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How Did God Make Life
Warwick, How can you dogmatically argue the grammatical structure of Gen 1 & 2 when there was no written language for some 1500 years?
I know you've said before that you believe there "was" even there's no evidence.
Reasoning is one thing, dogmatism is quite another!

Fulfil Or Destroy The Law
On this subject I always think of a "stop" sign at an intersection.
Once you have approached it and come to a full stop..the law has been fulfilled and the sign, altho it is still there and still says "stop" no longer applies and you are free to go!
The difference is ,in traffic law, this is not a "one-time thing" It applies every time!

Where Do We Go At Death
Eliza:You are right Purgatory exists.Unfortunately many Christians do not believe this I refer you to 2 Machabes 12 v45.ENTRANCE TO PURGATORY IS ESSENTIAL AS PER REVELATION 21: v27 Those who enter Purgatory are assured of Heaven.

Believe Catholics Or Christians
Only God knows the truth & extent of this forum.Ruben is RIGHT. Catholics are true followers of Christ & His teachings.

Holy Water: Fact or Fiction
Water is water. Symbol of pure & clear, its made holy by being blessed yes by a priest on Holy Saturday. Its main purpose is symbolic of acknowledging you are a sinner & need washing.There is no superstition. we all need washing in & out."Your faith has made you whole"

Husband Has Nudes and Love
This could be confusing....we have "another" CLIFF on here.I'll have to distinguish by adding 1st. 1st cliff

Christians Play Secular Music
NYB:Balance has always been my "watchword"in ALL fascets of life agape John Philips Sousa wrote many stirring "marches" A parade with military bands(especially bagpipes) gives me "goose bumps" big time!

Christians Play Secular Music
Eloy; I bet you sing Christmas carols that contain outright lies like "Jesus Christ our saviour was born on Christmas day"(Tidings of comfort and joy) Does that shake your faith?does that glorify God? or do you just like the music?

Christians Play Secular Music
Wayne. Eloy. Where's your "balance?" when you're tipped to one side you will just travel in circles!

My Mother Is In a Cult
Margarette; You dont say,but if you were "Amish" and left the commune, they count you as dead. You'll never change them, I feel your pain ,I have 2 brothers and a daughter who have'nt spoken to me 25yrs , similar circumstance!

Rights For People With Disability
Julie;I guess it depends on where you live.Where I am all public buildings are "handicaped accessable" all sidewalks are dished to meet the road, one phone call brings a van (wheelchair transporter) for the same price as a bus ride etc. No disrespect to the disabled here!

Christians Play Secular Music
Shira5965; I guess it depends on your definition of secular music, but if you think "wonderful world"(louis armstrong) "I will always love you"(whitney houston) and "Unchained melody" are garbage, then you are not balanced and will fall off your tightrope!

Christians Play Secular Music
If you are a new Christian, then you need to learn "balance" There are no "rules' only Christian princlples. Just because some music is secular doesn't mean it's bad. If you feel it's inapropriate then dont play it!

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