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Explain Romans 1:26-28
I would say that GOD , does make the punishment fit the crime, sometimes HE lets them have what they want when they won't listen to HIM such as giving them over toa reprobate heart. I dont believe GOD made viruses during the creation week, and said it was good, creation, but, these came along after sin entered. after they ot kicked out of the garden to tend the land that didnt produce easily like the garden did...also GOD
made plagues etc for pharoahs benefit to make him let HIS people go

Where Did Evil Come From
evil comes from 2 places Satan fell from pride and he wants to destroy peoples lives. He cant make you sin but he suggests sin and we go with it or not as our choice.

We make choices ourselves without help that might be sin because of self or ego.

Why So Few Go To Heaven
When Jesus died on the cross HE died and covered all our sins. No one goes to Hell for their sins. But they go because they dont accept what he did. Many teach a works salvation works dont save us JESUS saves us

Explain Freewill Salvation
first its not God's will that any should perish but that all come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Jesus paid the price for everyone. At some point everyone gets called few answer you ave to accept what Jesus did on the cross acc ept it if you refuse that is your free will and that sends you to Hell

Christian Wife Wants Separation
This is a sad situation but according to the Bible.grounds for divorce are adultery. or if a saved and unsaved are married the unsaved wants to leave let them you are not under bondage.other than that work on it with God and prayer and counseling

How To Deceive Yourself
Some people are being deceived by preachers who are going into new age .the media Not following the Bible. The bible is the total truth.andwe need to follow it.

How Often Do You Pray
When we pray in God'swill we leave the answer up to Him. You know if its affirmative if you pray something the Bible says you should pray for . Otherwise its up to God.
NO, I dont think you show doubt by repeated prayers. The Bible gives the example of the neighbor who keeps knocking asking for bread.sooner or later the home owner will answer so he doesntkeep getting woke up.

pray without ceasing the Bible says. Pray for all things big or little. God is always concerned about everything in our life. He counts the very hairs on our head

Can I Marry My Step Cousin
I dont think any thing wrong with marring a step cousin
biblically or legally.

Can We Forgive Demons
to forgive our enemies is talking about humans. God will take care of the demons and Satan they will be put in the lake of fire

What Are Concubines
concubines are like secondary wives they had more than one wife in the Bible a main wife and secondary wives. notfor today in our culture

25 Year Old Virgin Woman
I think you are entirely right in your choice. Follow the Bible you can never go wrong. God will honor your committment to His word and will. God bless you for your decision.

Salvation If We Sin
We are not saved by works but by accepting what Jesus did on the cross for us and His blood covers our sins.When Jesus diedon the cross He dies for everybody. We dont go the Hell for our sins but because we dont accept what Jesus did for our sins by shedding His blood. So you dont get saved by our works and you dont loose your salvation by your sins they are all ready covered by Jesus's blood.

Pastor Is A Narcissist
a narcissist is a person who loves himself over everything else. Hard to tell what he is thinking maybe it only matters if its him.

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