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Don't Love My Good Husband
Let me start with love can grow. It has too because it just does not appear. At least the love that we are suppose to have towards others. I would suggest to dig in the Word and pray for God's direction in learning to love. Honesty is probably the most needed asset. You must be completely honest with your husband so he can be a part of the solution. IF you are holding back from him you are separating yourself from him.
Your brother in Christ

Our Belief In Hell
If you do not believe in hell then you cannot say you believe in the Word of God. The Word of God describes hell many times and expresses who will go there.
A servant of Christ

Are 10 Commandments In Force
The ten commandments no longer hold the condemnation that came with them. At least for those who believe in the sacrifice and the redemption that came with our belief in it. The laws are still the laws. If we, as Christians, do not work to follow the laws as the truth of them is revealed to us, we will be judged for our lack of faith. God is not rebellious, so cannot teach rebellion.
A servant of Christ

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