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What Is God's Role
Give the matter to the Lord in prayer. Definitely cling closely to the Lord & follow His lead in the matter.

Is God Omni-Present
Mike: God "asked" Adam (G3:9), "Where are you?" One might think, didn't God know where Adam was? The answer is yes, OF COURSE! But, it's never about OMNISCIENT God not knowing. God simply wanted Adam & Eve to know where (what position/condition they were in) after sinning against Him. It was about their & OUR "learning" the consequences of disobeying God.

G18:20 is like G3. It's is the Lord's way of "teaching" man by "COMING DOWN" & being with us, TO ASK QUESTIONS OF US & ANSWER QUESTIONS FOR US.. G18 is Abraham's "learning" experience & yet another "teaching" moment for US the readers of the Sodom & Gomorah story.

What Is A Terrorist

Terrorist are intimidating bullies who are determined to have their way with others.

Who Is The Serpent
Earl: I won't discuss the subject any further with you until you're willing to understand there's a vast difference between your "alternative facts" (made up) & actual FACTS/TRUTH.

Who Is The Serpent
Gen 3.15 post 8.There must be descendants to I.d .who is who.The descendants who hated Eve's descendants are Serpent's not Satan's. Cain is not Satan's boy. Eve said gen 4.1 I have gotten a man from the Lord. However ///Serpent, a beast of the field had ancestors to be alive and has descendants after decieving Eve.So the Gen .Serpent cannot be Satan in Rev. Nothing is said about a wife or children----earl on 2/6/17///

From beginning to end, all that you've said is squirrelly Earl.

Who Is The Serpent
///Leon - I haven't been over this for awhile, but Babylon is a metaphor for satan a man---RichardC on 2/5/17///

RC: Satan isn't a man. He's a fallen angel.

Why do you say "Babylon is a metaphor for satan"?

Who Is The Serpent
///Leon - [ the Bible never says satan was like a man ? }

Isaiah 14:16 -They that see thee shall narrowly look upon , and consider thee, saying Is this the Man that made the earth to tremble , that did shake kingdoms,

Revelation 20:2 - And he had laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent , which is the devil, and satan, and bound him for a thousand years,
---RichardC on 1/29/17///

RC: It's called "comparative analysis". "The man" in Is. 14:16 is actually the "king of Babylon" previously mentioned in Is. 14:4. The Prophet Isaiah was comparing the king of Babylon to Lucifer (verse 12). Lucifer is also the dragon/serpent/devil/satan mentioned in verse 29 as well as Revelation 20:2.

Who Is The Serpent
///Post 7 .Interesting biblical facts about Serpent, a beast of the field. Was not seed or offspring of Adam or Eve.Gen.3.15-Hatred betw his seed and her seed. Did not farm. Gen.2.5Adam was the first. Showed human emotions of hate only humans have. Gen.3.15 Communicate with Eve. Beast of the field is a racial slur, slang as is heathen,[???], gentile and goy denoting ungodliness, unclean or non jew. If a man is not jew then a man is one of these slang words.[???]----earl on 2/4/17///

Earl: the Bible clearly shows creatures such as the beast of the field were animals, not human beings. The rest of what you said here is, put mildly, BIZARRE, ABSURD & UNFOUNDED...

Who Is The Serpent
Earl: I've attempted to reason with you based on what the Bible says. However, I won't debate or argue with you about anything written in the Bible since it would be pointless & fruitless. Believe what you want. It's your choice...

Who Is The Serpent
///...If [you're] saying satan was the one who was manipulating Eve & cursed to go on his belly? We find satan. a son of God [?], in Job still a biped [?], walking around.----earl on 1/26/17///

Earl: The Bible never says Satan was, like man, a biped. To the contrary, it says he was a quadruped (cattle kind: an animal). A serpent, the same as a "quadruped dragon" (Rev. 12:7-9), is an animal.

How is it that Satan was walking in Job 2:2? Slithering is a way of walking, a form of traveling "to and fro in the earth". It's one of many ways of locomotion by which earthly creatures move about FROM PLACE-TO-PLACE. Therefore, walking in Job 2:2 actually means he was SLITHERING...

Who Is The Serpent
///My position concerning this passage has always been that the serpent is the Devil.---mike4879 on 1/26/17///

Mike: You are correct, but we must always base our stand (position) on what the word of God (the Bible) says in all matters. What we think about given narratives are oftentimes wrong. We desperately need for God to explain, for our understanding, events past, present & future. Otherwise, we won't have a clue & will blindly suppose any & everything imaginable just like a great many people have done & are yet doing...

Who Is The Serpent
Earl: I don't say that. The Bible does. I agree with the Bible (word of God).

Humans are upright (vertical) bipeds having "two-legs". Cattle are vertical quadrupeds (four-footed), also upright. G3:14 classified the serpent with four-footed cattle. But, after God cursed him, he didn't have "a leg to stand on". He was at that point horizontal to the ground, lower than man & cattle (his kind) on earth.

Many people have misinterpreted Job 2 by concluding 1.) the sons of God were angels & 2.) they & Satan were in heaven with God. The sons of God were men of God. God came down to earth to inhabit the praises (worship) of His "sons" (people). Earth-bound Satan showed up also.

Who Is The Serpent
My position is I stand on what the Bible says:

///Revelation 12:7-9 New International Version (NIV)

7 Then war broke out in heaven. Michael [the Arch-Angel] and his angels fought against the dragon [the Arch-Angel Lucifer], and the dragon and his angels fought back. 8 But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. 9 The great dragon was hurled down ~ that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels [demons] with him.

Does Trump's Name Offend
///I've read a few times where many churches have refrained from mentioning the president-elect's name during prayers over fears it might offend some of the church members. Your thoughts? ---Steveng on 1/22/17///

I'm thinking Steveng, what are you reading? Who would know about & report such a thing? Sounds to me like it's something made up, i.e., fake news.

Believe In Death Penalty
///aservant: Don't be such a zealot. God does what's His good pleasure, when & how He chooses. Take a deep breath & chill out. smh ---Leon on 1/6/17

If posting Scripture that shows God's view on a matter makes me a zealot, then that I am. These blogs are long on the opinions of men, human writers, and Satan's servants, but very short on the most important opinion, God's. And that I supply when and where I see need.---aservant on 1/9/17///

aservant: Please "supply" when your replies are "in context" to the subject matter rather than a pretext to your opinion(s). In other words, don't try square pegging round holes. God bless! :)

Gordon: Excellent Scripture observations sir.

Believe In Death Penalty
aservant: Don't be such a zealot. God does what's His good pleasure, when & how He chooses. Take a deep breath & chill out. smh

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