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Doctrine Of Immaculate Conception
Cluny, Again, we have the Canonical Word of GOD, in ROMANS 3:23, which you've heard a million times most likely.

That Verse says ALL have sinned and come short of GOD's Glory.

And, this Verse was written AFTER Mary/Miriam was born.

Now, I answered your question, so, you answer me this, Where is it in the Scriptures that states that Mary/Miriam "did not sin"??

I want no speculation of yours or any other's, nor, repeated doctrines of any Church.

I want simply Holy Written Scripture for the answer.

Greatest Threat To The World
The New World Order is the greatest threat to America and all countries. It's the NWO that shall usher in the Anti-Christ. And, it's the NWO that sets things in motion to gradually destroy mankind.

Doctrine Of Immaculate Conception
Does the Immaculate Conception mean that Mary/Miriam the Earthly mother of YAHUSHUA/JESUS, was born without sin, so that she could carry the Christ Child in the womb of a "clean and pure body"?

Well, Mary/Miriam was also as the rest of the human race in that she had sinned and came short of the Glory of GOD.

What set her apart from the rest is that, at a point in time in her life, she dedicated herself fully to the LORD and walked in holiness and was made a humble, obedient vessel for the LORD's use.

Mary/Miriam understood her need for a personal Saviour and she eventually understood who her Divine Son was and what He came to do for her and for the rest of mankind.

She pleased GOD by her Faith and obedience.

Is It A Sin To Go To Las Vegas
Some Christians don't believe in this kind of thing, but, the demon spirits would be rampant in such a place.

It would not be a sin, per se, fro a Believer to go there, it simply depends on what you intend to do there.

Your intentions, as stated, seem valid.

It would just be wise for you and your husband to be spiritually wise and covered in the Blood of YAHUSHUA / JESUS and be covered with the Ephesians 6 Armour.

That way, Satan cannot sidetrack either one of you with temptations for sin.

Believe In Death Penalty
I do believe in the death penalty.

I believe GOD established the Death Penalty.

No, not stoning one to death as it was in the Old Testament (which GOD ordained, btw!)

But, by Capital Punishment.

I believe whole-heartedly that ROMANS 13:1-4 outlines that.

The powers that GOD ordained do not "bear the sword in vain".

A sword was (also) used for PUTTING TO DEATH.

I believe Capital Punishment, though, should be limited to such as when anyone murders another, or more, who are innocent of any wrong doing.

You take out a life, your life is, in turn, taken.

President Trump
A Trump win, to me, means that GOD is giving America, and her Churches, one final chance to get their act together.

The NWO Elite have other reasons, but, too bad, GOD trumps ALL!

American Churches Are Laodicea
YES, YES, YES! Absolutely.

And, sadly ironic, how, of all countries with Churches, America has the most Church buildings, the most Christian Book Stores, the most copies of Holy Bibles, and the most freedom (so far!) to access these things, and yet, she is the most anemic of all Churches across the Earth.

Full of sin, laziness and apathy towards GOD and HIS Kingdom Work on Earth.

I've been no super-Saint myself, by no means, I have faltered MANY TIMES, but, even I can see this tragedy!

We are past the Philadelphian Church Age, and have long-past entered into the Laodicean Church age.

How To Have Communion
Great question!
I have Communion on my own. Fresh bread and Wine/Grape Juice are preferable, but, I buy the Communion Kits at Christian Book Distributors (CBD), by mail, or on-line. And, they're the already-prepared cups.
I read from Scriptures, quoting the Lord YAHUSHUA's (JESUS') Words as He distributes the Last Supper. And, always make sure there is no on-going sin in my life. Repenting of any known sin, in other words. Ideally, too, I could do this daily. At least, once a week is my goal.

Worship Leader Is Punished
GOD does not nor cannot bless sin.

To be a Worship leader requires that the leader have a true heart for GOD.

He (or she) is responsible for "leading others in worshipping GOD".

To live in sin, one cannot really be worshipping GOD.

And, being a Worship leader, as in any Church leadership Role, is a privilege to be taken seriously.

No matter how you slice it, willful sin is not taking GOD seriously.

How Did God Create Day
Perhaps, though GOD is Light, HE created lesser lights like the Sun and the Moon (made of a surface substance that reflects light, esp. sunlight, very well. Maybe?) which, when placed at the right distance from the Earth, became Day (and Night) lights to the Earth.

The Scriptures say the Earth was initial without form WHEN that GOD began to create upon the Earth the plants and animals and then mankind.

And, perhaps at that void and formless stage, the Earth was without the proper surrounding atmosphere to properly reflect the sunlight. So that, creating the proper atmospheres helped take in the sunlight making the Day as we know it.

Our Free Will
Interesting how II PETER 3:9 is worded that GOD is not "willing" that anyone perish, but, rather, that all should come to repentance.

This word "willing" means "desiring".

GOD desires that all repent and avoid perishing.

This leaves it up to the individual human being to make a choice.

Making a choice always involves free-will.

Paul Versus Jesus
Christ YAHUSHUA is the ultimate in a Man living out the Laws of GOD in perfection, as GOD originally planned for mankind to do.

Critical Issue Facing USA
Leon, Yes, GOD is judging the whole World.

But, America will be judged much more severely for she was Blessed and given much more than other nations.

Also, more importantly, the United States has had more "Light" and more Freedom to worship GOD and more freedom to access Bibles, Gospel literature and more opportunities to live out her Faith and be a "salt" and "light" within herself as well as to other nations.

All this via her Churches.

"...For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required..." (from LUKE 12:48).

That principle applies to a nation of people as well as individuals.

America was given much and has squandered it against GOD.

Critical Issue Facing USA
The American Churches have forsaken Christ JESUS/YAHUSHUA and have become like the world.

There are relative few faithful Churches/Christians. Many are lukewarm and ANEMIC (and are NOT overcoming sin through YAHUSHUA's Blood.)

Therefore, the sins within America have grown worse and more rampant, for lack of holy restraints.

America is now a modern Sodom and Gomorrah and is a stench in GOD's Nostrils.

The modern Prophets and Watchmen which the LORD has sent over the decades to warn America and her Churches have been mostly ignored and scoffed at by the Church at large.

No President or politician can save America.

America is not returning to her former glory.

Instead, Judgment is coming.

Critical Issue Facing USA
GOD's Judgment

Is USA In Bible Prophecy
Leon, Yes.

But, Obama is a dictator.

Obama's actions do speak louder than his words.

He's a smooth operator of a dictator.

The U.S.A. is no longer under the U.S. Constitution. That is why Obama has been getting away with overriding the Constitution and doing his own thing. In the past, a President doing what he's done would've been impeached. America has the spirit of Babylon and therefore is classified as today's Babylon.

America is the daughter of Babylon and has grown up to be Babylon herself.

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