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Should Obama Be Impeached
Cluny, BHO said "congress just gets in the way and keeps me from implimenting my plans as I would like to do sometimes". There's a reason we have the 3 branches of gov. Its called checks and balances. No president should have the power to bypass congress or senate. To me thats antiAmercian.

Should Obama Be Impeached
yes, ofcourse, he's anti Amercian,

Love Of Money Is Root Of Evil
I agree with the people that stated that the love of money is the root to many kinds of evil---not that it is the root of all evil... If it is true that it was the root of all evil---it would have been the main reason or only reason that persuaded Adam to sin... Of course we know that money wasn't even in existence at that point... So the root of many evils is correct and any bible that say the root of all evils in not correct... Replacing a simple little word like many with all takes the scripture in a whole new direction...

Liberal Versus Convervative
The poor is NOT intitled to anything. We all have the right to pursue what we want, and should have the freedom to do so.

Don't Ask Don't Tell Reid
Cluny...I would say the most basic principle would be freedom. Thats why people migrated to this country, your ancestors and mine. The freedom to worship and to pursue inventions and be free from terrany. There are quotes from the founding fathers that support Biblical principals. To paraphrase a verse, "Whom the Son sets free is free indeed". Socialisum and communisium looks at people as the collective mass. This country was founded on individual freedom and choices.

Don't Ask Don't Tell Reid

Cluny... All the principals you mentioned is what this country was founded on. It's not like we have to pick just one. As for picking a church, to paraphrase what Jesus said, talking about St Peter, "upon this rock I will build my (Church) and the gates of hell will not prevail against it". It's not about a name over the door.

Don't Ask Don't Tell Reid
Patrick Henry, that patriot and Founding Father of our
country said
'It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was
founded not by religionists but by Christians, not on religions
but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ'.

Don't Ask Don't Tell Reid
This country was founded on Christian principals, and to say it wasn't is an out right lie.

Don't Ask Don't Tell Reid
One can always tell the christians from the non-christians when the subject comes up on what this country was founded on. The evidence is clear that this country was founded upon christian standards. Not to mandate it, but it was pefered.

How Will You Vote This Year
TEA Party Express,

Obama Causes Poverty Increases
the headline news is "democrats knowing they are in trouble are reaching out to female voters" . Now I'm wondering with all the catering to the muslims the liberals are doing, not wanting to offend them, who by the way treats women worse than donkeys, what are the dems saying to women to get their vote? Such hypocrisy.

Obama's Plan To Soak The Rich
Any tax increases for the so called rich and business will be passed on to the so called middle class and the poor. There will be more gov handouts to provide for the poor who can't afford the higher prices because of the tax increase on business. To pay for that, taxes will again go up this time on the middle class. Then the middle class becomes poor. So you see where this is going? Tax cuts are like saying the gov owns your monie before you earn it. THEY DO NOT! The gov has an addiction, and it's our monie the're after. Socialism is fine until you run out of other peoples monie.

Glenn Beck's Teaparty March

first off, it was a "Restoring Honor Ralley" not a TEA party march. There was nothing about politics there. Just a message that we should be looking to God through Jesus as the only way to restore honor in this country, and that it starts at home with each individual. That was the message. For all of you that have attacked Glen Beck for this you're walking hand in hand with Mr Athiest. You're hypocrits, and the truth is not in you.

Theocracy In America
I'm concerned about statements like " we need a civilian task force" or "at some point you've made enough monie" or "it's a typical white person whos afraid to walk the inner streets at nite" or "in times of trouble some people cling to God and guns" or "this country is no longer a Christian nation" or "there are many ways to God" or TEA party people are just like terriosts" or "under my new taxx perposul your energy bill will sky rocket" or "the gov knows how to unvest your monie better than you do".

Glenn Beck's Teaparty March
Glenn Beck is a scary person who has the right to free speech, just as the rest of us, but his message is one of hate, and I am concerned about his followers taking power in the Republican party, and our country. It would be pretty ugly.
---Trish9863 on 9/7/10
.....So what is the hate message that Glen Beck permotes, and towards who?
Be specific.

Depression, Recession or Recovery
Why doesnt fiscal stimulus work? What it comes down to is that every dollar the government puts into the economy must first be taken out. To pay for their spending, politicians must raise taxes, print money, or borrow. Tax hikes hurt the economy at the best of times, but raising rates during a recession is widely acknowledged to be a bad idea. Printing money is not a good option either, because doing so would devalue the dollar and cause inflation. Again, this is widely agreed upon. That leaves borrowing, but every dollar borrowed by government is no longer available for private investment.

Glen Beck's Mormon Theology

Robert. what are Glen Beck's false premises?
would you be specific. And which of his facts do you question.

Is Obama A Muslim
atheist... you calling someone "stupid" did make me laugh. you are sort of on the same mental level as the person who said, I have no trouble keeping secrets, it's those I tell them to that can't keep their mouths shut. lol.. your tongue has snared you.

Glen Beck's Mormon Theology
Simon, you're so right. Glen believes in the only one way to be saved and that is through Jesus Christ. God works in mysterious ways and through people we least expect. There is a movement going on right now as evidence with the restoring honor ralley in DC. Some of the these people are looking at denomanations LDS and such. We need to get our eyes off that and look to Jesus. Never the less I know there will be those that will continue to bump their gums and reducule this movement.

Is Obama A Muslim
If I claim to be a christian and say there are ways other than Jesus Christ to God am I a true christian?

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