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Obama's New Healthcare
Funny how the Dems didn't have a problem inciting anger and intimidation of private citizens, namely AIG employees. Citizens who broke no laws and whose "crimes" consisted of earning a living by working hard. Now they need those same citizens to keep earning big money in order to finance health care with higher taxes. The fact is that everybody got taxed, but we're supposed to keep quiet about that.

Yet when the Dems pass a blatantly unconstitutional law which eats away at the liberty of the citizens, and the citizens dare to show any insubordination toward their superiors, the Dems are horrified. How dare those little people react this way? They obviously don't know what's good for them.

Mid-Term Elections Boot Democrats
In all honesty StrongAxe, based on what and how you write I figured you were a kid who just graduated high school or maybe college and perhaps didn't yet know any better. Sorry, but you asked.

Obama's New Healthcare
States have filed, and many more are preparing to file federal lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of this new legislation. If the courts find this law constitutional it will be the end of the formerly free Republic of the USA.

The nation will continue, but the citizens will have become subjects who are required to follow the orders of the government.

This is only the first step anyway. This law is only temporary because nothing will work out the way it is being presented and the next step will be for the government to say the only way to "really" fix health care for good is for a single payer government system, which is really the end goal. It's a major loss for liberty and victory for tyrannical control.

Mid-Term Elections Boot Democrats
StrongAxe, you are 53? I'm at a loss for words.

Mid-Term Elections Boot Democrats
StrongAxe, may I ask how old you are?

Mid-Term Elections Boot Democrats
StrongAxe, banks wouldn't make anything on overdraft fees if people didn't overdraw their account. I find it hard to believe that you are defending such a practice. Who writes a check for $2.00 with $1.00 in their account? Sounds ridiculous.

And what are you talking about when you say leave the penalties between the payer and payee? If you write me a bad check how can I asses you a penalty? On the other hand, if I wrote you a check with insufficient funds, would you rather have my bank cover it for you and charge me a penalty or just hand it back to you and say sorry, it's your problem and you have to track me down to get me to pay?

Mid-Term Elections Boot Democrats
Gee StrongAxe, I'm surprised you didn't complain about the fact that the renter would have to spend money to purchase a stamp. Heaven forbid. We could spend a lot of time making up little scenarios like you did.

My question to you is how is any of it the bank's problem? You undermined your own argument by admitting that transactions are done electronically. A mature person with any sense of initiative and responsibility figures out a way to conduct his business efficiently. People who think they are somehow owed everything just do as they please and complain.

And I ask you again, do you stand by your 2-3 times recompense standard no matter how large the overdraft? Or didn't you completely think that through?

Mid-Term Elections Boot Democrats
StrongAxe, you got one point correct. Banks make money from good loans. That's the purpose of a bank. Foreclosure is a last resort as banks aren't in the property management business. Foreclosed properties sometimes sell for more than the mortgage balance. Many times they do not. You would see this by scanning any county sheriff's sale web site. The bank has to incur carrying costs on the home, keep taxes current, make repairs and pay realtor fees to resell the home.

As for your 2-3 times damages, does that mean you would be willing to have the bank charge you $125 for an overdraft of $50? Or would that be a different story? Post dating checks is bad practice. If it is presented for payment, the bank is obligated to process it.

Mid-Term Elections Boot Democrats
Clearly the reason we are sliding downhill as a society is because people have been conditioned to think that government is the answer to everything. As well as the fact that basic economics is apparently not being taught.

StrongAxe, exactly how does a bank get rich on interest, fees and foreclosures if they make loans that they know will result in defaults? If you loaned ten people a thousand dollars and no one paid you back, how would you get rich?

And who's is at fault for spending more than the balance of an account? The bank or the account holder? Is the bank supposed to supply free money to people who spend more than they have? If the fee was $400, I bet people would suddenly become more responsible.

Mid-Term Elections Boot Democrats
Larry, if you hear giggling it explains a lot. Get well soon.

Mid-Term Elections Boot Democrats
"I am prepared to participate in a tax regime that will help them at my expense."

Why are you waiting for the government to come up with a tax scheme to help people? You must know that government only makes people dependent on the State. You must also know that whatever amount the government takes from you, only a tiny portion of that gets to people who are in need. The majority gets eaten up by the government agencies and employees.

If equality is your goal I would imagine that you would seek out a few people who are in need and give them what you have until you have equalized yourself with them.

How Do Celebrate St. Patrick's Day
OK Iggy, so let me get this straight. The saint/angels are not bound by natural laws, so the answer it yes, they are omniscient and/or omnipresent? If they hear our pleads by God's grace are you saying that God is like a switchboard operator and if we want to talk to St. Patrick then God patches us through to the appropriate saint? And how do you specify which angel you want, or is it just a general call to any angel? Do only church approved saints get this special service or can any generic dead Christian hear our pleads?

And Cluny, I've found that giving B/C/V is usually pointless in these blogs, as people see what they want to see in Scripture. Ex: I have no clue what Heb. 12:12 has to do with anything Iggy was trying to say.

Mid-Term Elections Boot Democrats
Alan, your last post is ridiculous for the most part but there is some truth in it. I can think of people who fit your description: "many of those who are very wealthy have not got that way by working hard ... they have got it by scheming to exploit those who are perhaps more honest or who are not so greedy." Most of them are Democrat politicians and government officials.

I know many teachers who are living pretty darn well. Early retirement, vacation homes, full pension and benefits for life. In fact, most people who make a living off the taxpayer do extremely well. It looks like that may soon change.

In our country hard work, ingenuity, wisdom and honesty can still lead to success but socialism is looming large.

How Do Celebrate St. Patrick's Day
So Iggy, if you do not contact the dead, how do you ask these saints for intercession? These people have indeed died haven't they?

How do you know that saints or angels can even hear you? If you and I are seeking intercession of St. Patrick at the same time in different parts of the world, which one is he listening to? Or are saints and angels omnipresent and omniscient just like God?

How Do Celebrate St. Patrick's Day
What do you guys have a handbook or something with standard responses? Is that your answer... computers?

Jesus never instructed anybody to brush their teeth or eat broccoli, but God doesn't forbid these practices either. As I pointed out, and which was ignored, Scripture forbids contacting the dead and/or praying to anyone or anything but God. I don't recall Jesus forbidding anybody from going to a seance or playing with a Ouija board. Do you guys condone those practices for Christians?

Hey, do as you please. If traditions supersede the Word of God for you, that's your choice.

How Do Celebrate St. Patrick's Day
Being alive with God after earthly death is not the issue. I find no instances where Jesus taught that we were to pray to, make request from, or attempt to communicate in any way with those who have died.

Rather, Jesus taught us how to pray: "Our Father,..." If you can point to any Biblical teachings which instruct Christians to speak to those who have died, please share, as well as any biblical teachings that show dead people being able to hear us, or more importantly, hear and act on the millions of simultaneous requests made by people worldwide. Are the dead omniscient and omnipresent?

Further, the God forbids witchcraft, sorcery and occult practices as defined by attempts to contact the dead.

How Do Celebrate St. Patrick's Day
"In exactly the same way you ask your Christian friends, whom you consider saints, to pray for you."

Living Christian friends, not dead ones.

Obama's New Healthcare Bill
StrongAxe, how many people in the USA have died because they couldn't afford treatment? If people seek treatment they get it whether they are insured or not. Now if you are talking about Canada or UK for example, yes people die while on waiting lists as the government bureaucrats decide who gets care and when.

Insurance companies are providing the services people demand. It's just that everyone thinks that somebody else should pay the bill. If health care was a true free market and if people used insurance properly and took responsibility for their own health, insurance rates would be cut in half at a minimum. All without a government takeover.

Can Women Be Pastors
Miche, your dad took care of HIS family and household. You are looking for a guy to come in and take care of you, kids that aren't his, pay bills that aren't his, clean your yard, fix your car, and whatever else is on your to-do list. Presumably, such a man would also have his own current responsibilities as well.

There would have to be some pretty big incentives for a normal man to voluntarily double his work load and responsibilities for a woman who lays out such a demanding list of requirements.

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