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Sure Of Your Eternal Salvation
Tommy: I did not say that you were "arrogant" to be sure that you are saved. I am not afraid either as to wether I am saved or not. I am just not sure and here is why.
Salvation will come as a SURPRISE to those who are ultimatly saved and perdition will be a surprse to many who are sure they are saved, because of their good works, and many will hear the words spoken by Jesus:" I don't know you!" after they will have recited
a litany of things they will have done in connection with their salvation and all will be for naught.
I believe that God is fair in his judgment but you would have to agree that the element of surprise is there and threfore there seems to be some room for uncertainty also.

What Is Authentic Faith
Accoding to the text above, Faith would not be a matter of a lot of "talking religion" but rather practicing it, by looking after the needs of ohers, especially the orphans and widows in distress, while keeping himself unspotted from the pollution of the world.That is the kind of faith our heavenly Father gladly accepts.

Fulfil Or Destroy The Law
Lee: You say that Paul came to the conclusion that what God ask us to do in terms of obeyig the law is IMPOSSIBLE!

I dont think so! That would play right in the devils hand, for he accuses the God Co, of seting requirements whch we cannot achieve.

Rather Paul ask the queston:"Who will deliver me from this terrible situation?"

The aswer: Jesus!
That's why we can say confidently: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

Where Do We Go After Death
The Bible teaches that when a person dies his/her body returns to DUST and the SPIRIT (breath of life), NOT THE SOUL, returns to God.
When a person dies,he/she knows nothing.Their thoughts perish and they do not praise God.(Ps. 146:3-4 an Ps. 115:17) Their feelings and emotions come to an end, they have no part in what happens on earth or in heaven.
It is only at the first resurection that the saved are given immortality and are invited
to take up residence in the mansions that the Lord has prepared for us.

Rapture Already Happened
KATHR4453: Paul is NOT a liar. But what is he saying then or bettter yet what is he not saying. V5 and v6 say nothing about either WORSHIP or THE SABBATH. They simply talk reharding A DAY. To say that this particular day is the SABBATH is false.
Look at ROM 12:1and you will see that the discussion was about some "doubtful disputations" or disputes on doubtful matters.
IS THE 7TH DAY SABBATH set aside by God at creation and PLACED WITHIN TE HEART of the moral law a "doubtfuklmatter"? NO! It is not.
So what is the issue?? The dusccussion was about FEAST DAYS not Sabbath Days. Some Jewish leaders believed that there was a particular merit in FASTING ON CERTAIN DAYS and they judged others by their standards.
Paul is simpply poiting out that to fast or not to fast on certains days is not a metter of God's law but a matter for individual consciences. PR.

What Is The GREAT Deception
The great deception:
the teaching that the Lord has authorized the change from Sabbath to Sunday! He has not and He will not change Therefore the 7th day Sabbah is still the Lord's day to rest on.
Another deception will be the devil' imitation of Chrst's 2d coming. The Bible say that we will be told to go to the desert
and many will run to see... but it will not be the true return of Jesus! It will only be an imitation of the real thing but it will be spectacular!!! PR

Works Needed For Salvation
WORKS are NOT needed FOR SALVATION. That would be "salvation by works"
WORKS are/will be our expression of thanks
for the gift of Salvation, received through faith. PR

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