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Jesus Is The Last Adam
When Jesus died on cross he destroyed all the things that came through adams sin.Think about it sin nature sickness death ect....Sin has no power,over you refuse it when it comes,Greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world

Are Tax Exemptions Biblical
Then Jesus said to them, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's." And they were amazed at him.

Gospel Never Preached To
But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows.

It's the punishment aspect of God. In your life, you do get punished by God for your sins either in this life or in the next life. It's just most people can't figure out why they are being punished oftentimes. Or they don't want to accept that the punishment they are receiving is because of their actions against God.

I think the passage means someone who is truly obeying the law will not receive punishment from God except to the extent of their actions. There are plenty of people who go for decades doing very little wrong in the eyes of God and they may not receive much punishment by God in this life.

Can A Prayer Save You
You're pushed off a building by a crazed lunatic and you are unsaved.

On the way down, you scream out in prayer as your life flashes through your eyes, "Jesus save me from eternal damnation."

I think you'd be saved.

However, if you just pray and go on sinning, then you are truly doomed.

Our Belief In Hell
I'm in Hell already.

Did Abraham Tithe Once
So every third year of tithing the "church" shared all their collections with the poor and widows and orphins.

Does your church empty their coffers every third year? I mean share all they have?

Confess Affair To My Husband
I would advice some prayer and fasting.

Don't Love My Good Husband
Do you Love God?

If so, you know where to find the answer.

Are 10 Commandments In Force
Salvation by the blood of Christ on the cross.

However, once one chooses to follow Jesus, the law is said to not apply but one chooses because of a new spirit to obey the law willingly and not by compulsion.

Is a Christian who steals willingly really a follower of Jesus?

Is a Christian who covets willingly really a follower of Jesus?

And so on...

A Christian can be judged by their works, but if their tongue spews fire and their hands commit evil acts and they lust in their hearts, then are they truly a Christian?

Many false prophets abide everywhere.

Remarried In Constant Adultery
That's a very good question. It does say in the Bible that you can get a divorce. It doesn't clearly talk about remarriage.

Our Belief In Hell
I can show you places where if you look closely, you will see how it is Hell on Earth for those living there. These people could not imagine life being much worse for themselves and many are in fact "trying Christians".

Does God Forgive All Sin
Not that I am saying what is or is not right in God's eye because I have truly little guidance but what is in the Bible.

I never contended that forgiveness isn't given by God. But sin is a terrible fact of existence.

If you do crack in front of your children will they not follow you into a life of sin?

If you cheat on your spouse and get caught and the children find out, will they not follow you into a life of sin?

Leading the little ones to Him belong into a life of sin by your example will not only torture you in this life, but may be a problem for you on your day of judgement.

Make Disciples Not Churchgoers
You can raise a brother or sister from the dead.

Go find yourself a true homelessly troubled Christian man or woman and invite them into your home to live while you determine a way for them to become independant either on government assistance or a job.

You will have in effect "Raised them from the Dead." If you have a spare room, then you can do it. It's not easy. My parents did it once and I've met others that do it regularly. Some times it may take years to get the person raised.

Just telling the dead to find a job isn't so easy for a true Christian. Most jobs are not Christian jobs if you really study Jesus' teachings.

Tithing Not Biblical Sermon
Do churches really empty their coffers every three years as taught in the OT?

Every third year all the tithes were distribruted to the widows and orphins and poor. That would mean a church would need to sell all it had to distribute to the poor above described persons.

How many churches keep war chests?

Divorced Church Leaders
What God put together, let no man tear asunder. I just don't think you can use a sleight of man trick get around it.

Husband Facing Jail Time
I'm not sure you can divorce him, but nothing says you have to live with him.

Why Do You Blog Here
It's a way to determine if your views have faults, which everyone's views do have faults.

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