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Who Is God
True ,God is love and God is power however one cannot have a relationship with love or power therefore one can have a relationship with a father who is loving and powerful

Two World Floods
John 5.37
Noah did not talk to God nor did he hear his voice.
This global flood in connection with Noah and the ark never happened.
Jesus revealed the new truth revelation as to who is not able to directly speak to God

Proof That God Exists
To Richard who wrote the opening post.
In your post you have admitted God exists because you say above," He is not helping me". You have admitted your proof.

Devil Will Get Them
This is like a mom saying to her child as they pass by a policeman ,If you do not be good he /she will put you in jail.Likewise if you do not be good the devil will get you.
If the child lies it would be because the child's decision not a devil's because the parent said "will get you "and did not say"the devil made you do it"
The child should be taught not to fear either one.
The devil has no authority ,power or ability to control the mortal mind since the spirit of truth( a teaching vaguely taught) is present with us and the policeman is serving the public safety.

What Is Star Of Bethlehem
The star is understood as a conjunction.
Carefully reading the NT it will read that the wise men are seeing the star more than once.
Thus as conjunctions do they move together and apart more than once during their conjunction.
The wise men who read the stars would be looked upon astrologists not astronomers.The NT star is an inflated description and suggestive to be within the earths atmosphere so as to lead a traveler/seeker to a specific earth point on the globe.This conjunction is a date point for the year of Jesus's birth.There is a record of this conjunction.

Are You A Goat Or A Sheep
God cannot hate neither is any hate in him .
Anyone who is affiliated with God surpasses the old teachings where now man who seeks him will know him and in him there is no hate.
God looks upon his undeveloping children as something of a prodical child.It is,with all the care and teaching that can be given, up to the child.

Land Of Nod Inhabited
As I said,
Accusations without definitive proof.
It is interesting to note that once the identity was revealed who Nod was and from where this information came your flaming began.

This thread is about who inhabited the land of Nod not flaming the beliefs of Islamists or Mormons or any others even if without attatchment to a religious group.
You are not staying on topic.
Please do so or start another topic.
If this flaming is all you have then you seem to have met your limitations.

Land Of Nod Inhabited
This, as it is now not about faith .
This is about history.
I do not confuse the two.
You declare the book unfit.
Your choice.
However, you give no reason only criticisms yet unable to ,from your most recent post,a definitive counter against said book with a historical Genesis of life or a definitive counter to exactly who is the one called Michael from which these you extracted from said book and previously attacked with traditional responses and at this point I see no progress you have made doing such.

Land Of Nod Inhabited
Not so fast.
Abt. the name Michael.
When Archangel,Prince and Michael are analized together the bible confuses the identity of all 3.
On the Genesis of biblical life.
All DNA history biblically should show sudden beginnings with no mods thereafter day 6.DNA is locked on day 7.
Any other biblical observations imply an unlocked DNA in human or other.
Genetic mods as follows.
Curse on EVE
Curse on ADAM
Curse on SERPENT
Man's lifespan reduced to 120 yrs.God's sons altered the human genes.

So God did not rest on the 7th day and leave his creation alone.
Jesus ,John B and Paul say no one has seen God.
Why did A & E hide behind a tree?
The Genesis creation is now crippled.

Land Of Nod Inhabited
You seem to turn this around .You asked the question and then today charged all others with unfit inaccurate documentation of truth claiming if not your specific beliefs as to what is from God and what is not then all others are ungenuine christians.

You claim someone wrote it.Who then?
It is obvious you are trying to walk away from this peachy however it is apparent you make flaming claims without proof to support your claims of ungenuine.
If you make a claim then back it up with proof .
That is what this reply is all about your proof not mine.
Those that you have offended are those who do not know what you are -discouraging others belief's but not me.

Land Of Nod Inhabited
True ,You did not pass judgemet on me,just a book you never read.
Was it mentioned in scripture ?-some say it is.
Where-rev.2.17-hidden manna.White stone and new name.
You speak of who wrote books .
Who wrote this one we discuss ?
No one is saying to anyone they "should" believe it.
This thread started demanding a sci fi answer because no bible provided one.
There is "add on's" to the bible.OT says do not add.
The book is itself .It has it's own binding.
Can you show proof that God was seen so that the bible books could be authenticated as coming from God or an imposter with a subtile voice?
If you are critical of the book then disprove it.

Land Of Nod Inhabited
Thanks for the "peace".
However if you have not read all 2000 +pages then is it right to judge a book from its cover since this thread is only a few days old and it would take some time to read it.No
To be precise I did not quote from it as you state.
I gave a short short summary of the topic's question.
This clearly indicates you did not read about the land of Nod in it to pass judgement upon that point.
Your claims of it as a unreliable source is totally unfounded.
You can only be assumptive it is a trashy book so Ill keep it.
If you have not read it then you assum it is just another book.
Not to be disrespectful but you have no grounds for it's dissmisal.


Water Turned Into Wine
Jesus was invited to Cana to participate in the wedding of a prominent young woman of the town.
This event was advertised a month in advance.
The Wednesday turnout was almost 1000 people by noon who many if not most came to see the most popular to attend -Jesus.
This is why there were 6 large pots of water to wine made-for the very large turnout.
6 of his disciples were present.

Land Of Nod Inhabited
Thank you for your reply and appreciate your concern .
However I live with not only a bible but the newest revelation The Urantia Book.
I make neither one a outcast .

Land Of Nod Inhabited
I appreciate your interest in this.
No,it is not from another bible but it is from another book.
Leon's OP question cannot be answered within the binding of any bible.
My answers were a small bit of sumation about Nod and the Land of Nod from The Urantia Book which is believed by a great many as the next revelation and for lack of a better word 'mandated' by Jesus suceeding Jesus's revelation of his father 2000 yrs. ago..

Land Of Nod Inhabited
Leon ,
Again your question begs a sci fi answer.
The land of Nod was inhabited bt Nodites ,a population of people who were there long before the establish land was the land of Nod.
Nod was a real person who was at one time their Nodite leader.
The Nodites were also an established people way before Adam and Eve era.
Nod was at one time appointed supervisor over industry and trade before he re established himself in the area known as the land of Nod-named after himself.
Remona was a descendent of Nod's race and a distant cousin to Cain for his father was not Adam.

Land Of Nod Inhabited
You asked if the land of Nod was inhabited.
Your question suggests that the bible gives you no definitive answer in relation to the land of Nod.
Thus you have questioned the audience here.
As you know the bible does not give a definition of Nod but does not deny it's existance or how long it existed before Cain married a woman there.
Your question begs a sci fi answer.

Land Of Nod Inhabited
You are asking a question the bible cannot answer.
Cain went to the land of Nod and found a woman named Remona and married her there.
The land of Nod was named after a person named Nod who lived pre Adamic era.

What Is A Messiah
Jesus did not meet the criteria of the long awaited Messiah.
1.Jesus lived on earth in the age of Moses monoethism.
Moses stated no one is beside God.
Jesus said My Father and I are one.
These conflicting statements was the primary reason for Jesus's death.
2.Jesus refused to be made king after feeding 5000. 3.Messiah was become Jewish authority and break the Roman yoke.Did'nt happen.
It is however true the apostles believed Jesus was the deliverer regardless of their and others confusion.

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