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How To Receive Salvation
HE is the way, the truth and the LIFE. HIS name is Salvation. HE is salvation.
God gave us Jesus Christ. Trust in HIM and you will receive HIS Life. Salvation is a gift, not something we have earned. HE died and rose for all men.

How To Get Righteous
Phil is correct....Jesus came to put away sin. So now what must man do to be saved?
Believe on HIM who HE has sent.
Sin wont condemn but unbelief will.
Sin is not imputed because of the Cross.

What Is Life
LIFE is Salvation...there is no other answer.
HE is the way, the truth and the life. HIS name is Salvation.

Gospel Bring Salvation
What is the work we MUST DO?
(Jesus had an answer)

Gospel Bring Salvation
The question remains, What must mankind DO to be saved?
God has done HIS part. Now what is our part to do after we hear what the good news(Gospel) is? (Please dont say nothing.)

Why Allowed Into Heaven
WHAT MUST MAN DO to be saved?
Mankind needs an answer. Was this question never asked of Jesus? If so, what did HE answer?

Does God Save Sinners
God reconciled the world to Himself through Christ, not counting mens sins against them.
Christ died for all, that they might be saved through faith in HIM.

Gospel Bring Salvation
The Gospel brings the news of salvation for all, but will all believe it?
There are many who claim they believe but do not. Its a message for some thats too good to be true.

Why Allowed Into Heaven
I believe on HIM who you, GOD have sent.
This is my answer to this blog..

Teach Jesus Is Our Rest
Do good works produce faith? OR does faith produce good works? When you know the answer there will be no confusion.
When we have true faith, good works will always be present in love and obedience.
Believe on HIM and you shall be saved.

Decision To Be Saved
We can NEVER decide to be saved, as God has already decided that for us. We can only decide NOT to be saved, by not trusting in the Lamb of GOD.

How To Get Saved
How do we get saved? We get saved by HIS life. How do we get HIS life? By trusting in the death and resurrection of Christ. Its by grace through faith. HE is the way, the truth and the LIFE.

What Does Salvation Mean
Salvation means LIFE. There is no other meaning.
When a person is saved, that person has(spiritual) life always.
Sin causes death.
Christ will give you LIFE.

JWs Don't Believe In Hell
Christ came to put away sin so men could have life.
Sin does not cause eternal tormenting, it(sin) causes death.
If men want life then men must come to Christ to have life.
The wages of sin is death.
Hell means the grave OR death.

I Shall Not Want
We are led by the Spirit, not what we read. Its the meaning that will be revealed that is inspired, not just words.

Is There A Sinners Prayer
We must hear the good news, then trust the news as truth.
We then can have life through christ.
As a believer we live and proclaim the Gospel. We never waiver from the truth, that being, HIS death, resurrection and what it all means to those who trust in HIM. He Came to put sin away so those who trust in HIM and HIS work(cross) can have life.
Those who hear then seek will be called. When your called you will run in tears to serve and have life eternal.
What a joy the Christian life is.

Bible Methods Or Holy Spirit
If we say we are still sinners, we deny the work of the cross. We deny Christ.

Bible Methods Or Holy Spirit
Christ came into the world to (save sinners) OF whom I am chief or first of. He was NOT a chief sinner. Paul was a sinner who got saved. Anyone who thinks Paul meant he is the chief of sinners doesnt understand what Christianity is about. We were all sinners but now have life through Christ.

Bible Methods Or Holy Spirit
How can some be so ignorant to say Paul was chief sinner after being made righteous.
Jesus came to put away sin and not imput sin anymore.
There are some here who want to do away with the Cross. Makes me sick.

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