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World Trade Center In The Bible
The Trade Center took about 1 hour to fall, which is what the script talks about. And what other great city that was burned had a stock market?

Is The Holy Spirit A Mother
The New Testament was originally written in Hebrew which shows the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) has female personages. It appears we are commanded to worship the Father through the Son and to honour the Holy Sprirt.

Explain Job 1:6-12
Where it takes place has no relevance. What matters is , the cosenquences of breaking your hedge. When you break your hedge you give unclean spirits the legal right to enter your body.

Hope Of The Resurrection
The purpose of the resurrection is to destroy sin. Remember,only the righteous can walk humbly with the lord. The only way to be righteuos is thru the Christ.

Fatality By Accident
Sounds like it was meant to happen. Unfortunate, but it is what it is. I will pray for both parties.

The End Times Deception
Scripture says, it is not for man to know when the end time is near. Remember, the Bible says, the holy spirit will grow cold, when the end time is near. We cannot say " I do not want to have children, because they will suffer thru the rapture".

Found Tomb Of Jesus
Catherine, how have you experinced TRUE SALVATION? PLEASE LET EVERYONE ELSE KNOW,because we are still alive, and have not reached judgement?

Found Tomb Of Jesus
We all know Yahshua was resurrected. Did he keep his old body, or did he return with a new body?

What Is The Trinity
Yahshua has been given all authority. The Christ destroys sin. The Holy Spirit is an example of unlimited power. The Father is to be feared, you will live longer!

Gateways For Demons
Pride is the gateway.

Is Heaven A Reward
Heaven is a reward. Salvation is for eternity. The sufferings of this world does not compare to the glory inside of you. If everyone lives their life for salvation, death is not so bad. Yahshua suffered so that we can achieve this reward. Remember, your soul was bought for a price. And the price was, the blood of God.

Is God Female And Male
The question is, was there any females created before Eve? Keep in mind there are no marriages in heaven. For anyone that is without a father, the holy spirit is man enough for you.

What Is The Worst Sin
Pride, root of all sin. Scripture teaches the proud man lowers himself. Pride is the strongest charcteristic of the adversary. The Bible also teaches the proud at heart will get left behind come rapture. Murder, rape, all fornication and theft comes from pride. And even drug abuse. Amen!

Cloned With A Spirit
m.p.a is correct, man will never be able to give life because he cannot delegate sprirt.

Why Was Adam Held Accountable
Babies are a sponge, they can be taught good and evil. God knew man would fall, if we never fell we would be spoiled. Which is an abomination in itself.

Condition Of Local Church
At least we have a church, for some do not have the knowledge of god.

Quoran Agree With The Bible
Muslims are in error. The resureection destroys sin. No man can walk humbly with the lord unless he is righteous, the only way to destory sin is thru Yahshua aka Jesus Christ, salvation is only possible thru Christ because the father does not judge. Christ said 'if you do not fight for me, I will not fight for you'. The last thing you want to hear Christ say is ' I never knew you'.

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