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Did Life Begin On Earth

It was created by the flying spaghetti monster.

When Did Job Livve
He never livved. He is a character in a fictional story...

Does God Even Exist
well, not really.

Tactics Of A Demon
Are you writing a SATAN'S TACTICAL GUIDE?

Devil Will Get Them
Belief in GOD can be logic found "truth" if one searches for it.---mark

If god were omnipresent and omnipotent he'd find a good way to clue everyone, and I mean everyone in without resorting to the poorly understandable, distributed and outright confusing and contradictory, bible. The fact that there are so many "questions" on this blog prove that point.

If god is not omnipotent and omnipresent he is not nor does he deserve to be called god.

So why scare small children with the rambling in the bible?

Devil Will Get Them

Math is of its own.
A one is a one and two of thems is a two.
It's an a priori.
Kind of silly but always true.
One and one is two.
By definition....It is perfect, but only a perfect tool, defined to be such.

There's a mountain of philosophy in that.

But back to this blog's topic:
I do not think it good to scare small children with devils and hells. True truth is hard enough to find without the addition of fear.

I think you might agree.

Devil Will Get Them

I believe the world would be better off if people thought and acted rationally. I have learned here that it is unlike that I will encourage people to change and think in that matter. However, I still can hope. What amaze and amuses me is how contradictory peoples' position are internally. Belief and reason do no make good bedfellows...

Devil Will Get Them
Everywhere I find beauty I find not god. Beauty is not god, but it is really quite wonderful.

Devil Will Get Them

An atheist is a person who believes in one less god than you do....

Think of all the gods you don't believe in...

Devil Will Get Them

God does not exist, he has no plans for me or you. Nor did he have ay plans for those at Hiroshima and Auschwitz. It is up to us to try to make sense of the world and take responsibility for the things that happen in it. That is of course to the degree that we can, hurricanes, earthquakes, old age and psychopaths aside.

Devil Will Get Them

There are billions upon billions of things one might chose to believe in that no one could possible prove to be untrue. That is the way it works agreed.

The issue is about proving things about things that do exist and have good testable evidence. I can't prove that invisible pink unicorns and Santa Claus don't exist,either, but that doesn't prove or imply that they do.

Devil Will Get Them

Yes.Neither exist.

Who Made Demons
God, Satan and Evil do not exist..., But if God created Satan and Evil, then he would have quite a sadistic streak, now wouldn't he. Fortunately for us he does not exist and we have only to deal with the natural calamities of this world, and those we make ourselves.

Devil Will Get Them

But I am not speaking on behalf of a non-existent devil. How can I speak on behalf of one who does not exist?

Devil Will Get Them

I am here but to bring a little light into your darkness.

Are You A Goat Or A Sheep
So god hates goats? Will there be a worldwide killing of goats once this revelation gets out to the Christain blogs. How wonderfully modern and civilized. White robes and long sharp knives. Then the barbaque......

Why So Many Mean Women
Lonely? much

Devil Will Get Them
There are enough real things in this world that children must learn about and adapt to emotionally. Horror stories about devils, demons, and hells, told to children as matters of fact are simply child abuse. It is mean, irresponsible, and if told by an adult, questions the rationality of that adult.

Devils do no exist, if you believe they do, please don't pass this nonsense on to your children. Shame on you if you do.

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