, it will be one of the most cold hearted church anyone will want to be attending with so much talking down.

Lucy, yours is a difficult situasion. Learn from this and move on.I think you should turn to God in prayer, see a matured christian you can trust for Godly advise and help.

I Am Mad At God
Don i guess you mean you are upset about what is happening and asking God why?

God understands your situation and is not surprised at your reaction.

He longs to draw you closer to himself and bring you to the other side gloriously

so use this time to talk a lot to God be frank and offload every burden... you will see the result at the end of it all...

May the grace of the Lord keep you during these hard times. Amen

I Need A Christian Friend
you could contact patie3447


Why Do You Blog Here
to interact and offer christian love and support

Is Christian Television Relevant
Yes Christian TV and Christian radio... brings the Gospel of Christ and helps us concentrate on scripture

As we meditate more, God's Spirit helps us to understand scripture and are able to identify preaching which may not be in tune with scripture

Living With My Fiance
hello Le,
your case is quite complex. This is because you stated that you were living together before you became born again. If there are children involved, the way it should be handled to bring glory to God and less suffering for children will be different.

Nevertheless moderator's answer is true - answering the question, co-cohabiting is not of God-
However, how to handle your situation would be uniquely different from others.
For example is he ready to marry you? I remember reading scripture which says that when one spouse is converted they could be a good witness to the other spouse.... unfortunately in your case you are not actually married.
Speak to your pastor or a trusted leader and get clasified help/counselling.

I'm In A Supressed Marriage
Probably there are people here on these blogs who just love being antagonistic, cantankerous and argumentative.

the earlier we all identified them the better.

They will them lose the ability to divert every issue since we will turn a deaf ear to them and concentrate and providing the help others need here.

think about it folks...cheers

God Told Me Who To Marry
do not take word for word out of contest
What i think Cathrine is trying to emphasize is that she doesn't believe in it.... the 20yrs she mentioned is just a way of emphasising.... a little bit of literature work i think.

Catherine it is OK not to agree

I agree that it is possible for God to tell us how to run every aspect of our lives if only we are ready to go along with Him....It is possible but we could also be in error thinking we have heard from God....

So for me it is kind of 70-30 is definitely highly possible

Why Am I So Lonely
Your problem could be either spiritual or emotional

prayer will take care of the case satan is trying to frustrate you with feeling so lonely.

on the emotional side, bible says before you can have friends, you must be friendly.

so you will have to give a helping hand to others... this way you will make friends in the process and the emotional state of loneliness will reduces...what do you say? do you show interest in your neighbours and work mates? do you at least greet and say hello regularly or do you always expect others to always make the first move?

Forced Into Good Works
we should task ourselves to doing what is right

however we should know that even the desire to do good works comes from the Father and the ability to do it also comes from Him.

It doesn't mean we should not make the effort

Do Guardian Angels Exist
"do you have a guardian angel?"

i do not know , what i know is that " the Lord will command His angels concerning me that i may not dash my foot against a stone."

What's Up October 2009
i am working on a mass literacy project for some rural areas in my country at the moment.

this programme aims at educating the community on health issues and also running english language, french and Ewe language adult education.

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