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Does Satan Bless People
Spiritual blessings are of the Lord God (Ephesians 1:3). Carnal desire pitfall rewards are of His agent, Satan (Matthew 4:9).

What Does Shondo Mean
The bible does not say that the word spoken would be made up language. The tongues spoken of in Acts states that when the outsiders came they heard and understood what was being said each in his OWN tongue. There were several diff languages going on for the delivering of a msg to a person or group of persons in a manner that they understand. If no one in the room understands then its just plain hogwash! the holy spirit gives utterance but folks go around saying nonsense like that's part of christianity. You be better off swearing profusely than to mock God with your silly antics. Shondo is wide used because one person heard it and a nother person used it and so on and so on. It's not even a friggin word!

Dove World Outreach Koran
Not burning it because you fear the muslims is caving to terror. Muslims are busy protesting the burning. they don't protest against, Darfur, child executions, terror against the west. They don't protest against Iran, the nation with the highest rate of execution on EARTH. (you stand four times the chance of dying by execution in Iran than in China). Muslims have no problem, marching in London by the TENS of THOUSANDS with signs that say "God Bless Hitler" "Freedom Go To Hell" They have NO problem building a trophy mosque. prayer rooms over looking the WTC site. They have no problem naming that mosque after an Islamic military victory in Spain. Burning is only a symbol. It won't hurt a single person. I SAY BURN it!!

Toddlers Take Communion
God's Word says: Suffer not the little children let them come unto me, train up a child in the way he should go so when he grows old he will not depart from it, & This is my body, this is my blood take this in remembrance of me. I have a 4yo at a christian school and although he does not understand everything fully it is my job to train him even in communion & what it means. he knows that Christ died, rose and is coming back and that should be sufficient. I am tired of ppl limiting kids based on their own interpretations when the Word is what it is and there is no age limit on communion. I gave my son back to the Lord like Hannah so he is covered until the age of accountbility & should be granted the opportunity to sup

Abortion Victims Go To Heaven
If babies have sin at conception, then Jesus would be sinful at that time too, right? He couldn't choose at that time to not sin. It wasn't until he was born and conscious of right and wrong that he chose not to sin. It seems more likely we are born with the capacity to sin (Adam's curse) but are innocent in the womb. Therefore the unborn would fall under God's grace and enter heaven.

Where Is My Future Husband
Dear Sister,

God does not want you to be alone He loves you and feels your pain, remember He died alone on the cross, He knows.

If you are where you need to be in Christ then you must look at the men. Everything in life is a choice and often today men do not choose the Christian woman. Christian women are set apart by God for a special prepared Husband.

A man must have clear vision in the Holy Spirit to see you as his wife. Today there are no too many men in this condition.

Began to pray for God to heal the husband that is your future husband and that he will know you when he see's you. It could be that he has been blinded by satan and can not see his way to you. Pray that satan would lose his mind and heart amen.

What Are You Thankful For
I am so thankful for the wonderful daughters and sons in law and mostly for my 2 grandsons I have. I am being blessed again with a new grandchild this June. My daughters are lucky in love as well as blessed with abundant love and concern for me. They both worry about me being alone . There are no words to describe how blessed I am because of them.

Is Remarriage Accepted By God
I completely agree with Wal_Rev.

Many people on here clearly give the Bible no authority, or give it authority only when it suit themselves.

This is why we have so many broken homes and broken people in the Western world today.

It is surely time to come back to God and His principles, not ours.

God Told Me Who To Marry
You are seeking God and His will and you are right to do so. Don't get confused, If God told you it is a for sure thing and if you are seperated now, it is still a for sure thing. Remember my brother, we do not walk by sight. Right now it looks like God did not speak to you cause you are seperated but that may not be the case at all. The Devil want s us to move, lose our position because things look bad but once again go back to what God told you. Pray and Fast and ask God to confirm His words to you.

Husband Doesn't Love Me
My husband of 12 years reminds me almost daily that he no longer loves me and wishes I'd get out of his life. there's no love or affection, we go no where together, or even have conversation. I've never been so lonely and if I had a job, cash & a place to go, I'd never look back. I'm stuck.

Who is Carlton Pearson?
2 Corinthians 11:4.

Sometime before Carlton came out with his "new gospel," his grandparents had died. Apparently, they were Christians who backslide and died in a unrepentant state. Perhaps, during his time of grief, Carlton began to rewrite the Bible in his mind because he did not want to think about his grandparents possibly being eternally condemned.

The thought of loved ones burning in the lake of fire is disheartening. However, as painful as this is, one should not rewrite the Holy Word of God. We each must make a conscious decision to serve Jesus, believe in his resurrection and follow Him in order to be saved and live with Him in eternity. Romans 10:9 - 11.

Is My Husband Cheating
I feel that He was cheating before you were married to him. The problem is he should have never made vows he did not plan to keep. I am so sorry that you have been hurt this way and yes you have been betrayed and yes anything he wouldn't want you to do with a man is cheating. The problem is he has to be the one who truly decides to change. It's easy to say "sorry" but being sorry means not doing the same thing again. I thnk you know in your heart what the truth is. You married him because you love him. I just hope you can love yourself also and know that you deserved to be loved and appreciated the way God wants you to be loved. If you let him keep hurting you he will keep hurting you! God Bless!

Evolution versus Creationism

Question: Evolution. If we all evolved then please tell why haven't we kept evolving? With the way society is we all work more hours and we need more arms to get more tasks completed. It seems that we would start growing another head to think and keep up with technology, maybe even grow a few more arms to get things done faster , and maybe even grow a couple more feet to get where we have to go. Sounds stupid huh? That's what Evolution is. We were created by God and His word will always be and will never be wiped away even by lies made by mere men.

Who Is Babylon
Babylon=Iraq,Iran=Persia,Gog/Megog=Moscow/ Russia.Their plan:take Israel for natural resources/kill them/come get us!Read Ezekiel/Daniel..Islamic terrorists.Don't be fooled.Obama/neighbors of Louis Farrakahn(Nation of Islam/Million Man March)10-07-08 said of Obama,"Let the Messiah speak." Rev. Jeremiah Wright(Black Liberation front), Steve Ayers "Weatherman" U.S. bombing terrorist teaches university wished he'd bombed more places in U.S.,Tony Rezco planned Iraqi security guards to train/ monitor our power plants.They insured Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac got Obama's house in their rich neighborhood(Kenwood)well below cost.WAKE UP PEOPLE!It's Sheep being led to slaughter by a charasmatic type person.No one knows his real birth place.

Is Cosmetic Surgery Biblical
I believe that cosmetic surgery is okay, in moderation. I have seen people with extreme cases of physical features that were out of proportion with the rest of their features. Unusually large noses, exceptionally large ears, large bustlines that cause backpain.

If You Died Today
If I died today...(The answer is short and sweet), I would be in God's arms tomorrow.

Katrina Victims Demanding Too Much
2. You don't realize that what is happening here is, WE are about to foot the bill to 'set up' people WE have already been completely supporting for most of their adult lives. We're giving them things most of them didn't even have, much less purchased with their OWN HARD EARNED MONEY, before the storm hit.

How Can I Save My Marriage
Thanks everyone. God has made me aware that my marriage is my ministry and my part of taking care of my ministry is to please him, my God. So I have been operating in this way, but I am on an emotional roller-coaster. I know my Daddy is proud of me. However, my husband only sometimes shows his appreciation, but often he is so mean and calious that it hurts. He still wants out and continues to show it.

How Can I Save My Marriage
Wow, I am in the same boat. We have been married for 8+ years and we have had poor communication. He told me he wants out, and nothing can change his mind. He says no other woman, its just he fell out of love with me. In his eyes, I did not do what he needed me to do as a wife. I can't believe I am losing my family.

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