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How To Give A Tithe
How many tithes? There is only 1 tithe and you can give offerings above your tithe.

Finish It Here Jan 2017 Again
Aservant who are you?

Spiritual Gifts Applicable Today
I believe the gifts of the spirit are in operation today. Further, I believe every man is subject to the Word of God, but the Word of God is not subject to man. I believe the bible says what it says and their is not variance. However, when men are challenged by the Word of God they rememidy disobedience with new doctrine...their own!

What Makes Something Biblical
To the Moderator and MOST others on Christianet what makes something Biblical is if it is NOT in the Bible and if it is in the Bible, it does NOT offend them in their own sins.

Christians Here For Tribulation
Donna5535 - I STRONGLY encourage you to go to Perry Stone's website and get the new offer he has on the rapture - this will really help answer some of yours and others questions on this and if it is Biblical or not.

Give Jesus A Chance
No I would NOT say this. 1st it is NOT Biblical at all, and 2nd it makes them treat Jesus as a drug or something that they must try, and then they come to Jesus without any repentance and backslide right away. This only creates FALSE converts and NOT real followers.

Not Observing Passover
While I observe Passover, I believe the ones that do not, and argue it is not of God, are NOT really Christians, and also want to DISOBEY God so they can do things their own way. Also, because they like the majority of our founding fathers of the faith (ie: Martin Luther) are anti-Jew, so they basicly say I love Jesus but will not follow Him unless I can take the Jewishness out of Him (which is IDOLATRY).

How To Lead People To Christ
Start with the law of God (10 Commandments) to show they are a sinner - Are you a good person? Go through the 10 Commandments to see if that is true. Then ask if God were to judge them by that would they go to Heaven or Hell? Then share the Gospel with them of Jesus dying on a cross and raising from the dead to take their punishment for them. Let them know that they must repent (confess and turn from sins) (Luke 13:3, 1 John 1:9), and trust in Jesus Christ by believing and confessing He died, rose, and is Lord (boss) (Romans 10:9-10). For more info. go to Way Of The Master's website.

Supernatural God Experience
I have a book called in Due Season: We will Hear God's Voice" Where I have had the experiences you all are talking about. I also have seen angels, have anyone else had angelic encounters?

Who Can Baptize People
francis - If only elders in the church or those in the 5-fold (Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers) can baptize people, then why does Matthew 28:19-20 speak to EVERYONE that is born again and following Jesus? If your theory is true, then God is a LIAR.

Difficult Church Member Visit
Love is the answer in dealing with difficult people (in particular the elderly). The Bible says love covers a multitude of sins. From personal experience of dealing with my Grandfather who had a stroke, I know that my Grandfather was probably abused by his father (a preacher), and thus he hates God and does not want anything to do with God. Recently, I have discovered that love is the answer, and we have gotten closer, despite years of butting heads. I believe that he will come to Jesus before he dies because of this love.

Outbursts Of Worship
Cluny - It is clear you don't really KNOW God, because if you did, you would know that I ask for butterflies as a sign of INTIMACY with my God. I have a PERSONAL INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP with God, and all you have is just RELIGION. I KNOW God loves me and is ALWAYS thinking of me, and I don't NEED anything to tell me this other than His Word. However, I want more than just head knowledge of God, but heart knowledge (intimacy) with God.

Holy Spirit Church Building
Psalm 127:1 says that unless the Lord builds the house, they that build it labor in vain. We need to not only let God build the church/ministry, but also our lives, future, and destiny, or it will all be for nothing.

Reject Christ And Still Christian
The Bible is clear that if you reject Jesus as God a.k.a. the TRINITY (Father, Son, Holy Spirit in one) then you do NOT belong to God, but to the devil, and you have a spirit of anti-Christ.

Reject Christ And Still Christian
If you deny Christ is God you are NOT a Christian, and even have an anti-Christ spirit in you (1 John 2:22-23, 4:2-3,15, 5:1,5, 2 John 7).

Who Can Baptize People
If you are in Christ, you can baptize others. Jesus (speaking to His followers - if you are TRULY saved and follow Jesus Christ as Lord (boss) this is you) says to go into all the world and preach the Gospel and baptize in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19-20). This verse says that if you are in Christ, you can baptize, and you don't need a Pastor to do it, you can do it.

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