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Will God Destroy Pork Eaters
flesh is the greed, lust not the meat we eat.

How To Interpret Visions
oh, i guess it didn't go through lol, okay i'll write it over again. The butterflies i now know represented me and my new life through Christ, and the vision of God with his eyes as white as fire and hair as white as snow was to show His glory, the vision of the snake eye looking at me was satan, and the vision that my friend had of me stomping on a snake was to represent my victory over satan through my life in Christ, the Skull represents hell and the 2 men fighting represented Jesus and Satan, and Jesus won, the Lion represents Gods victory over evil in the end, and the star shining i believe represents the new heaven and earth God will create. The angel appeared i believe to seal these visions up in my heart, i hope this makes sense now.

How To Interpret Visions
i really hope what i wrote in continuation yesterday went through, it really explains how i now know what my visions meant.

Our Belief In Hell
okay, this is just for atheist, where in the bible does it state that your body will be tortured? nowhere! you wont have a "physical" body any longer in hell, it will be your soul, it will not be pain that we experience here on earth, it will be a pain so great we cannot even express it, for it will be our soul on fire and in agony because of our separation from god. No one on earth i think can actually express what hell is going to be like, because no one who is alive has been there.

Harm To The Body Of Christ
i believe arguing, yes if it is over trivial matters definitely harms the Body of Christ, if you are concerned that someone may not believe in something that is doctrinally sound to be a true follower of Christ regardless of ones denomination, i believe that is a necessary time for argument.

How To Interpret Visions
okay susieb, i do not attend bible college any longer, so i CANT tell my teachers what i have seen, ive been out of college for 2 years now, and i have seriously given prayer to the Lord, and i dont think that i should share my visions any longer, because they are revelations to me, and i dont appreciate people calling me a schizophrenic, jeepers, i HAVE spoken to people from school who have gifts of discernment who were there that night everything happened,and they know it was from the Lord, all i was hoping was that there would be more people here who could help a little bit more, im not nuts yeesh,

Our Belief In Hell
I believe we as Christians focus too much on this question, not realizing that hell ultimately is our eternal separation from Christ. The question we really need to ask ourselves is "is our hearts ultimately with God, or with the evil one?" If you ultimately are with the evil one, I believe hell can seem very real even just through normal life, and i believe that if you truly are with God, your suffering throughout life ultimately brings you more of a revelation of the presence of God, and ultimately through our suffering we should come to the realization that God brings strifes ultimately so that we become closer to Him and love God even more when the suffering comes to an end. Amen.

How To Interpret Visions
okay, this is a response to 2 people, bruceb, im sorry if i was offended by the other response, i wasnt really offended that he called me a weak christian, he can think that if he wants, i was mostly offended because from my perception he was coming off as arrogant, as if he were somehow a better person, and anon, the angels i saw were not visions, they were as real as can be, and i was both scared and awed by their beauty at the same time, but i was not ever at any point thinking they were evil, definitely not, i know they were from the lord, and no, i have never been involved in the occult, ive grown up in christianity my entire life, i became a christian when i was 4, baptised at 13.

How To Interpret Visions
o, and i must also say this, i can only have visions at night, i have never had a vision during the day, if that makes a difference.

How To Interpret Visions
okay, so i went and read some articles on the different kinds of visions a person can have, and i believe now that when i saw the angels, i must of been having what is called an "open vision", where you are aware of you surroundings and can see physical things but at the same time see spiritual things, and the spiritual realm and physical realm seem as one. It really seems the most logical to me,

How To Interpret Visions
o sorry, maybe i didnt explain thoroughly enough, i KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that my visions are from the Lord, I can feel it in my soul, hmm, I'll share some with you:

about 2 years ago they all began, after I started going to bible college,they are never dreams, for i am awake during the entire time,the first vision was of butterflies, they were flying along my wall, and then a gigantic snake eye was staring at me. It was moving, and I new that it was actually Lucifer staring straight at me. I ran down the hall to one of my roommates, and she prayed over me and said that she had a vision of me stomping on a snake.

How To Interpret Visions
I then went back to my room, and had another vision of the Lord, his eyes were like lightning and his hair was fire like white. i then had a vision of a great lion in front of me, and then of a great skull. 2 men began fighting in a great battle, and one fell, I thought of it as representing jesus and satan, and jesus won, and right afterwards a star shone in our room, and i saw black figures coming toward me and it terrified me, and i cried out to God to protect me and an Angel appeared in the middle of our room, i was so scared i felt like the shepherds in the field, he was so bright i could barely look at him, and his wings were enourmous. He did not say anything, he just stayed watch all night over us.

How To Interpret Visions
I just have this feeling in my heart that all of these visions were supposed to mean Revelation 2: 1-28, but i do not understand what that is supposed to mean. Every night now, I always have visions of 2 sides fighting one another, one is black and the other is whitish green, and i know that one is evil and one is of God, but I dont understand why it is happening above me. One other night I was so scared that i prayed to god to send angels to protect me, and 4 angels that looked like stone pillars appeared in the 4 corners of my room and covered their wings over their heads and stayed there all night.

How To Interpret Visions
o, and i am definitely not a weak christian steveq, that really offended me that you would accuse someone of being a weak christian if they are just developing their spiritual gifts,peter attempted to walk on the water when jesus called him from the boat, and he lost faith and fell into the water, that does not mean he was a weak christian just because he lost faith for a moment.

Can't Speak In Tongues
I completely agree with you mich. So many christians today look to corinthians as proof that you "have" to speak in tongues to be a "true" believer, but exactly as you stated, Paul was trying to teach the believers that not everyone at that time COULD speak in tongues, and that most of them were just babbling for the sake of it, and paul taught them that those who could speak in tongues should, but SHOULd have an interpreter, so that the other believers knew their message was from God and not of evil.

Correct Pastor During The Sermon
I would approach the minister after the service, and show him in the bible where he was incorrect, and if he truly was, i would hope that in the next service he would apologize to the entire congregation and correct himself in front of everyone. If you then found out that what he preached actually was correct, you would have saved yourself the embarrassment in front of everyone, and also saved yourself from having people follow you out of the service thinking the wrong thing about the minister.

Lack Of Physical And Emotions
hey hun, i truly feel for you. K, the first thing i have to ask you is: have you talked in person with your husband about the way you are feeling? when i was in marriage counselling, the first thing the minister told us to do when we start to get intimate after the wedding was to show one another how much we love each other by taking each others hands and showing one another what we like. Tell him how much you love him, and dont just tell him how you want to be caressed, show him. Have you ever prayed with your husband while being intimate? i think you should, i believe this will help you greatly, your bodies are now one temple with one another, and this is the time to praise God together, believe me, prayer helps in all situations!

How To Love Step Children
this reply is for kacey, i grew up in a separated home and i had to visit my dads home on the weekends, and he was married to a woman that i truly despised, but what i would say for you to do is this: even though you may not get along with your significant others son all the time, you need to talk to your sig. other and tell him how you feel about the situation, becuase if the two of you are to get married one day, you should be the most important person in your spouses life, second to God, and your spouse needs to realize that if you are not comftorable in the ways he treats his son in front of you, you both need to make some rules together about how that son can behave in your house, it ultimately is your house, not his.

Can A Divorced Woman Remarry
i would say hun that you totally can remarry now. Divorce is horrible in Gods eyes, but your then husband was the one who sinned, not you, and divorced you for no reason, you can totally get remarried in my opinion, you have done nothing wrong. He does not have to admit to committing adultery, for he unfortunately divorced you already, if he had committed adultery WHILE you were married, then it would be ok in gods eyes for you to divorce HIM, but he already divorced you and it was wrong, so feel free from guilt to get remarried.

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